WordPress is one of the popular CMS platforms that allow people to build websites and blogs quickly. The convenient options, along with plugins, let you enjoy a tremendous amount of convenience from time to time.

There are plugins for every purpose in wordpress, and you need to check out for your actual requirement without compromising on the budget and the effort. Social Media has been a significant part of websites and web marketing activities for a long time now. 

Bringing audiences from different platforms in the right manner plays a vital role in gaining ranking in search engines for a long time. It is upto you to decide whether you want to associate with social media marketing or not while effectively promoting your website.

There are alternative apps or plugins found in the wordpress plugin market, but not many people are aware of options because of reach. We present some of the top plugins that serve the purposes of buddy press servers to users.

Why social networking plugins for wordpress

Social networking plugins are almost available for free of cost from major wordpress plugins developers because of the increasing demand for a long time now. Buddy press is one of the top plugins in wordpress, which has been used by plenty of people from different kinds of website owners.

Social media networking or social media sites have been used for a long time to drive traffic with genuinity. As every site looks for genuine and long lasting visitors, it is evident that social media traffic lets them enjoy the luxury of having free visitors. 

Most of the social media visitors are known to stay for a long time because it allows them to provide complete information without affecting bounce rate in an easy way.

Though BuddyPress offers a free cost version, there is a paid version available from BuddyPress developers to provide a considerable amount of convenient factors while using a website effectively.

Social Networking is one of the popular options that need to be done for every website to enhance social media traffic effortlessly. BuddyPress is a top plugin in this segment because it offers many collections in extensions and addons to provide extra options on the website.

Best alternatives to BuddyPress

1. User Pro

User Pro

User Pro is a paid or premium extension that is available only at paid versions. User-friendly options play a vital role for every user because it saves a lot of time without affecting the result. Most of the high profile websites use the plugin because of its user-friendly features. It is also the best buddypress alternative.

The user pro plugin lets you enjoy options that help in enabling frontend registration and login options in an effective way. Most of the current generation website owners prefer to register and log in with their email address because it helps them generate databases quickly.

User pro is one of the powerful plugins that enable website developers to set up a user registration option and allows people to look at extra options from time to time. User Pro is rated as one of the top plugin that can help you perform various things at low prices.

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2. PeepSo


PeepSo is one of the famous and familiar plugins that helps you work along with social media platforms to enhance traffic flow effectively. Just like BuddyPress, PeepSo also has both free and paid options. Like BuddyPress, PeepSo offers extra and advanced options in a paid version that can be utilized to bring more traffic and enhance the elegance of the votes easily.

Most users prefer using PeepSO because it saves time while accepting and deleting friends and quickly enhances private message options. The convenient widgets could help you save time while adding videos, photos, and friends from time to time.

3. Nextend Social Login

Nextend Social Login

Nextend Social login is a popular wordpress plugin because it comes with low charges and for free of cost. The plugin is taking many frames because of a requirement in the market from time to time. Every user needs to know more about the plugin because it helps them make use of it quickly.

The Nextend social login plugin lets you edit the existing website with the help of a social network profile found in the wordpress. The one-click registration option on the website enables you to custom direct the URL to enhance the social media bookmarking without affecting the SEO parameters from time to time.

4. WP Symposium Pro

WP Symposium Pro

WP Symposium Pro is another alternative to Buddypress that works similarly to PeepSo and BuddyPress. The plugin lets you design unique social networking or social media site similar to Facebook pretty easily and quickly. The plugin has identical BuddyPress features, which can be utilized in both free and paid versions from time to time.

The features available in the plugin offers a wide range of benefits that could be used in both active websites and new websites easily. The plugin gives out an option to add external extensions that allow you to enjoy additional benefits, which are not available in generic tools.

5. Ultimate Member

Ultimate Member

Not every individual would prefer a plugin that can only be purchased by paying money. There are plenty of plugin developers who like offering plugins or extensions free of cost for the community’s sake. It is highly recommended for people to check out some of the plugins that are available at low prices or for free in an easy way.

Ultimate member is one of the plugins which has gained a lot of attention in the community because of its free options. WordPress is used by every website owner looking forward to implementing advanced features to enhance the website both in terms of quality and security.

The plugin is the best Buddypress replacement and lets you design sites with membership options and online communities. The online community options give great acceleration in terms of driving traffic without compromising on the quality.

6. bbPress


 bbPress is a direct Buddypress competitor and a wordpress plugin commonly used by forum and community site developers for various reasons. People must look for a plugin that can offer a maximum number of options without charging hefty amounts. 

Community or forum links in WordPress are generally used by people who are known to save money to drive traffic from various sources. bbPress comes into the picture by offering advanced and easy options to develop a community with complete safety for users.

7. MemberPress


MemberPress is a plugin that gives an option to use in multiple ways on a wordpress website. People must list out the actual requirements in the initial stages before buying or using the plugin. It allows the developers to pick the right plugin based on the necessities.

Memberpress is a friendly plugin that lets you create, manage, and monitor all links and membership subscriptions online. It allows people to regularly copy the database because it helps reach out to interested or potential users quickly.

The management of all digital files in social networking sites like pages, posts, videos, and so on quickly. Easy management plays a crucial role in every website developer because it helps save a considerable amount of time daily.

8. Bitrix24


The last plugin of wordpress in the list is BItrix24. The plugin is relevantly new to the market or the limelight because of various reasons. The plugin has started upgrading and adding options very recently, which made them attract many users for some time now.

The tools available in the plugin enable you to create and manage different kinds of functions on a social media site. The time tracking and task management features have significantly enhanced to offer a tremendous benefit in a live website.

The plugin has plenty of advanced options, which could help you enjoy fruitful benefits without charging a dollar all the time. WordPress developers have used the personalization features to make the tracking process more comfortable.

These are some of the best Buddypress alternatives that you can try. If you are using any other do let us know in the comments section.

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Frequent Asked Questions

What is Buddypress?

Buddypress is one of the popular open-source social networking software for creating communities inside WordPress sites. With the help of this software, group members can communicate and get a real-time chat facility. You will get a free version of this software to use.

What are the disadvantages of Buddypress?

Some of the main disadvantages of Buddypress are no in-built chat, basic profile editing & customization, no media uploading facility; users can’t add photos, and compatibility issues.

Who is better than Buddypress?

Peepso is always better than Buddypress. This WordPress social networking building software comes with many exciting features like private messaging, add and remove friends, and ad widgets.

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