Downloading of BitTorrent files to our PC is made easy and simple by ZbigZ. Whereas the same thing, when done in a traditional manner, is very complicated as peer to peer file sharing needs give out of internet and downloading rate with other costumers. Although, using web-based downloading services enables you to reacquire downloading speed to its fullest.

Visitors are offered two services, free and premium based. The one with premium service gets ultra-rapid downloading pace. ZbigZ has two downloading options also: one is downloading the file after providing the linkage of the torrent file and the other one is by uploading the torrent file. The data that you provided is attached to the caching string. The stored files can be found on My Files page also by the users.

ZbigZ free users don’t get much of a support. Sometimes its server crashes and the other time caching problems come up. This leads us to look for the alternatives of ZbigZ, those have a free subscription and ultra-fast speed too. Below is the list of such a few websites that can cater to your needs.

 1. PutDrive


PutDrive is different and above the mark type of downloader, one can find on the internet. It gives its users the opportunity to explore new and upgraded ways to download torrent data from nearly a hundred host websites and also lets the user store this data in his/her personal cloud storage account or onto PC too. Using PutDrive doesn’t come free, one has to have an account to get access to downloading from its vast world anytime.

 Multiple hosting services are a waste, when one has an account in PutDrive, as it offers you endless data downloading from all the world’s popular hosting servers. Be it your loved movie or a music extract, PutDrive gives you leak into finding it and downloading it onto your PC there and then.

 Any of its users are able to download all kinds of files anytime, as it is easy and simple to use along with swift access to all of its cloud accounts. PutDrive is a complete source of online files, and also from any place in the world these files can be organized and accessed.

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 2. Bruzzy


Bruzzy is an uncomplicated torrent downloader offering two different ways of internet content downloading. Users are provided with two options of data downloading from the BitTorrent network. One of the options is by locating a torrent program and the other one is by without installing any torrent client rather using Bruzzy’s web-based service. Web-based downloading assistance is good to use as it doesn’t need any addon software to be installed. Clients don’t have to be technically sound with network connection configuration knowledge. One has not to keep his/her PC running to get high-speed service, effortless and trouble-free platform with full high-tech security for BitTorrent network usage, and data downloading is provided to the users.

Bruzzy commences downloading from the internet, the moment file link is pasted in the search bar of favorite tracker, and in no time the data is acquired and downloaded onto the user’s PC.

3. MFastfile


The cloud-based downloader has lightning-fast speed, it enables its users to download or live stream any torrent files from the internet utilizing supersonic servers. This cloud downloading service allows users to check out and download all types of data files straight to his/her personal cloud current account. The restricted services are accessed directly and safely.

Unlocking file hosts, lightning-fast server speed for downloading and streaming torrent, providing personal VPN, getting the Usenet files, etc are the chic features offered by MyFastFiles. Blocked websites are also accessible in private to the users by changing their IP address, this all is possible due to the strong security system of this website.

 Straight downloading by users, permitting gathering of files to the clouds are few of the chief benefits of MyFastFiles usage. Incomplete downloading can be browsed and completed, user-friendly web routing gives secure data handling and supports the couple JDownloader and Kodi to its clients. All these features make MyFastFiles one of the unmatched internet platforms for torrent files and/or hosting service provider files downloading.

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4. Offcloud


One of the best cloud-based download controllers is Offcloud. It permits its users to download data heads on from various hosting sites to its cloud storage assistance and to the devices too. This web-based program enables its users to open, fasten up, and shift the content from platform to platform.

Download the volume of all kinds of data whether simple or multimedia files is enhanced. One gets the cloud storage account to save such files. This all is possible based on high-tech security services that makes it a secure and strong method of getting, transport, and recover the content from different websites.

All kinds of data are allowed to be recovered from the cloud of this cloud-based download manager. Offcloud has many forward features like immediate downloads, cloud recovery, distant uploading, API support, and external tools, etc. the benefit of using Offcloud is its compatibility with various other websites, pillar to BitTorrent links and its magnets, can turn the online pages into HTML and PDF style and is well suited for newsgroups and Usenet also.

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 5. ZxcFiles


ZxcFiles is free of charge torrent file downloading and uploading assistance providers. It also stores the files online and gives distant backup management provisions. The major benefit of ZxcFiles usage is that the user gets lightning fast downloading speed for the immense files too. It guarantees proper security of distant storage size for backup supervision. The data is accessible to users from all kinds of operating systems and devices with an internet link.

Multiple affairs can be dealt with this easy to use and ideal platform. Users can search each and every file uploaded by other users on ZxcFiles. Its users can upload all kinds of stuff but offensive patented and adult material. This facility of uploading and using the files of other people is allowed to the account holders only. Also, they can remove any data from their accounts at one’s convenience.

I have listed few of the best alternatives to ZbigZ, which you can look for yourselves and decide which one is the best suited for one’s needs. Hope you will like all of the above listed ones and will find perfect downloader for finding and downloading your liked data files.

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