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25 Best Ahrefs Alternatives 2024

best ahrefs alternatives
Every company in the current phase uses SEO techniques. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is becoming the nerve of every industry in the recent period. Without keywords, blogs, and valuable content, you cannot imagine even running a small business. 

Whether you own a fabric shop or any other online store, you need to get expertise in SEO methods. Ahref is the most famous tool in the field of SEO methods. It shows your performance on the basis of your rank and content. But one problem with Ahref is that is not providing a free version to the users. 

But you can also try some of the best ahrefs alternatives to grow your online business. These alternatives are free to use and contain outstanding features, unlike Ahref. Besides that, they also have easy functions and a good user interface. This article highlights some of the amazing Ahref’s alternatives for SEO agencies. 

1. BuzzSumo

best ahrefs alternatives

BuzzSumo is the choice of many big players in the SEO field. Many famous companies such as IBM and Expedia use this tool to find out how their competitors work. Besides that, this tool does not limit only to offering organic keywords but gives more creative content ideas. Furthermore, this tool helps you to survive in a competitive global world. 

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2. SEO Spyglass

alternative to ahrefs

The next alternative similar to Ahrefs is SEO Spyglass. It is a very simple software and easy to understand by anyone. You can also download this tool without the internet. Further, the free version of SEO Spyglass helps you to do numerous projects. It is also available as a paid version tool. 

3. Jaaxy

best alternatives to ahrefs

If you want to use more keywords for your website, you can select Jaaxy software. It helps you to find niches. Apart from that, it helps you to know your competitors well. It shows you Meta tags, backlinks and content structure of your competitors. Moreover, this software has an attractive user interface. 

4. AuthorityLabs

sites like ahrefs

Keywords help in increasing traffic on your website. Besides that, they make the work of users much simpler and better. AuthorityLabs helps you to check how your keywords work on different search engines like Google and Yahoo. This tool also shows you search volume for every keyword. It is one of the most useful tools for growing businesses.

5. Google Keyword Planner 

If you have a small budget and want to grow your business, you can opt for this tool. It is just a basic keyword finder for small businessmen. Besides that, the free version helps newcomers to manage their website with keywords. Moreover, this planner helps you to get useful keywords. 

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6. MangoolsSERPWatcher


This is affordable software for small and large businesses. It allows tracking useful keywords for your website. Apart from that, you can check how those keywords perform on different search engines. Furthermore, this tool shows estimated visits, dominant index and other details in a clear manner. 

7. Moz Pro 

Moz Pro

Moz Pro is a nice alternative to ahrefs that you can use for your sites. It contains many SEO tools that will help in increasing website traffic. From finding good keywords to making custom reports, this software does everything. You can know the total number of visitors on your website, keyword performance, and other details. 

8. AnswerThePublic


This tool suggests the various keywords with the help of Google search phrases. All you need to write the keyword in the search bar. This software will then present the full list of keywords. Further, this software gives what your customers want to know. It has a free as well as a paid version. 

9. Raven Tools

Raven Tools

Raven brings one of the most useful platforms for freelancers. This tool makes your organic search more effective. You can increase traffic on your website with the help of amazing tools. Besides that, it creates attractive reports using graphs and charts. It shows how your website performs on various search engines. 

10. Awario


The next tool on the list is Awario. It is one of the most wonderful tools for small businesses. You can connect with your social media accounts and get the latest updates. Apart from that, you can give the name to your campaigns. It is quite reasonable to use Awario with a monthly charge of $29.

11. Serpstat


Serpstat is a fully packed SEO tool with several features. It helps you to divide your data into various categories. This software provides suitable keywords for your site. It allows you to know the performance of your competitors. You can know how they use various content and keywords to survive in the market.

12. Pro Rank Tracker 

best ahrefs alternatives

This is the unique rank tracker with a beautiful dashboard. You can use this software from any part of the world. Apart from that, it shows your website rankings in an effective manner. You can get results in various formats such as PDF and Excel. The paid version starts from $49 every month. 

