Video streaming is the most popular way of entertainment these days for all age groups. Whether it is a movie or TV show, sports or online videos, watching the content online is the simplest way to enjoy. Plex is a software by which you can view online content from all the devices such as Android phones, tablets, notepads, PC and laptops. It came in the year 2013 and spread in states such as Arizona and California.

But the setup process of Plex is slight lengthy and so, there are plex alternatives which you can try to use on your device. They are as follows:

Best alternatives to Plex 2020

1. PS3 Media Server

PS3 Media Server

The PS3 Media server is one of the best multimedia apps for sharing videos, music,and photos between the 2 devices. It includes an integrated firewall for accessing multimedia content. You can also select individual files for sharing on any device.

With the feature of subtitles, this app will really entertain you while watching any video, movie and TV show. It is available free of charge. This app runs on Wi-Fi or Ethernet. It also includes Ethernet-network support. The PS3 media server is one of the unique Plex alternatives.

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2. Playon


The next on the list is the PlayOn app. You can watch movies, TV shows and cartoon series from more than 60 sites on your Android devices. This app supports some of the best channels such as MTV, HBO Go, CBS, HGTV, ESPN3,and others.

You can also watch live sports on the channels. PlayOn also shows you the different TV shows from all over the globe. Enjoy watching the cooking videos and many other videos on different subjects.



Since its release, KODI is the most popular media player for many users. With a beautiful user-interface, this app will show all your favorite shows and TV series from any device. You can watch the latest music videos too on your PC or TV. KODI also provides various add-ons for viewing the videos and TV programs. You can scroll to your favorite TV channels with the help of remote control. KODI has been awarded for its excellent features, good user-interface, and functions. This is why Kodi is one of the best Plex alternative. 

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4. Emby


Emby is another nice open-source for watching videos, movies, and TV shows. One of the best features of Emby is that it has beautiful artwork and amazing metadata. You can arrange all your favorite content in a lovely way with the help of these artworks.

The app comes with parental controls and management features for easily controlling the access of content. You can then share all your favorite videos and movies with your family and friends. You can enjoy live TV channels such as news, sports, entertainment, and others on any device.

5. Stremio


Stremio is one of the latest alternative to Plex media server with good features. You can watch TV series, live sports, cartoon shows, cooking shows, reality shows, news, movies and many other videos from different services with Stremio.

You can enjoy the latest music videos and shows on your Android phones and tablets anytime and anywhere. While watching any TV show or movie, you will also get the details such as release date, genre, and cast.

6. MediaPortal

MediaPortal is one of the most amazing ways to enjoy all your favorite movies and TV content. It works on basic hardware and you can connect it to the TV for watching all the sports, TV shows and movies for free of cost. It is a nice way to have an entertaining time with friends and family.

You can also listen to the radio. Further, there are also news and weather updates on MediaPortal. Watch online videos from YouTube and movie trailers too.

7. Universal Media Server

The next on the list is Universal Media Server which is a free service for watching all the online content such as movies, TV shows,and videos. You can create a library of all your favorite movies as well as TV shows.

You can watch the movies and shows on different devices such as Android and iOS devices, Sony PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, TVs and Microsoft Xbox One and 360. The installation is quite simple and you can enjoy the online anytime and anywhere.

8. Younity


Younity is another good option if you want to enjoy watching a horror or action movie with your friends on a wider screen. It is a media server for installing on PCs. You can watch the music videos and TV shows in HD mode.

This media server comprises SmartStream technology. Now, you don’t need to keep different media server at homes. Younity will combine the content in one menu for comfort. There are no complicated procedures or configurations.

9. Mezzmo


The next on the list is a less popular media server, Mezzmo. You can watch the movies, TV shows, live sports, music videos,and other online content on your TV with the help of Mezzmo. It is also compatible with other devices such as DLNA devices, web browsers,and Chrome cast.

You can also download Mezzmo on PC and laptops and later add all your photos and videos. There is also an app by name Mezzmo which you can install on your Android devices, TV, DLNA devices and Chrome cast.

10. FilmOn


FilmOn is a good app for enjoying free Live TV channels, live radio streams,and documentaries. You can watch the TV shows in HQ mode by taking the premium pack. It contains over 700 TV channels and about 45,000 videos of different subjects for the users. It is compatible with Android devices, PCs and OTT devices such as Roku.

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11. JRiver Media Center 

JRiver Media Center 

JRiver Media Center is one of the amazing alternatives to Plex by which you can play media files on PC and laptops. It runs on all platforms such as Windows, Linux, and macOS. This tool helps to manage all your media files in a proper way.

By installing this tool on your system, you can view many media files on the screen. JRiver Media Center faced some bugs a few months back. They were fixed later by the developers. You can also burn CDs with the help of JRiver Media Center. It supports many file formats like photos, audio and video files.

12. TVersity

The next on the list of sites like Plex is TVersity media server. It is an app by which you can enjoy movies, TV shows, and various videos on mobile phones, UPnP and other devices. TVersity is the first media server which came with the feature of real-time transcoding.

This tool supports multiple devices such as PlayStation 3, Wii and Xbox 360. You can easily install TVersity on Windows XP, Windows 7, and other versions of Windows. Through this tool, you can move media files from one device to another. You can also create a lineup of channels from RSS feeds and URLs.

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13. MediaTomb


MediaTomb is one of the best Plex alternatives for iOS which helps to play media files on several devices. You can use this tool on a local server. It has an easy setup and installation process.

Further, this tool shows imported media in a customized directory view. The user interface of MediaTomb media server is very easy. It works on all versions of the Linux operating system. Furthermore, this tool helps you to extract from different files such as flac, ogg, mp3, and jpeg. You can enjoy Hollywood and Bollywood movies on any device. 

14. Serviio


If you want to opt for any media server for boosting or expanding your business then this Serviio is one of the best Plex Alternatives available in the market that contains a lot of music varieties, videos, or images. This tool also works effectively with several other devices being connected at your home too.  This is one of the most unique Plex Alternatives. It is a platform based on Java technology that can run effectively on several other linked platforms as well. This is a platform or software that recognizes that works automatically even on the renderer profiles as well. 

These are some of the best alternatives which you can use instead of Plex. They are a beautiful way to enjoy online movies, TV shows and cartoon series for free of cost. These free plex alternative media servers will give you real-time entertainment with your friends and family members. Download them and experience the high dose of entertainment daily.

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