Marketing Tools Alternatives: 20 Best Email Finders

Companies and businesses have to connect to various customers, third parties, and other contacts. Email addresses play an important role in connecting the business to business or business to customers. It is necessary to keep a record of all the important email IDs for speedy work in large or small companies. 

Hunter is one such tool that manages all your important email addresses. It has an index for storing more than 200 million email IDs for business purposes. Apart from that, it also has an easy search button to save time. Moreover, it is one of the most popular tools for saving all the email addresses. 

There are many sites like that you can use to store email addresses for future reference. These sites have a simple working style and can give many benefits to small and large companies. Let us have a look at the alternatives to Hunter’s site. 

Best alternatives to

1. Hubspot CRM 

Hubspot CRM

Hubspot CRM is a professional tool with a fine dashboard. You can view all the activities and reports on the dashboard. It also manages your sales, purchases, schedules, and appointments. Hubspot CRM does not charge any fee to use it for months or years. Moreover, you can search for an email ID with the help of filters. 

2. Anymail finder 

Anymail finder 

Now, you can find emails within a few minutes by using this tool. Anymail finder is a nice email searching tool for large and small companies. You can search email addresses by either person’s name or company’s name. Furthermore, this site offers up to 97% accuracy while finding email IDs. 

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3. SendX 


The next tool on the list is SendX. It is one of the best email finders for companies and businesses. SendX is more reasonable than other email ID finders. The process is simple like on other websites. You can also share your email campaigns with your email addresses. 

4. Constant Contact 

Constant Contact 

A constant Contact is an ideal tool for business development. It simplifies email marketing and helps you to get the full list of email addresses. Besides, it also helps in creating a professional website and adding products to it. You can even launch all your email campaigns to grow sales of your business. 

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5. Slik Prospector 

Slik Prospector 

This is the best alternative to hunter for small and large businesses. It helps in finding all the business email addresses within a few seconds. You can filter your search while finding an email ID. It also contains a huge index to store many business email IDs for speedy work. 

6. Web engage


WebEngage is an amazing tool to connect businesses and customers. You can run your business successfully on different platforms using WebEngage tool. It includes some of the best features such as email integration, contact management, marketing analytics, and so on. Moreover, you can use this tool on all the latest mobile phones. 

7. Clearbit Connect 

Clearbit Connect 

Clearbit Connect is a superb tool for viewing all business contacts and email addresses. It is very simple to search for any email ID on this tool by writing the name of any company. This tool works on the spot and offers you the full list of all the business contacts. 

8. Carma 


Carma is the perfect tool for making your business successful. This tool is suitable for the travel and hospitality sectors. You can get many options for your small business. It also offers customized packages for the different needs of each client. You can get the Carma tool in the form of a SaaS model at an affordable rate. 

9. Elucify 


Elucify is a famous tool for storing personal and business email addresses. It is a huge database for saving all your important business email addresses. The process of joining is similar to other sites. After the process of sign-up, you can connect with many people. It reduces stress and time to find business email addresses. 

10. MailChimp 


The next tool on the list is MailChimp. It has a storing capacity of above 500 million emails per day. It comes with a wide range of features such as an image library, social marketing, and template management, and so on. You can also track all your business activities on the MailChimp tool. 

11. Leadfeeder Contacts 

Leadfeeder Contacts 

Leadfeeder Contacts is the best tool for organizing email addresses for business. It shows all the sales with the proper date and the party’s name. Besides, this tool helps the customers to find all the email addresses and profiles of social media sites. Furthermore, this tool helps to grow your business at the national and international levels. 

12. Interakt 


The next on this list is the Interakt tool. It makes data analysis and marketing reports easier and better. You can get some cool features in Interakt such as a live chat feature, email marketing, feedback, and a precise dashboard. It also helps in managing sales daily. 

13. Nobert 


Nobert is another great tool for running small and large businesses. You can store all the sales details in this tool. Apart from the companies, this tool also helps the recruiters to select the right candidates for the right job. Moreover, it helps in business development by completing all the tasks. 


The next on the list is the site. It helps to search for thousands of business emails within a few minutes. Searching for any email address is very easy by typing the name of the person or the company. Besides, you can also get other details with email addresses such as location, job title, and so on. 


Lusha is one of the most profitable sites for growing sales of the company. You can find all the useful business to business contacts. It also shows you the details of different companies with important email addresses. Lusha makes it easier for every company to connect with potential buyers in the market and grow more profits. 


Now, you can view more than 100 million contacts on the tool. It is a good tool to find any email address for the company or business. The tool comes with a sales engagement platform so that you can contact your sellers and buyers instantly. Moreover, you can export any contact to CRM. 

17. Zoominfo 


This tool is an old one in the market but has good features for the businesses. It is an American SaaS product to store all the sales details and other information about the marketing department. You can connect to several professionals with Zoominfo for business purposes. Furthermore, it makes B2B sales simpler and better. 

18. is the right tool for managing all your B2B contacts. It gives easy access to the email addresses of your buyers and sellers. comes with a huge database wherein you can professionally do trading. It also gives buying signals, unlike normal software solutions and tools. 

19. EmailMatcher 


If you want to find any email address within a few seconds, you can use EmailMatcher. The process to search for any email address is very simple. You can write the name of the company or person and let the tool do its job. Furthermore, it fulfills all the tasks of email marketing and helps in growing sales. 

20. Name2Email by Reply 

Name2Email by Reply 

This is a unique tool for searching for any email address by writing the name of the person. You can view hundreds and thousands of email addresses by typing the name of the person or company. You can do email marketing easily for the growth of your new company or business by contacting various customers. 


These are the best Hunter alternatives for email marketing. You can find an endless list of email addresses on these sites. They come with a wide range of features and are affordable in price.

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Frequent Asked Question on

What is Hunter io?

Hunter io is the tool that helps you in searching email IDs within a few seconds. It is one of the best tools for students and businessmen. The process to use this Hunter io site is very simple. You have to enter the domain name in the black space and it will provide a full list of email addresses.

How much does Hunter io cost?

Hunter io tool has monthly and yearly packages. It starts from $49 per month and goes up to $399 per month. There is a discount for the students who take yearly packages of the Hunter io site. Annual packages include $34 per month and go up to $279 per month.

Is Hunter io free?

No, Hunter io is not a free site. It comes with 5 plans such as Free, Growth, Starter, pro, and Enterprise. The features in all the plans are the same but the number of searches increases or decreases with the monthly or yearly plans.

What is better than

Hunter io is the tool to find various email addresses using domain names. It was a good tool to use until it stopped working with the LinkedIn site. This makes it a less popular site among people. However, you can try many alternatives to Hunter io such as RocketReach, Lusha, Aeroleads, ZoomInfo, and Clearbit Enrich.

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