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Are you looking for some of the best Kodi alternatives? If yes, then you must first look into what the Kodi is and what role it plays. Kodi is one of the free software that is open source and is useful in media streaming. Kodi works with almost all the operating systems. Because of its amazing features, it is the most popular media world in the world.

Due to some legal issues, most of the add-ons of Kodi which were very popular have been banned and restricted for use. That’s why these add-ons have shut down now. But still, people can use Kodi but not with all features as before.

But in case you don’t want to use Kodi and looking for some other sites like Kodi then you will get a perfect list in this guide. Yes, we have listed out some of apps better than kodi.

Best Alternatives to Kodi

1. Plex

Plex alternatives

The very first in the list of best alternative to Kodi is the plex. It comes in both free as well as paid version. The only difference is that the paid version comes with some extra features which are actually obvious. But if you don’t want to pay, the free version is always there for you. There is a special feature that comes with plex. There is a client-server architecture through which you are able to store the digital media locally on the network on more than one device.

There is a software application known as home theatre through which managing the media library becomes easy. There are many channels available with it. Plex has many add-ons it same like Kodi and that’s the reason why it is the best of all.

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2. Emby


Another great Kodi alternative is emby. It comes with some distinct and good features which make it popular among the users. In the earlier version of emby, there was just a media browser but the modern version is better than that. The latest version comes with folder sync option along with the cloud sync option. Thus the viewing experience will definitely get enhanced.  You also get the parental access to this alternative. Through this parental control, you can easily detect the devices that are DLNA based.

Emby comes in three types. The first type is emby server, mobile apps, and the TV apps. In the second classification comes the EMBY server. This server can be used for Windows, Linux, and Mac. The third classification is for TV-based apps where a lot of support is offered, for example, Android TV, Samsung TV etc. thus, you must try it once.

3. Stremio

From a single screen, you can enjoy TV shows from many various platforms. The videos being streamed are all of very high quality. There is a subtitle as well as a casting support that comes with this Kodi alternative. There is an option that allows you to create a personal library where you can keep all the TV shows you like. In all the devices you can sync the library through this feature.

There is a feature called as Linvo database in this alternative. The task of Linvo is to make sure that all the data on every device is properly arranged. Whenever any new episode of any favorite show comes, you will be provided with a notification. Also, you will get a recommendation notification for the new shows that you might like.

To use stremio, you need to create an account on it which is quite a simple process. Once you are done with the formalities, you can easily access the services. On the home screen of stremio, you can see a board menu where all the recommended content will appear and from the discover menu you can search the movies and shows you want. Stremio is light and comes with a bundle of features and hence can be a good option to go for.

4. Terrarium TV


For Android users, Terrarium TV is one of the best alternatives of Kodi. For TV shows lover and the movie lovers, this alternative is just perfect. You can stream and watch all the TV shows and movies easily on your device and download them in 1080p HD quality. You get all this for free.

Most of the content is streamed from Google drive by this app. Thus you get one more layer of privacy when you are going for media browsing. An amazing feature that comes with terrarium TV is that whenever you go to watch any content, the app is able to show some information about the content. Hence you can decide whether to watch the content or not.

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5. MediaPortal

Another one in the list of apps like kodi is MediaPortal. It comes with many amazing features like you can record the shows and also you can set the schedule for the live TV. You can play the media files via DVD, hard drive, and blue-rays. For the TV tuners, there is a wide range of support offered from MediaPortal. You can also tune into the radio stations with another feature available.

There are plugins available through which through which you can watch live sports and watch the YouTube videos. MediaPortal comes only for Windows OS.

6. Mobdro

Mobdro is the leading names when it comes to online streaming of videos. This is one of the best Kodi alternatives for Fire Stick you can use to stream movies and TV shows. It comes with numerous TV channels of different types such as sports, news, movies, entertainment and much more.

Further, Mobdro has many video resolutions from which you can choose your favorite one. It has a simple user interface without tricky instructions. Besides that, you can stream various videos for free of charge. You can search and watch online all your favorite TV series and movies on Mobdro app.

7. Exodus


The next on the list is the Exodus app. It is a nice live TV app by which you can enjoy the latest TV shows, cartoon series, and movies. This app contains channels from various parts of the world.

The user-interface of Exodus app is quite simple and anyone can easily understand it. You can select the video quality as per your comfort. Furthermore, you can download Exodus app on any device such as laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet.

It is one of the best tools to take entertainment from live TV channels while going on family tours and trips.

8. Infuse


Infuse is one of the most beautiful movie apps like Kodi you can use to gain entertainment. You can get some of the best movies and TV shows on this app. The user interface is good wherein you can find the movies or shows by name or the year of release.

You can also get the benefit of subtitles by watching movies or shows on the Infuse app. It contains many video formats for movie lovers. Apart from that, the sound quality of each video is simply awesome and makes your movies more interesting.

Infuse app also shows the plot of the movies and TV shows with the cast and other details.

9. Younity


Younity is the media server and one of the best Kodi alternatives for Android phones. It has many plans for people who want to enjoy movies and TV shows daily.

You can use this tool on PC/laptops and smartphones. The major benefit of using Younity media server is that you can download the files on your device and water them later. This means it is a useful tool when you are away from home or traveling in cars or trains. It has many video resolutions for your comfort.

10. SPMC


The last on the list is the SPMC app. It is one of the smartest apps like Kodi you can download on mobiles or PC/laptops. You can stream numerous videos, TV shows and movies using this tool from your TV or PC.

SPMC has comfortable user-interface with easy functions. You do not need instructions to use this tool. SPMC also gives you comfort to listen to all your favorite songs. It is one of the best apps to enjoy new movies and TV shows.

11. Jellyfin


Jellyfin is a good way to enjoy your favorite old and new movies. It is one of the best apps like Kodi that helps you to arrange your photos, songs, videos, movies, and TV shows. Further, you can easily download Jellyfin on a Cloud Server, Windows, and other platforms.  

In addition to that, it comes with SSH client for simple configuration. The setup and installation of Jellyfin are quite easy. Apart from that, it is also available in several languages. Moreover, you can arrange all the media files systematically with the help of Jellyfin. It is free of cost tool to use.

This is the list of  best Kodi substitutes that you can try in case you are looking for an option to switch. Although Kodi is the best yes many of the add-ons have now been removed and hence there is a need to get some better alternatives. As per your need, you can choose from the above five and get the best media player software for you.

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