11 Best Patreon alternatives in 2024


Networking is progressing in a broad manner each day. Before a decade, the creators used to face difficulties while launching new games and software due to the lack of platforms. Today, you can get thousands of mediums that will help you to reach the audience. 

Patreon is one of the most popular platforms to earn an income by connecting to the people. It will allow you to grow your career from the national to the international level. Whether you are a game developer or music composer, Patreon will help to show your talent to the world.

If you want to try some other Patreon alternatives, you can look at the list below: 

Best alternatives for Patreon

1. Crowdfunder


Starting a new company is a daunting task. The first thing to form a new company is the funds. You have to issue equity shares to many people. Crowdfunder is one of the best alternatives to Patreon you can use to raise funds from different sources. 

Further, this platform connects you to the most genuine angel investors and shareholders. It is really a nice source for growing entrepreneurs and new businessmen who want to become successful in the business world. This site is also a good platform for small industries and startups. 

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2. Indiegogo


The next on the list is Indiegogo site. It is a useful fundraising website for new businesses. You can promote your service, products, and ideas through this platform. It is used by approximately 15 million people all over the world. 

Indiegogo is a robust platform for medical practitioners, engineers, IT professionals and party organizers. This site collects some fees to conduct product campaigns. You can use this site in many languages such as German, English, and Spanish. It is successfully running since 2008 in many countries. 

3. Librapay


If you want to enjoy free service while raising the funds, you can try Librapay site. It is an open-source platform to advertise your products and services. You can actually sell your products in various currencies on this site. 

Further, this is one of the best alternatives to Patreon that works on a non-profit basis. Apart from that, you can settle all the transactions in a quicker way through the LibraPay site. All you need is to make an account on this site and starting it. 

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4. Change.org


Having over 240 million users, this site is a good platform for conducting a campaign. It started in the year 2007 by Ben Rattray. This site shares the petitions on different topics such as animal rights, justice, health, and others.

In addition to the above features, the members of the site donate some funds to campaigners. Change.org has the power to bring revolutions in many areas. It brings political as well as social awareness among the people in the world.

5. Bandcamp


The next one on the list is the Bandcampsite. It allows artists and musicians to launch their new songs and albums. This site works on Android as well as iOS devices. Bandcamp is better than Patreon alternatives you can try to sell your songs. 

You can make registration to use this site. Besides that, you can get the latest updates on the new albums and songs. You can also follow your favorite singers and artists and save their beautiful songs on your device. 

6. BountySource


BountySource is a nice way to raise funds for different projects. It is widely used by many companies for solving major issues in important projects. Further, this site works with GitHub to solve the problem. 

It is one of the most popular sites for engineers and software developers. Besides that, you can promote your work through various social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. BountySource is the trustee for bounties through Bitcoin, PayPal, and other payment modes. 

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7. Tipeee


If you want a small number of funds for your content, you can choose Tipeee. It is the crowdfunding source for various projects. Whether it is music or photos, this site will help you to publish and monetize. 

Tipeee also connects you with other users who give you important tips and help by giving funds. This site works for the entire year and you can publish your images, videos, and posts anytime. Your tips transfer to next month on Tipeee.

8. SelfStarter


SelfStarter is a simple way to raise funds for your projects and work. It works on all platforms such as Mac, Windows, Web, Linux, and others. Further, this site works well with the GitHub tool. 

Additionally, this site helps you to make changes as per your needs. You can build your own crowdfunding site with the help of the SelfStarter site. It also gives you the benefit of choosing your own provider in case of payments. SelfStarter is one of the best alternatives to Patreon you must try.

9. Buy Me A Coffee

Buy Me A Coffee

This site mainly helps the artists, software developers, writers, and bloggers to publish their works. It offers various payment options such as Stripe and PayPal. Further, the site comes with an amazing page on which you can post your content. The supporters will also give comments on your posts and blogs.

Additionally, you can give your blogs and articles a domain name. It comes with “Thank You message” and you can send it to your supporters. The site also works with other tools like WordPress.

10. GoFundMe


The last one on this list is the GoFundMe site. It is a nice fundraising platform for individuals as well as companies. This site helps you to raise capital through various means. Many charity organizations also use GoFundMe for social causes. 

If you want to raise funds for a noble cause or the purpose of charity, this site will help you to do that. Besides that, it has an easy user interface with superb features.

11. Podia


Podia is one of the best sites like Patreon that you can use for online business. It is an online platform where you can display your products. This tool comes with cool features such as online courses, webinars, and so on. 

You can sell your products in different ways on this site. It is easy to connect with a huge audience through webinars, email marketing, and other methods. Apart from that, you can also create your website for a new business with the features of Podia. It helps to grow your business online.

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Most of the above sites are free alternatives to Patreon that give many benefits to startups and individuals. These sites help to raise funds for charity, health, medicines and other causes. 

They make you famous among the public.

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