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Movies are loved by everyone irrespective of age and choice. Earlier, you had limited options for movies while watching them on the TV. With the introduction of online movie sites, movie lovers have now got a variety of choices in choosing their favorite movies and TV shows. 

Rainierland is a good site for watching your favorite movies, TV shows, and popular series. It has a big list of popular Hollywood movies and TV series. However, this site has some copyright issues. 

There are numerous sites like Rainierland that contains the stuff you want anytime. They offer free movies and TV shows for every movie fan. Let us have a look at those sites. 

Alternatives to Rainierland

1. 123Movies 

best sites like rainierland

Most of the sites have long procedures to make an account and then watch movies. 123Movies is a nice site to enjoy watching movies without registration. You don’t need to do the signup process to search your favorite movies and TV shows. It is one of the best Rainierland alternatives you can try once. 

One of the best benefits of watching movies and TV series on 123Movies is that it provides free of charge entertainment. This site contains all the oldest and latest movies of various genres like drama, crime, history, and others. It is a good site for picnic time.

2. FMovies

rainierland alternatives

The next one on the list is the FMovies site. It is one of the amazing sites like Rainierland for movie lovers. You can easily stream as well as download the movies and TV series on your smartphones and laptops. Apart from that, you can watch all the stuff in various languages.

FMovies has movies and TV shows of different genres for enhancing your movie experience and fun. This site does not contain many ads that ruin your enjoyment while watching movies. There is no need to pay subscription charges or fees to enjoy watching movies and TV shows anytime. 

3. Putlocker

best rainierland alternatives

Putlocker is a famous name for every movie fan. It contains a big library of popular Hollywood movies and TV shows. The easy user interface will give you fun to search for your favorite movies according to the name and genre.

This site contains movies based on crime, drama, horror, adventure and other genres. You can save the movies and TV shows on your mobiles and watch them anytime without internet or Wi-Fi. There are no bugs or technical issues that occur while watching the movies or TV shows on the Putlocker site. 

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4. Movie Flixster

Movie Flixster

If you are finding the ideal websites like Rainierland, you can go for Movie Flixster site. It is a unique site with a wide collection of movies and TV shows. The site provides HD mode to enjoy all your favorite stuff. 

Further, this site does not need a registration or signup process. You can watch and download all your favorite movies and TV shows. It has no charges or fees to watch and download movies on any device. Movie Flixster provides the dose of entertainment for all movie lovers on weekends and special occasions like Christmas and birthdays. 

5. Openload Free TV 

Openload Free TV 

Openload Free TV is one of the best sites like Rainierland you can try for free movies. It provides a wide choice for all movie lovers. You can get movies and shows of genres such as drama, adventure, action, horror, and sci-fi and so on.

The attractive user interface of Openload Free TV will make it easy for you to find the movies and TV shows. You can search the movies by the genre, name or year of release. The big list of movies and TV shows will simply confuse you what to see and what to leave. It works perfectly on any device. 

6. StreamLikers


The next on the list is StreamLikers site. It can be included in the list of sites like RainierLand for enjoying free stuff. This site does not charge anything to watch or download movies on the devices. 

Further, this site puts the movies and TV series in different categories. It then becomes easy for you to pick the most popular movies, cartoon shows, and TV series. You can enjoy some of the best-rated movies like Justice League and Avengers on this site. StreamLikers is one of the most popular Rainierland alternatives you must download once in your mobiles. 

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7. MovieWatcher


MovieWatcher is one of the stunning sites like Rainierland for smartphones and laptops. It gets new movies and TV shows on a regular basis. Apart from that, you can easily find the new or old movies on the site with the name, genre or the year of release.

In addition to that, this site notifies you each time when the new movies or TV show arrives at the site. You can now take the fun of watching free movies, TV series and animated shows during business trips and family picnics. 

8. MovieGO


This is not so popular site but definitely one of the best Rainierland alternatives to fulfill your movie wish. It simplifies the search for movies and shows with name, year of release and genre. MovieGO includes movies and TV shows for all age groups. 

Further, the site contains a beautiful user interface. You can easily find the movies of Hollywood on MovieGO site. It also shows the popular and high rated movies, TV shows and cartoon movies to make your search easier. Besides that, the site shows you movies and TV series in high-quality video formats. 

9. HubMovie


HubMovie is one of the latest sites like Rainierland containing famous movies and TV shows. It has a stunning user interface that makes it easy for you to find movies and popular TV series.

You can watch movies and TV shows in HD style. It has no irritating ads that keep on flashing in the middle of the movies. You don’t have to pay any charges or fees to watch or download movies and shows. 

HubMovie displays the movies in various categories such as trending, popular and ratings. This site works on all Android devices and PC/laptops without technical errors.

10. XMovies8 

rainierland alternatives

The last one on the list of websites like Rainierland is the XMovies8 site. It is a good pick for all movie junkies. The site contains all the new and old movies and TV series for every person. 

It has a vast collection of all the beautiful movies and TV shows. You can search the movies according to the name, genre, rating or the year of release. 

XMovies8 will save time by displaying the movies in various categories like popularity, ratings or trending. It is one of the safest sites like Rainierland to use on any device without paying fees. 

11. Newmovies


NewMovies is listed as one of the amazing rainierland alternatives with modern features. It is the site that contains the movies of every genre. You can search for any movie with a name or year of release. It also contains movie trailers and movie reviews that give you a better idea of any movie. 

In addition to that, you can get the latest news about the films on Newsmovies. It also shows TV news for entertainment fans. You don’t have to pay subscription fees to use Newmovies app.

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These are the most popular sites like Rainierland that will show you the free movies and shows. They have various video resolutions to show the movies and TV series in a precise manner. One of the major benefits of using these sites is that they do not charge anything for watching or downloading movies and shows.

Frequent Asked Questions

What is Rainierland?

Rainierland is another popular site for movie lovers. It has a big collection of movies and TV shows. You can get movies and shows of every genre such as action, romance, horror, crime, documentary, history, comedy and so on. You can use this site on mobile phones, tablets, notepads, PCs and laptops. It is updated with the latest content every day.

What are the disadvantages of Rainierland?

Rainierland offers the benefit of watching movies and TV shows for free of charge. However, it has some disadvantages. It loads all the movies and TV series at a slow speed. This will consume your internet data and also damage your device. Apart from that, it also has a problem while watching any movie.

Who is the best competitor to Rainierland?

Rainierland is a good site but it often has a problem when someone has to watch movies. So, if you are a movie lover, try some of the best competitors to Rainierland such as 123Movies, Popcorn Time, PrimeWire, Mega Share, Fmovies, Los Movies and so on. These sites have a large library of movies of different genres such as horror, comedy, and romance and so on.

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