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15 Top Act-on Alternatives For 2024

For firms trying to streamline their marketing initiatives, nurture leads, and improve results, marketing automation has emerged as a crucial tool. One such marketing automation platform that has become well-known for its extensive capabilities and simple layout is Act-On. It’s not the only participant in the game, though. In this post, we’ll look at some Act-On substitutes that can effectively help you reach your marketing objectives.

Few Alternatives Of Act-On

1. HubSpot:

In terms of automation and inbound marketing, HubSpot is the market leader. It is well known for having an intuitive user interface that makes it usable by companies of all sizes. The unique attributes of HubSpot include:

  • Fully-in-One Platform: HubSpot provides a collection of technologies that are fully integrated into one platform, including CRM, email marketing, social media management, blogging, and analytics.
  • Automation: HubSpot’s workflow automation enables you to design individualised customer journeys, simplifying the nurturing of leads and their conversion into customers.
  • Free CRM: HubSpot’s CRM is cost-free and simple to use, which makes it a wonderful option for small firms trying to manage their connections successfully.
  • Scalability: HubSpot has a variety of pricing tiers, making it appropriate for companies at various stages of development.

2. Marketo:

Large businesses like Marketo because it is a powerful and highly adaptable marketing automation tool. Its essential characteristics include:

  • Extensive Lead Management: Marketo provides extensive lead scoring and nurturing features, assisting businesses in more efficiently prioritising and interacting with leads.
  • Personalization: You may use it to develop highly customised marketing campaigns and content to meet the tastes of certain customers.
  • Integration: Marketo is a great option for B2B organisations since it easily interfaces with Salesforce and other enterprise-level CRM systems.
  • Analytics: To track campaign performance and ROI, Marketo offers comprehensive analytics and reporting tools.

3. Pardot:

The Salesforce ecosystem member Pardot specialises in B2B marketing automation. Its characteristics address the particular requirements of B2B companies:

  • Lead Scoring: Pardot’s lead scoring system assists you in locating and prioritising high-value prospects for sales outreach.
  • Email Marketing: It provides strong automation features, such as drip campaigns and tailored email content.
  • CRM Integration: As a component of Salesforce, Pardot combines seamlessly with Salesforce CRM to give you a comprehensive picture of your sales and marketing initiatives.

4. Mailchimp:

A flexible and user-friendly marketing automation platform ideal for startups and small businesses is Mailchimp:

  • Email Marketing: With templates, A/B testing, and segmentation options, Mailchimp is renowned for its top-notch email marketing tools.
  • Audience management: To send highly targeted campaigns, you can effortlessly manage and segment your audience based on a variety of parameters.
  • Automation: You may deliver tailored messages at the appropriate moment based on user behaviour with Mailchimp’s automation workflows.
  • E-commerce Integration: Mailchimp is a fantastic option for online shops because it integrates with well-known e-commerce systems.

5. ActiveCampaign:

ActiveCampaign is renowned for its powerful email marketing and automation capabilities:

  • Automation: You can design complex automation workflows with ActiveCampaign’s highly intuitive and powerful automation builder. It includes sophisticated email marketing tools including dynamic content and predictive sending.
  • CRM: ActiveCampaign has a CRM that is integrated into the software, making it simpler to handle contacts and sales procedures.
  • Lead Scoring: Based on interaction and behaviour, the platform offers lead scoring to assist in prioritising leads.

6. SendinBlue:

SendinBlue is a flexible marketing automation tool with an economical price tag.

  • Email and SMS Marketing: SendinBlue lets you send campaigns via both email and SMS, providing you a variety of communication choices.
  • Marketing Automation: This service offers workflow automation to engage clients and nurture leads based on their behaviour.
  • Transactional Emails: SendinBlue is a good choice for companies with e-commerce operations because it specialises in transactional email delivery.
  • Pricing: SendinBlue’s pricing is reasonable and can be a tempting choice for companies on a tight budget.

7. Zoho Marketing Automation:

The Zoho suite of business applications includes Zoho Marketing Automation, which provides a wide range of tools for marketing automation.

  • Multi-Channel Marketing: With Zoho, you can design and control marketing campaigns for a variety of platforms like social media, webinars, and email.
  • Lead Scoring and Segmentation: It offers tools for lead scoring and segmentation to assist you in locating and concentrating your efforts on the most promising leads.
  • Workflow Automation: Zoho’s workflow automation makes processes like lead nurturing and customer onboarding simpler.
  • CRM Integration: If you already use Zoho CRM, Zoho Marketing Automation and Zoho CRM are seamlessly integrated.
  • Statistics: To track the effectiveness of your efforts, the platform provides thorough statistics and reporting.

