Top 6 WordPress Alternatives 2019

wordpress alternatives

Are you running a business enterprise and looking for wordpress alternatives? Yes? If so, then you may need to create a website so as to promote your business. Numerous different tools and online platforms are there through which you can promote your entire business. Similarly, WordPress is a famous tool. You may surely have heard about this popular tool. It is a kind of online tool or platform where you can promote your blogging. It includes a perfectly designed CMS system.

How does WordPress work?

In the earlier days, there were not so many options being available for you to promote your business but the technology has now developed so far and as a result, a number of tools and platforms are now accessible through which you can easily grab the target audience. WordPress is one of the most famous options where you can get different features to promote your blogs in different languages and formats.

Is WordPress right for you?

WordPress is good for sure but numerous times, it may fail to serve you in a better way as you may have to learn the code language so as to upload your content to this tool. You may also get panic while learning so many things to use the WordPress Tool and thus, you may prefer some other online tools or alternatives to WordPress so as to get an easier or simpler way to promote your business. Several other portals are also available where you can get several themes and plugins which may surely help you to get best.

Here are some of the best alternatives to WordPress

1. Drupal

It is one of the most popular CMS tool being broadly by the high-profile and reputed companies. Most of these companies include the Sony Music, Popular Science, and many others as well.
Why using Drupal?
If you are switching from one platform to another, then you must surely be aware of the features and uses or benefits of that particularly chosen or selected tool. Why is Drupal a better alternative to WordPress? Don’t you know? Here are your answers –

  • It is a tool which provides you a better content management system
  • It provides you 100% reliable and beneficial performance
  • The tool offers you an excellent security system
  • You can easily build up the structured and unique content with the help of dynamic web experiences
  • It is one of the best choices among the highly integrated digital frameworks

When to choose Drupal?
As a businessman, you may have to face or cope up with different phases and if you possess a limited and a little knowledge of website or content development then yes, Drupal is the best ever choice for you. You can rely on this tool as you won’t have to do a lot of customization here. It is surely not an easy task to get a proper hold of Drupal as it is quite hard. The services you may get at Drupal are 100% reliable and cost-effective.

2. Joomla

In this list of sites like wordpress CMS Joomla is another amazing CMS system or tool where you can surely promote your blogging as a beginner. Some of the prominent companies are using this software and these companies include IHOP, MTV, and many others.

Why using Joomla?

  • It is a user-friendly portal
  • Easily navigated
  • An easy and simple document management system
  • It is included in numerous different active communities
  • It provides you better uploading portal
  • It is easy to use a platform
  • It may also offer you numerous mobile responsive themes

3. Silver Stripe

Among a number of options, this Silver Stripe is also one of the best and highly recommended Content Management Systems which is very much usable as well as helpful for the web developers, as well as designers as this platform, basically provides you a better coding system with different tutorials this is why this is one of the best ligtweight WordPress alternative.

Why using Silver Stripe as a WordPress blog Alternative?

  • It offers you a perfectly designed hierarchical structure
  • It offers you a perfectly designed and managed platform to upload your data safe as well as securely
  • It offers you a multilingual option including German as well
  • It is one of the most effective websites
  • You can get a better approach to your content
  • It offers you a flexible environment

4. Medium

Medium is one of the most popular content publishing platforms and one of the best wordpress replacement. It is surely not fully designed but yes, it highly focuses on the quality of blogging and the entire community aspect as well. The major objective of this online tool is to connect more and more people with the daily stories or innovative ideas to be valued in their lives.

Why using Medium?

  • It provides you a clutter free writing area
  • It is a well-defined tool which offers you a better reading experience
  • You can access this tool on every kind of screen size
  • No plug-in are required while using the same
  • Custom domains are also available

5. Ghost

Some of the developers or innovators have introduced this Ghost. It is NodeJS based kind of blogging software which is totally different as compared to the other options may be available online or offline. You can post your content in a better way which may surely provide a better user experience to the readers. It is another wordpress blog alternative.

6. Jekyll

Jekyll is one of the statically designed site generator kind of CMS tool which may not require the plugin. It is totally different software as compared to WordPress. The tool is also offering you the static HTML pages without any databases being required. The tool is also providing you the free hosting facilities with the GitHub pages

Overall, the article provides you different WordPress alternatives CMS in 2018 so as to help you out choosing the best ever CMS Portal. You can create unique themes and change templates of the blogs whenever you want in a very easy manner with the help of these WordPress substitutes. Now, you can choose the suitable portal which may provide you different features. All these alternatives are 100% reliable as well as flexible and thus, you can rely on any of these. Why are you wasting your time just choose a suitable platform for your business and start enhancing the same by doing some easier efforts?

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