Online streaming is not only famous among teens but also in adults. Most of us stream online videos in the library, office, and homes. It is a nice way to get free entertainment on your mobile phones or tablets.

Rabbit is one of the most well-known video streaming sites. It had a large library of different videos of different genres. But a few months back, stopped its operations and sold the assets to Kast. Apart from a large video library, this site also had various video resolutions. It offered high-quality videos to all the users. 

If you want to try some other websites similar to Rabbit, you can read this article. It lists all the superb Rabbit alternatives that contain various types of videos. You can try these alternatives for online video streaming and watching movies and TV shows. 

Best alternatives to

1. Twoseven

twoseven, sites like Rabbit

Twoseven is one of the best alternative you can try on your mobiles. It is the platform where you can watch and share videos with your friends and family members. Apart from that, this tool comes with a chat feature. 

Further, it provides various video formats for all video lovers. It also supports famous video streaming apps. 

2. Watch2gether 

best rabbit alternatives 2020

Whether it is watching movies or shopping, you can do it all on this site. It allows you to stream online movies and listen to online music. Besides that, this site comes with a chat feature. You can also send GIFs in the private chats to your friends and cousins. Furthermore, it makes the video watching more enjoyable and entertaining.

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3. Netflix Party

alternative to rabbit

The next site on the list is Netflix Party. It is one of the amazing alternatives you can try to watch online content. Further, this site contains chat feature wherein you can share your reviews and feedback. It also comes with GIFs and emojis that you can share with your friends and cousins and family members.

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4. Metastream

sites like rabbit 2020

If you love watching online movies and TV series, you can pick Metastream. It has a nice user interface for video streaming lovers. Apart from that, the on-screen chat feature helps you to interact with your friends and family members. Moreover, you can enjoy watching high-quality videos on this site. Furthermore, Metastream supports all the major video streaming sites. 

5. Airtime 

best websites like rabbit

Airtime is one of the best apps to watch online videos and do group chats. It also allows you to listen to your favorite tracks. Apart from that, users can send their feedback and comments on various videos. The audio commentary and media playback are the robust features of Airtime site. It works on both mobile phones and PCs. 

6. SyncLounge

websites like rabbit

Another one in the list of alternatives is SynLounge. This is a great app for all Plex users. It has its own server to pass the content to various people. This site also includes chat feature which helps you to create private chat room. You can leave comments and feedback in the chat section after watching online content. Furthermore, this site has a beautiful user interface for entertainment lovers. 

7. Simulchat


The next site on this list is Simulchat. It is one of the amazing sites similar to Rabbit for online video streaming. You can watch your favorite TV series, shows, and movies on this site with your friends and family members. 

Further, this site allows you to create a chat room without fees. You can share content and comment on it via chat room. 

8. Rave 

sites like rabbit

Rave is the new name for every video lover. In spite of the new entry, this app is used by many video streaming lovers. This site has all the features similar to the Rabbit site. Apart from that, this site allows you to watch content from famous platforms such as Google Drive, Dailymotion, Vimeo and so on. Furthermore, it helps you to listen to your favorite tracks. 

9. Parsec 


Parsec is one of the best alternatives for watching online content. You can watch all your favorite videos, movies and cartoon series on Parsec with your family and friends. 

Further, the chat feature allows you to share content with all your best buddies. It also gives superior quality videos while watching movies and TV shows and other animated series. 

10. Syncplay


If you love watching movies and shows on your PC, you can download the Syncplay site. It is one of the amazing options for enjoying movies and TV series on PC. Further, this site works with all systems such as macOS, Windows, and Linux. 

In addition to that, it helps in synchronizing the media player. Moreover, it gives you fine quality videos while watching any content. 

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11. ShareTube


ShareTube is a simple site to watch all the popular YouTube videos on your mobile phones. It helps to share any YouTube video with your friends and cousins. 

Further, this site has a chat feature in which you can comment over certain videos. It is a good option if you love watching online videos in fine quality. 


rabbit alternatives

With the feature of Sync playback, this is a unique site for watching online videos, TV shows and movies. It works seamlessly with popular platforms such as Vimeo, DailyMotion, and YouTube. 

In addition to that, this site gives you the facility to watch videos together in the group. Moreover, you can share URLs of the videos and websites with friends and cousins. 

13. AnimeParty


As the name tells everything, this is purely the site for anime lovers. You can make a private room to watch all your favorite anime with friends or family members. Apart from that, you can also share the room and other online content.  

Additionally, the fine feature of sync playback allows you to stream online videos in a perfect way. 

14. Gaze


With shutting down before a few months, you can pick many other options for online video streaming. Gaze is the site that helps you to watch videos from famous platforms such as Vimeo and YouTube. 

Further, this site allows two users to watch online content at the same time. Besides that, you can also share content with your friends. 

15. Playnow


Playnow is a nice option to watch online videos on Android and iOS devices. It does not have monthly charges or subscription fees. Apart from online videos, you can also listen to your favorite tracks on this site. 

In addition to that, you can connect with your friends while watching online videos. You can also watch trending videos. 

16. Together TV 

Together TV

Together TV is the best site for full family entertainment. It allows you to stream online videos, movies and TV series. Apart from that, you can also enjoy listening to the latest songs. 

Further, this site gives you the facility to make the chat room and share GIFs and stickers. You can also share photos and text messages with your buddies. This is a very useful alternative to 

17. Let’s Watch it!

Let’s Watch it!

This is one of the best alternatives for iPhone users. You can stream online videos of sports, anime and other genres on this site. It is easy to search for any video on this site and watch it for free of cost. 

Further, you can get all the latest and trending videos on this site. Besides that, you can also share them with friends and family members. 

18. BlaTube


If you want to stream and watch online videos for free of charge, you can pick this site. You can watch YouTube videos and movie clips via the BlaTube app. Besides that, you can also share videos with your friends and family members. 

Further, this site offers many chat rooms wherein you can participate and engage in the conversation. 

19. Andchill


Andchill is one of the wonderful sites like rabbit you can try for online video streaming. It has a lovely user interface with quick user management and on-screen chat. Apart from that, you can also add videos to the queue for watching it at a later point in time. 

In addition to that, you can stream watch parties on this site. 

20. Together Tube 

Together Tube

Together Tube allows users to watch online content from Vimeo and Google Drive. It also helps you to engage in voice chat with your friends and family members. 

Further, you can listen to favorite tracks on your mobile phones and PCs. Apart from that, it works on all smartphones. 

21. WaveLength FM

WaveLength FM

Wavelength FM is one of the most popular alternatives to you can try for online video streaming. It allows you to stream videos from social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Besides that, it also has the feature of chat room wherein you can share videos and GIFs. 

22. Synaptop

best sites like rabbit

Among different online platforms, Synaptop is one of the most unique Rabbit alternatives as well as it is the best ever online platform that has several different features, services, and other business options. It is now very common to share links, photos, and other links so if you are also willing to share such things then this Rabbit alternative would be the best option for you. Yes, Synaptop would surely offer you several features of listening to music. You need not search out any other app or platform while hanging out with your friends. Synatop would fulfill all your needs perfectly.

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Final words 

These are the amazing sites that can do replacement for online video streaming. They contain chat rooms, different video resolutions and so on. Besides that, these alternatives do not have monthly charges or subscription fees for watching online content. 

Further, they allow you to comment on the videos and content and share them with your buddies. 

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