App store gives us a ton of free and paid up apps and games. But there are certain limitations in App store and Google Play Store. They cannot give us the free version of paid-up games and apps. Tutuapp is the nice alternative to App store and gives you all that App store can’t give. It is the most famous app used by millions of iOS users all around the globe.

There are many more apps like tutuapp which can serve the purpose well. They have similar features as that of Tutuapp. The apps are as under:

Apps like Tutuapp for iOS and android

1. HiPStore

HiPStore, apps like tutuapp

HiPStore is an amazing app to download all the paid-up apps and games for free of cost. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Be it cracked version of games or apps, HiPStore brings it all in few clicks. It contains various apps such as music apps, messaging apps, education apps, and others. It also provides all the levels of games with tokens, coins and other resources for free of cost. It has lovely user-interface.

2. Blackmart Alpha

Blackmart Alpha, tutuapp alternatives

The next on the list is the Blackmart Alpha app. It is one of the best apps like tutuapp which you can use. It categorizes the apps and games into various groups such as popular games, trending games,and others. Normally, we download games on our mobiles and tablets. But the app store contains limited levels of games. There are also in-app purchases. On the other hand, Blackmart Alpha provides every app and game for free of charge. You can enjoy free coins, tokens,and other resources to play all the levels of the games.


3. ACMarket

ACMarket, alternative to tutuapp

ACMarket is a nice way to get all the hacked, tweaked and modified apps and games for free. It has beautiful user-interface with superb features. It has a community where users from different parts of the world can discuss games and apps. It has the fast downloading speed. ACMarket is one of the smartest apps like tutuapp to download all the cracked apps in a secure way. By downloading ACMarket app, you can enjoy all the paid-up apps and games without paying any penny.

4. TweakBox

TweakBox, best apps like tutuapp

Tweakbox is another robust app for downloading all the apps and games for free. It has a simple user interface. You can download music apps, online shopping apps and popular games on your devices. You can get the full version of Clash of Clans with all levels. It offers free coins and other resources for playing all the levels of the games. TweakBox will give you relief from in-app purchases and hidden costs which come in the app. It is a safe app to use on your devices.

5. AppValley


The next on the list is AppValley. It allows you to download all the apps and games for free of charge. While Google Play Store makes you pay money for certain apps, AppValley gives all those for free. It comes with the feature of the advanced algorithm. This algorithm will make your task of downloading apps and games much easier and better. It has a large library of premium and paid up apps and games to download on your devices.

6. Appeven

Appeven, free apps like tutuapp

Appeven is one of the most amazing tutuapp alternative to download modified apps and games. It has different groups in which the apps are divided such as popular apps and trending apps. It includes many popular games with full version which you can download free of cost. Appeven will give various movies apps, music apps, education app,and other apps. It has a wonderful user interface to search the apps quickly. It works on all iOS devices.

7. vShare


A new app in the market, vShare is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It gives all the premium apps for free. thevShare app has more games and apps than the Google Play Store. It also contains many latest music apps and online shopping apps. It gives you safe downloading of apps and games. It works well with 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection. It is one of the best apps for downloading cracked apps.

8. 25PP


25PP is the fantastic app to get all the cracked and modified apps and games anytime. It has the big collection of old and new apps which you can download for free of cost. It works both on jailbroken or non-jailbroken devices. 25PP also gives the full version of games with extra money, coins,and tokens. You will not have to pay extra money to pay the full game. You can translate the language into English and use the app. It works on Android as well as iOS devices.

9. Aptoide


The next on the list is Aptoide. It has a simple user interface on which you can get any app easily. This app has many cracked apps and games for users. You can also get the full games with all levels for free of charge. It also contains many beautiful wallpapers and ringtones for your smartphones. It has 300,000 different kinds of apps for users. Apart from that, the app also gives many adult sites for free of cost.

10. GetAPK


You can now get any music app or video app in the form of APK with the help of this app. There are thousands of APK files of music apps, video recorders, utility apps and games in GetAPK app. It has a superb user interface to search any app and game without wasting a minute.

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These apps like tutuapp will give you all the benefits of the apps and games without paying money. You can now enjoy free movies, TV shows, videos and animated series on your Android and iOS devices for free.

Download any of the above apps and feel the entertainment every moment. They will give you more fun than the apps and games of Google Play Store.

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