8 Best Tinypic alternatives in 2021

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TinyPic is a photograph and video sharing group that permits the consumers to interchange, link, and share, snaps and videotapes on the Internet. It is the best place for comparably small image hosting such as memes those one wants to share in conventions and social media websites. The shortened image shared gets a short URL. The file extensions that are granted exchange and encouraging are tiff, png, gif, and JPEG (jpg). 

This website does not need you to register and have a private account. This means all the images, photos, and videos uploaded on this site are public. So, it is not a very good place to save your exclusive pictures, those you don’t want to share with everyone. TinyPic is best suited for those websites that don’t entertain content of their own like Reddit, message boards, etc. 

TinyPic has limitations also regarding the image and video size. In case the size of the uploaded image larger than this site supports, this site will itself lower it to the largest size supported. And for the videos uploaded, it has to be less than 100 MB. A quick tag facility is available to add to the uploaded files for making them easily searchable. The images on TinyPic are removed after 90 days of no view hits. This means the image stays live till it gets the hits. This becomes TinyPic’s pitfall too, as the one can not keep the photos that aren’t popularly seen. 

Pictures of not so high value are hosted nicely without many restrictions. So, it makes it a good site to share funny photos, memes, etc with your friends. And if one decides to create an account then a grouping of the photos is allowed and the number of views on them is visible. As this is a public site, one should be very careful while posting the files. Its terms and conditions don’t allow uploading pornographic material. 

Best alternatives to Tinypic

Though TinyPic is eminent in the image hosting world, yet people are considering alternative sites like TinyPic. 

1. Upl.co

best alternatives to Tinypic

This flimsy platform allows unlimited photo-sharing with others. Upl.co has features very much similar to TinyPic, with a perk of new and enhanced tools. Transferring files like music, photos, videos are done in one click with no fuss. 

Images that are uploaded can be edited in the editable preview. Along with this the platforms on which one can share these files are also displayed like Twitter, email, Facebook, etc on one side. 

The files shared are either single documents or a pile of flexible and adaptable displays. Photos, videos, music files and other information can be shared openly, and as a solitary transfer the display one of a kind unchanging connection. 

It is one of the best and simple to use. One has to register to have an account, which gives you access to all of its limitless features. These features are simple interface, direct uploading and sharing of unlimited photos on social media platforms, and many more. 

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2. PostImage

best Tinypic alternatives

PostImage was founded in 2004 and has become a prime site for sharing photo images. Its design allows free and simple image uploading message board. It offers all the core assistance along with new and advanced ones. All its features make it quick and easy to upload images with an URL. 

Once an account is created with an email address and other information filed. On logging in, uploading image is an easy task. Not only images but also videos, documents, etc. are allowed to upload, making it better in comparison to others. 

PostImage has a magnificent interface. Images can be uploaded in bulk and the drag and drop feature is also available. Primary features given are maximum uptime, unlimited link sharing with friends, both free ad premium account, and many more. 

3. Phombo


Phombo, the name is extracted from a combination of two words: photo and combo. It is a platform that gives you an opportunity to upload and share images with your friends. Its users get to see varied overviews of present collections. This collection is grouped into various classes like amusements, kid’s shows, ways of life, autos, anime, backdrops, form, and more. 

Each and every page of this site offers you choices to share on Reddit, Facebook, StumbleUpon, and Delicious. With the help of a drop-down box, the user can sort out the photos by frequency, rating, perspective numbers, name of the document, or the recent ones. 

Connections are recoverable by the user for passing on to some other user or can sign in to execute the collection. Phombo has made the photo collections open, the groups are allowed to choose the best image in every collection. 

In addition, to let the user relocate and classify separate pictures for own usage, this website also focuses on group driven sharing methods for the photos. So, it can be said that it is not just a site for image sharing and volume solution only. 

Images from the web are allowed to be shared and displayed individually or in different presentations by the user. Other users’ contribution is to select the best images out of them. Various images are collected together by the group, based on a topic into one of its kind, then is seen by the clients. 

4. Deffe


Deffe is a free and quick image hosting service providing website. This platform is designed to upload multiple photos quickly from the PCs and create sharable short links with others, making it a feature-rich transmit, find and share the solution. 

One gets to upload images very fast using Deffe.com provided easy to use dashboard. Searching a photo out of the list of the shareable images is easy and quick just by clicking on the share button, copy-paste the desirable image link. This website offers direct posting of images on Twitter, Facebook, and other social platforms. 

It’s registered free users are allowed to upload over 30 photos in one go. On becoming a premium account holder, one gets the privilege of uploading around 100 images in one click. Deffe.com offers basic features like share with social media friends, find photos through galleries, and many more tools. 

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5. PiXhost


PiXhost is a free to use image hosting web-based platform service. It permits the user to find and share images with the rest of the world. Its services are available around the world for free. It offers all the basic features with a few additional also. High definition images are allowed to search, upload, and download for free. 

Images are grouped in various categories like Nature, Flowers, Car, etc. The images in each of these classes are easy and unlimited to download. One has to create a password-protected account to be able to upload photo files. The registered user’s uploaded images can be set as private or shared publicly. 

Just like other websites, PiXhost also has key features like easy connections, search and download unlimited images, private sharing of photos with friends, regular updates and the catchiest feature is the option to post images directly on social media platforms. 

6. BlueMelon


BlueMelon is one of the best photo sharing web platforms, it offers storehouse and online image trading. It includes drag and drops service along with other key services, that can be accessed anywhere all over the world. BlueMelon is a website with a compact solution to get high-quality photos of all sizes. 

This is a useful site in creating backups, sharing images, and vending own photos and videos. In comparison to other such websites, BlueMelon is way strong and has higher privacy and security functions like privacy modes, safer photo hosting, access control tools, and integrated watermarking, etc. The user has the option of creating albums for the uploaded images and videos. 

An outstanding feature of this website is photo customization that enables you to have a customizable photo website having your own logo, header, and footer. It’s vast, easy to choose an option from above one hundred themes, makes it, even more, luring for customization. 

7. Imgbox


Imgbox is easy to use yet a sturdy photo-sharing website authorizes users to upload, share, and relish online images. It started with a basic size but now it has grown worldwide with millions of users who are using it to stock and share their photographs with friends. One of the superb features of this site is its allowance to upload unlimited images in any size. 

The core features of Imgbox are simple interface, hotlinking, super flaming fast speed, limitless storage time and URLs sharing with unlimited people, etc. One of the best features, is that this site helps you to produce easily shareable short links of images. 

Just like other foremost sites, it also comes in free and premium versions. The premium version users get to upload and unlimited images of all sizes quickly with others all over the world. An additional fine feature of this site is that one can post images directly on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc. 

8. Dropbox

Tinypic alternative

Dropbox is the new tool for managing all your favorite content. It is one of the amazing Tinypic alternatives with huge storage. The app includes the Dropbox Transfer feature that helps you to transfer files of a maximum of 100 GB. 

It also comes with other features like remote account wipe, live chat, and so on. It can be used by 3 users. There is one admin login for many teams. You can store your files, documents, music files, and movies in the Dropbox tool. It is also a safe tool to use on any device.

The overhead list is the list of some of the best alternatives of TinyPic for those people who want to look for more private sharing of photos and other files. I hope it lists some handy sites you can employ in sharing images online.  

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