8. SharpSpring:

SharpSpring is a flexible and cost-effective marketing automation platform that serves both small and medium-sized companies and agencies:

  • Behavior-Based Email Automation: SharpSpring’s automation is based on user behaviour and lets you send incredibly targeted emails depending on choices and behaviours.
  • CRM and Sales Automation: It has a fully functional CRM system as well as capabilities for automating sales processes.
  • Dynamic Forms: You can design dynamic forms to increase lead capture and amass useful information.
  • VisitorID: You may follow website visitors with the assistance of this feature and learn about their behaviour even before they complete a form.

SharpSpring is a good option for marketing companies with numerous clients because it offers agency pricing and features.

9. Infusionsoft by Keap:

A marketing automation and CRM platform created for small organisations are Infusionsoft, now called Keap:

  • Lead Management: Keap offers capabilities for managing leads, such as lead scoring, contact segmentation, and tag management.
  • Automation Campaign Builder: This tool allows you to create intricate automation programmes that nurture leads and help them become customers.
  • E-commerce Integration: To assist businesses in managing online sales and marketing, Keap interfaces with a number of e-commerce platforms.
  • Appointment arranging: It provides tools for arranging appointments, which makes it appropriate for service-based enterprises.
  • Payment Processing: The Keap platform enables you to manage payments and invoices.

10. Drip:

Drip is a marketing automation system that specialises in e-commerce and is renowned for its strong automation capabilities:

  • Seamless e-commerce integration: Drip works with well-known e-commerce solutions like Shopify and WooCommerce.
  • Behavior-Based Automation: Drip uses automation that is based on user behaviour to provide timely and personalised messaging.
  • Revenue Tracking: It offers thorough analytics and revenue tracking, which aids e-commerce companies in understanding their return on investment.
  • Segmentation: To deliver highly relevant information, you can divide your audience into different groups depending on a variety of factors.
  • A/B testing: To improve your messaging, Drip offers A/B testing for email campaigns.

11. SendX:

An email marketing automation software called SendX is intended for both marketers and business owners. It provides cost and simplicity without forgoing necessary features:

  • Email Marketing: With tools like a drag-and-drop email editor, email automation, and A/B testing, SendX shines at email marketing.
  • Automation: Based on user behaviour, it offers workflow automation to nurture leads and engage subscribers.
  • Segmentation: To deliver personalised messages to various target segments, segment your email list.
  • Accessibility: SendX is reasonably priced, making it a wise decision for small businesses.

12. Ontraport:

For companies searching for sophisticated automation features, Ontraport offers an all-in-one marketing automation and CRM platform:

  • Visual Campaign Builder: To construct intricate automation workflows, Ontraport provides a visual campaign builder.
  • Membership Sites: Because it enables the creation and management of membership sites, it is appropriate for companies that provide online courses or subscriptions.
  • Affiliate Management: For companies with affiliate marketing programmes, Ontraport offers affiliate management services.
  • E-commerce Integration: To facilitate online sales and marketing, it integrates with e-commerce platforms.

13. ActiveDEMAND:

An agency- and marketing-focused marketing automation tool is called ActiveDEMAND. It provides a variety of features and white-label solutions:

  • Agency-Focused: By offering white-labeling options, ActiveDEMAND enables agencies to brand the platform under their own names.
  • Multi-Channel Marketing: This platform enables a number of marketing channels, such as landing sites, social media, and email.
  • Call monitoring: For thorough lead monitoring, ActiveDEMAND offers call tracking and recording.
  • Dynamic Content: To make your marketing efforts more unique, you can generate dynamic content.
  • Multi-Touch Campaigns: You can design multi-touch campaigns that use a variety of channels and touchpoints using this tool.

14. Hatchbuck:

Hatchbuck is a CRM and marketing automation tool designed specifically for small firms who want to streamline their marketing procedures.

  • Lead Scoring: Hatchbuck provides lead scoring to help users choose which leads are most worth following up on. Email marketing automation is included, along with email marketing templates, tracking, and personalisation.
  • Task automation: To simplify your sales and marketing procedures, you can automate activities and reminders.
  • Pipeline Management: For tracking and nurturing leads via the sales funnel, Hatchbuck offers pipeline management services.

15. Mautic:

Open-source marketing automation software called Mautic provides flexibility and customization:

  • Open Source: Because Mautic is free software, you can alter and expand its features to meet your needs.
  • Marketing Automation: It provides standard marketing automation capabilities like lead tracking, email marketing, and campaign management.
  • Integration: Mautic offers flexibility in your tech stack by integrating with a number of third-party tools and services.
  • Community Support: Because Mautic is an open-source project, there is a vibrant community that can offer help and plugins.


Act-On is a potent marketing automation tool, but you should look into alternatives to make sure it’s the right fit for your company. There are a number of solutions that can satisfy your demands for marketing automation, regardless of whether you place a higher priority on cost-effectiveness, scalability, particular features, or ease of use. When selecting the appropriate platform, take into account your particular needs, financial constraints, and long-term objectives. Don’t be afraid to test a variety of possibilities until you find the ideal Act-On substitute for your company.

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