13. SECockpit

best alternative to ahrefs

SECockpit will help to generate more traffic on your website. It is one of the simplest keyword finders for those who want to take their business at a higher level. Besides that, this software provides various filtering options to pick high-quality keywords. Moreover, this tool also shows you the full competition analysis.


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14. Majestic


The next tool on the list is Majestic. It contains all the fantastic features you need for an SEO site. This tool comes with features such as analysis tools and Topical Trust Flow metrics for better performance. Further, it helps to look at the competitor’s website and domains. You can get more features in the paid version which starts from $50 per month. 

15. Soovle


Soovleallows to you find the most appropriate keywords for your website. It works with a simple seed keyword feeding option. The tool then shows you the list of all the keywords from popular search engines. You do not have to pay any charge to use Soovle tool for your website. 

16. Mention 


Mention is one of the best ahrefs alternatives that you can use on all compatible devices. It lets you find good influencers to promote your brand. Further, it is easy to use Mention with 27 online tools. You can try the free version of Mention to see all the useful features for your website.

17. Ubersuggest


If you want to improve your content quality, you can pick Ubersuggest tool. It is a beautiful tool that offers several keywords for your content. Further, this software shows you the volume of keywords, the competition, and seasonal trends. Apart from that, you can also get helpful tips to improve your content for gaining more social likes and shares. 

18. SpyFu


SpyFu is the best tool that helps you to survive in a competitive world. It shows your competitor’s ad campaigns and ads. Besides that, it also shows the ad history and targeted keywords. You can know how your competitors work in the market. It can be used without registration. 

19. SE Ranking

SE Ranking

The next tool on the list is SE Ranking. It includes many amazing features such as backlinks and rankings. You can easily prepare reports with the help of drag and drop features. Further, this software exports your reports in different formats such as HTML, CSV, and PDF. You can try the free version for 14 days.

20. LongTailPro


LongTailPro is the best rank tracker that helps you to find out long-tail keywords. It suggests the most appropriate keywords that help in increasing your site’s rankings. Besides that, it brings more traffic to your website. Furthermore, it is simple to use the LongTailPro tool for anyone. 

21. Matomo


Matomo is the perfect SEO tool for professionals. It displays SEO data in various formats. You can know various things such as page visits, site traffic and Domain authority using this software. Apart from that, you can know the total site traffic within a few minutes using Matomo. It also comes with a guide to understand the functions in a better way.

22. DataForSEO


This is another nice SEO tool offering API services. It offers you various services such as keyword finder API, rank tracking API and so on. You can know the strategies of your competitors, their keywords and traffic sources using DataForSEO tool. 

23. SimilarWeb


You can form an effective SEO strategy with the help of SimilarWeb tool. It allows you to know the keywords of your competitors, traffic and audience in a better way. Further, this site shows your geographic locations and top traffic sources. It comes in a free or paid version. 



Now, you can find keywords for free of charge without even making an account. You can easily find 750 long-tail keywords with the free version of this tool. is ideal for online marketers and content creators. Furthermore, it is easy to customize your content as part of the choice of your customers with this tool.

25. Semrush


Semrush is the latest tool to increase your online presence. It is the best ahrefs alternative that you can use for marketing. You can do different tasks with Semrush such as position tracking, SEO audit, and others. It also helps you to increase traffic on your site. Moreover, this tool makes your online store more popular on social media platforms.  

In addition to that, this tool helps small companies to survive in the competitive globe. It also provides useful keywords and strategies to make high-quality content. Moreover, it helps you to prepare different reports of the company like sales and audit reports. It also manages campaigns and makes workflow smoother and more effective in the company.

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Final words 

This is the list of sites similar to ahrefs that can fulfill your demands of SEO. They have amazing features like keyword tracker and API services and so on. 

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