One of the cost-effective and simple to use a software application is the ProcessMaker. It is open-source software and a business process management application. This is workflow software that helps in assisting the organizations with the tasks of deploying, designing and automation, etc. With ProcessMaker comes the feature of an extensive toolbox that helps in tasks like creating the digital forms. The ProcessMaker software is accessed with the help of the web browsers as it is fully web-based. Managing this software tool is very simple and it is very easily managed also. With the help of this software tool, the workflow can be coordinated throughout the organization in a hassle-free manner. Along with all this, ProcessMaker has the ability to contact with third-party applications as well as CRM, ERP and

business intelligence, etc.

Mainly the business analysts go with this tool as they can easily communicate with the members of their team. Also, the system administrators prefer using this as a solution for the workflow so that not much of their precious time is wasted in programming as there are clicks interface available thus making the work easy.

However, there are certain business requirements that the ProcessMaker is not able to fulfill and hence comes the use of ProcessMaker alternatives. These alternatives toProcessMaker are much better than this tool if compared on the basis of many features like costs, features, and effectiveness. The ProcessMaker alternatives are able to provide much better features at a very low cost and more efficiency. Various business processes are fully automated in these ProcessMaker alternatives and hence going with these options can be a better choice.

There are many classic and better ProcessMaker alternatives available in the market, you can choose the one which suits your requirements.

1. PlantUML

Processmaker alternatives 2020

PlantUML is another superb Processmaker alternative which is very easy to use. It works on different platforms such as Linux, Mac, Windows, Android, and Web. You can draw many types of diagrams with this tool such as object diagram, sequence diagram, timing diagram, state diagram, and others.

You can easily make UML diagrams from a text language using this tool. It is one of the most useful tools for blind software engineers and technicians to create diagrams. There are many apps and add-ons that work with PlantUML like Google Docs and Atom.

2. LibreOffice-Draw


alternative to processmaker

With an attractive user interface, LibreOffice is a beautiful tool to draw sketches, vector graphics and flowcharts. It boosts your productivity and is very simple to understand. Further, this tool makes your documents look professional whenever you have to draft a letter or financial report.

In addition to that, it supports a variety of document formats like Powerpoint, Excel and MS word. This tool comes with many amazing features and document templates to make your documents more professional. There are many languages in this tool and you can select your language. 

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3. MindMeister

alternative to Processmaker

The next on the list is the MindMeister tool. It is one of the best mind mapping tools you can use for completing various projects. This tool makes every brainstorming session better and more effective. It comes with org chart mode and a simple mind map layout. 

MindMeister helps you to convert mind maps into slideshows with some minutes. Further, it helps you to work in groups on a project or assignment. You can also turn PDF into word document with the aid of MindMeister. It also helps to take notes.

4. Microsoft Office Visio

processmaker alternatives

This is widely used by IT and other professionals for different projects. Microsoft Office Visio makes easier for you to draw diagrams and vector graphics. There are 2 editions in this tool- Standard and Professional. While Standard has simple features, the Professional has beautiful templates and layouts.

This tool contains stylish shapes for office layout, site plans, and floor plans. The user interface of Microsoft Office Visio is quite attractive. It includes various themes as well. The tool supports various file formats such as VSS, VST, and others.

5. Nintex Platform 

Leapic Audio Editor

Simple to set up and install, the Nintex Platform is used by millions of users all over the globe. It has a pretty user interface with all the options in a nice manner. Nintex Platform is ideal for small and large businesses. It helps you to create logos for your business. Apart from that, it comes with various beautiful colors and quotes to make your webpage and website more attractive.

Nintex Platform contains many templates to create business documents. One of the major benefits of using this tool is that you can build apps without coding or other tasks.

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6. KissFlow


KissFlow is one of the most popular alternatives to the Processmaker tool. It is used in more than 120 countries in the world. You can customize the options easily in the KissFlow tool. It helps to create sheets for sales and then add data.

In addition to that, this tool includes many tools from which you can select the most useful ones for your business. It also offers many data points on the dashboard for the smooth evaluation of processes. You can view your company’s performance by installing the KissFlow tool.   

7. Quick Base 

alternative to processmaker

The next on the list is the Quick Base tool. It is one of the most useful tools for app developers and software engineers. Apart from developing apps, you can also share them with your colleagues using Quick Base.

Further, this tool builds apps that you can access on mobile phones and PC/laptops as well. Quick Base is one of the safest tools to use. Your personal data will not leak to an outside person. You can control and make changes in your apps with the help of this tool.

8. Epicor ERP

Epicor ERP

Epicor ERP is useful for various business tasks such as accounting, inventory control, planning, and others. It is a type of SaaS product and offers customized options to all users. There are various modules in this tool by which you can develop your small business.

In addition to that, you can create one or multiple sites using Epicor ERP. This tool helps you to make the right business decisions. It has a simple user interface that will help you to select the options in an easy manner.

9. Scoro


The next on the list is the Scoro tool. It is a robust business tool that can control your work right from your mobile or desktop. Whether it is billing or sales, Scoro can perform every task within few minutes. Besides that, you can do various other tasks using Scoro such as reporting, project management quoting. 

You can make a list of all your routine tasks with the help of calendaring features in this app. It reminds you of receipts and payments for the smooth functioning of your business.

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10. Kintone

site like processmaker

If you are an app developer, you must be familiar with the Kintone tool. It is specifically developed for designing apps. You can build various apps without coding or other formalities. Further, nice customer support is the main reason why many people use the Kintone tool.

This tool simplifies the task of working in a team and groups. It also helps the businessmen to prepare various reports and statements. It offers smart features that you can use for project management and other tasks.

11. Zoho Creator 

Zoho Creator 

The last on this list is Zoho Creator. It is easy to install on any device. Further, you will gain good customer support by installing this tool. It helps in managing numerous tasks of your business. 

Additionally, it helps to build apps which are easily accessible from mobiles and desktops. You can regularize workflows, make custom forums and build pages with the help of Zoho Creator. Besides that, you can use this tool anywhere from mobile phones or Laptops/PC.

12. Outsystems


Outsystems is one of the best ProcessMaker alternatives for small organizations. It helps to build smart apps, systems, and web portals. You can develop apps speedily with the help of Outsystems. It also helps to connect apps to the system.

It does not contain many codes and makes the app development process better. This tool is safe to use on any system. It is free of charge and gives a performance chart on the dashboard. The app becomes more scalable with time. It is updated regularly with new features.

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