15 Best alternatives to Watchseries in 2024

Watchseries alternatives

Online movie apps are getting good responses from Android users all over the world. Each day, a new movie and online TV app are introduced to supply the full entertainment to TV lovers. Watch Series is one of the latest movie sites where you can find all the movies of different genres. It has a lovely user interface with various video formats to suit your movie entertainment.

You can watch old and new movies on Watch Series site and download them on your devices as well. But sometimes, this site is down due to technical faults. So, what to do next? Well, there are ample sites like watch series you can try to watch online movies and TV shows. They are as under:

Best Watchseries alternatives 2023

1. GoStream

best alternative to Watch Series

To get all the newest movies and TV series, use the GoStream site. It is a nice site to watch online Hollywood movies and TV shows with subtitles. One of the amazing things while using the GoStream site is that it is a free site to use. There are no monthly charges or subscriptions which burns a hole in your pocket. 

Further, this site has all the updated movies and TV series which you can watch anytime and anywhere. It comes with advanced features such as TV-today, new titles, place comments, and others.

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2. TV Player

best watch series alternatives

If you are a real TV lover, TV Player site is definitely for you. It contains many live TV channels of different genres such as movies, entertainment, sports, news, religion, and others. The user interface of this site is quite impressive with ease to find your favorite content. 

In addition to that, TV Player runs on iOS as well as Android devices. You can select your favorite shows and then choose the video format to enjoy the shows. Now, you will not miss a single episode of your favorite TV series.

3. Vexmovies

alternative to watch series

The next site on the list is Vexmovies. It is quite popular among Android users these days. This site offers movies of various genres such as romance, sci-fi, fiction, science, politics, and history. You have to just select the genre and stream the movies as per your choice.

Vexmovies site shows movies in HD mode. You can also get the feature of subtitles in this site. Further, this site shows you the trending movies and ratings as well. It is easy to find the movies on this site by name or genre.

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4. ShareTV


ShareTV is another robust site for watching online TV series and movies. It is very simple to find the content on this app. You have to type the name of the movies, TV shows or year of release. Besides that, this site has many animes in different countries. 

You can watch all the episodes of TV shows without paying a penny on this site. ShareTV gets updated with all the latest content every day. One of the major benefits of using ShareTV site is that it also has articles published on different topics.

5. 123Movies



The next on the list is 123Movies site. It has both movies and TV shows of various genres such as family, comedy, romance, history, and biography. The user interface is so simple that you can find the movies and TV series by writing the name, year of release and genre.

123Movies is a good alternative to watch series you can download on your Android devices. Further, this site comes with different video resolutions which you can choose to enjoy movies and TV series. 

6. Viooz


Viooz site is the simplest one to use. It has movies and TV shows of different genres such as action, comedy, adventure, history, biography, and sci-fi. Viooz gets all the fresh movies and TV shows on a regular basis. You can stream online the movies and shows and download them on your compatible devices. 

There is no need to register or sing up to watch free movies and TV shows on this site. It also shows you the story of movies and TV shows with ratings, name of actors and genres.

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7. Vumoo


With HD mode, Vumoo is one of the most fantastic websites you can choose to watch free movies and TV shows. It has a vast library with ample movies and TV series of various kinds of TV lovers. Vumoo has no ads to distract in between the enjoyment of movies and TV shows. 

There are no fees or monthly subscriptions to watch movies and TV series on Vumoo site. It collects the latest movies and TV shows from different parts of the globe for TV fans.  

8. Movie25


At number 8, it is Movie25 site. This site contains the newest collection of TV shows and movies of different genres. You can get movies and TV series of various kinds like adventure, horror, crime, sci-fi, and history. 

You don’t have to sign up or do registration to watch online movies and TV shows on this site. Furthermore, this site shows the story of the movie and TV show, year of release and ratings for an idea. It offers HD style to enjoy movies, cartoon series, and TV shows.

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9. SideReel


SideReelmainly focuses on offering TV shows of different genres such as action, adventure, comedy, and romance. You can enjoy watching online movies and TV shows for free of cost anytime and at any place.

Further, the site shows you the next episode once the old episode gets finished. It is a hassle-free site wherein you can get the latest movies and TV shows of all kinds. SideReel has over 25,000 movies, cartoon shows and TV series for entertainment fans.

10. MegaShare


MegaShare is one of the easiest sites to use for watching online movies and TV shows. All you have to do is to find the movies and TV shows by the name of the movie, genres, and name of actors. It is available in many languages.

If the shows are in different languages that you don’t understand, you can easily learn different languages from  duolingo or any other similar platform.

MegaShare offers movies and TV shows in different genres. To use this site, you have to subscribe to the site by entering your email address. You can also get much information about the latest movies, release date, their story, and ratings. 

11. Movieninja


Movieninja is one of the best watch series alternatives to watch new movies and TV shows. This site offers content in HD mode and you can also select various video formats to enjoy movies and TV shows.

Further, this site gets new content every day for movie fans. Additionally, the site has all the classic movies and TV shows of all time. Movieninja site offers movies and TV series of various genres like action, adventure, romance, and crime. It works on all Android devices like smartphones and tablets.

12. Putlocker


The next on the list is Putlocker site. It is one of the robust sites to watch free movies, TV series and cartoon shows. You can get movies and TV shows of every genre such as comedy, animated, adventure and romance.

There is no need to sign up or log in to watch online movies, TV shows, and cartoon series. Furthermore, it comes with a variety of features such as daily update, place request, recommendation and many more. 

13, BMovies


BMovies offers numerous movies of different genres from different countries. It has a robust user interface so that every user can easily find popular movies as well as TV series anytime. 

One of the major advantages of using BMovies is that you can request your favorite movie or TV show and send an email to the admin. Further, it has an HD mode to make your movies and shows more entertaining and enjoyable. BMovies has all the latest and popular movies and TV shows for you.

14. Movie4k


The next on the list is Movie4k site. It has various video formats for movie fans so that they can feel comfortable while watching movies. You can search for movies and TV shows by name, year of release, genre, IMDb rating, and categories. 

To make you work simpler, this site shows you the most trending content. This will save time and efforts to find all your favorite movies and TV shows. Movie4k has no charge or subscription fees to watch movies and TV shows.

15. Tubi TV

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is one of the most popular sites for watching all new as well as old movies and TV shows. It runs on Android and iOS devices. You can enjoy watching free movies and TV shows in HD mode. 

It has various video resolutions such as 480p, 1080p and others. You can watch as well as download movies and TV shows free of charge.

16. Couch Tuner

sites like watch series

Watching online web series and TV shows give you joy and entertainment during the vacations and holidays. Couch Tuner is one of the best watch series alternatives you can pick to watch different TV shows. It has a huge library of American and other TV series to give you unlimited entertainment. 

In addition to that, the app has a beautiful user interface showing all the options properly. Moreover, you can get the latest TV shows and series on this site. You can also watch the latest national and international news on the Couch Tuner app. Furthermore, it is a good app to get free entertainment.

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You can pick watch series alternative from the above options to enjoy free movies and TV shows. They have an easy user interface, huge collection, different video formats, HD mode and much more. 

These alternatives to watch series are slowly getting popular among Android and iOS users these days.  

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