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22 Best Salesintel Alternatives For 2024

Access to precise and current data about prospects and customers is essential for success in the realm of sales and business development. Popular sales intelligence tool SalesIntel gives sales teams useful information and insights. However, looking into different platforms might aid firms in locating the best match for their unique requirements. To assist you make an informed decision for your sales intelligence needs, we will examine some of the best SalesIntel alternatives in this post that offer comparable or improved functionality.

Best Alternatives to Salesintel

1. ZoomInfo:

Leading sales intelligence platform ZoomInfo offers thorough contact and business data. It provides a sizable collection of precise information, including firmographics, company biographies, and contact information. Sales teams can find new prospects, personalize communication, and increase conversion rates by using ZoomInfo’s powerful search capabilities and AI-powered insights. ZoomInfo is well known as a trustworthy alternative to SalesIntel thanks to its strong integrations and data enrichment features.

2. DiscoverOrg:

DiscoverOrg, which is now a part of ZoomInfo, is committed to offering precise and thorough company and contact information. It provides in-depth information into technological usage, purchasing trends, and organizational hierarchy. With the help of DiscoverOrg’s platform, sales teams can more effectively target the relevant decision-makers, comprehend business dynamics, and adjust their sales strategy as necessary. It is a strong choice for companies looking for high-quality sales intelligence because of its extensive database, real-time updates, and configurable notifications.

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3. InsideView:

InsideView is a platform for sales intelligence that provides a plethora of information and insights to boost sales efficiency. To assist sales teams in locating prospects, comprehending their needs, and engaging in pertinent conversations, it offers real-time company and contact information, news alerts, and social media data. InsideView is a useful solution for companies trying to improve their sales intelligence capabilities because of its interfaces with well-known CRM systems, which streamline the sales process.

4. Clearbit:

Powerful sales intelligence platform Clearbit focuses on data enrichment. It adds new data, such as job titles, company information, and firmographics, to existing customer and prospect data. Businesses can obtain insights immediately within their CRM or sales tools thanks to Clearbit’s APIs and integrations. Clearbit’s data enrichment tools assist sales teams in effectively improving lead quality, prioritizing opportunities, and personalizing outreach efforts.

5. Lead411:

A sales intelligence tool called Lead411 is dedicated to offering precise and focused lead data. To assist sales teams in locating and contacting prospects, it provides verified contact information, corporate insights, and buying triggers. Sales teams may connect with firms at the ideal time thanks to Lead411’s distinctive Scoops function, which offers real-time news and updates on them. Lead411 offers an appealing option to SalesIntel with its affordable cost and large database.

6. is a complete sales interaction platform that integrates prospecting, communication, and sales intelligence capabilities. It offers a sizable database of business and contact details, as well as sophisticated search and filtering capabilities.’s platform enables sales teams to optimize their workflows and produce greater outcomes by including tools like email automation, analytics, and CRM connection. is a noteworthy choice for companies looking for a comprehensive sales intelligence solution because of its all-in-one strategy.

7. LinkedIn Sales Navigator:

A popular sales intelligence tool that makes use of LinkedIn’s vast professional network is called LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It offers insightful information about prospects, enables focused searches, and supports individualized engagement. LinkedIn Sales Navigator makes it possible for sales professionals to locate and get in touch with decision-makers efficiently using features like lead recommendations, InMail messaging, and connectivity with CRM systems.

8. D&B Hoovers:

D&B Hoovers, a division of Dun & Bradstreet, is a thorough sales intelligence platform that provides access to a sizable library of business data and insights. It offers thorough firmographics, financial information, and news notifications to assist sales teams in locating high-value clients and target markets. D&B Hoovers is a useful tool for companies looking for in-depth sales intelligence due to its robust search capabilities, adaptable reporting, and interaction with CRM systems.

9. UpLead:

UpLead is a platform for lead creation and sales intelligence that offers accurate B2B contact and corporate information. It offers features including real-time email verification, powerful search filters, and direct CRM system integration. With the help of UpLead, sales teams can create focused prospect lists, collect useful contact information, and organize their outreach activities for higher conversion rates.

10. is an AI-driven tool for sales acceleration that is now a part of Microsoft Dynamics 365. It uses machine learning and predictive analytics to prioritize opportunities, identify the most promising leads, and streamline sales efforts. To help sales teams be more effective and hit revenue goals, offers features including lead scoring, sales cadence automation, and data visualization.

11. Crunchbase:

A portal for business information called Crunchbase offers extensive firm and funding data. It provides information on company histories, investment rounds, important players, and market trends. Crunchbase is a useful tool for sales teams trying to obtain relevant intelligence and find potential customers because of its search functionality, data enrichment features, and integration choices.


A platform for sales enablement called includes capabilities for prospecting, lead generation, and sales analytics. Along with AI-driven search functionality and email automation tools, it provides access to a sizable database of contacts and business data. With the aid of, salespeople may locate decision-makers, get in touch with them, and quicken the sales process.

13. InsideScoop:

A sales intelligence tool called InsideScoop focuses on giving current, useful knowledge to businesses and decision-makers. It provides current news, alerts, and market trends to assist sales teams in staying informed and connecting with prospects at the appropriate moment. Businesses may personalize their sales approach and increase conversion rates with the help of InsideScoop’s data enrichment features and CRM connectors.

14. Leadfeeder:

Leadfeeder is a sales intelligence platform with an emphasis on lead generation and website visitor tracking. Businesses can learn more about the organizations by visiting their website as well as their behavior and interests thanks to this tool. Sales teams may detect warm prospects and quickly interact with them thanks to Leadfeeder’s integration with CRM and marketing automation tools.

15. SalesRipe:

A sales intelligence platform called SalesRipe provides customized B2B contact information and lead creation tools. With the use of sophisticated search filters, it gives users access to a sizable database of possibilities. SalesRipe is an effective solution for companies aiming to maximize their sales efforts thanks to its user-friendly design, contact enrichment tools, and integration options.

16. Zoho CRM:

A complete customer relationship management tool, Zoho CRM has functionality for sales intelligence. It provides capabilities for pipeline management, lead scoring, contact and business data, and sales automation. The seamless end-to-end solution for managing client connections and accelerating sales growth is made possible by Zoho CRM’s interaction with Zoho’s range of business apps.

17. Pipedrive:

Popular CRM platform Pipedrive focuses on managing and automating the sales pipeline. While some dedicated systems may provide a deeper level of sales intelligence, its user-friendly design, deal tracking features, and connectors make it a feasible option for firms looking for a straightforward yet efficient CRM solution.

18. Lusha:

The sales intelligence platform Lusha specializes in giving prospects precise contact information. Sales teams can swiftly collect contact information and enhance their CRM data with the help of the browser extensions and API connections it offers. Because of its emphasis on contact information, Lusha is an excellent resource for companies trying to improve their outreach and prospecting efforts. Please check the latest list of alternatives to Lusha.

19. Datanyze:

Data analytics and technology use are the main areas of concentration for the sales intelligence platform Datanyze. It gives firms information about their technological stacks, which sales teams may utilize to find opportunities based on particular technologies or rivals. Businesses may efficiently target their sales efforts thanks to Datanyze’s interfaces with CRM and sales enablement platforms.

20. SalesLoft:

A platform for sales engagement called SalesLoft integrates communication, prospecting, and sales intelligence capabilities. It has features like integrated CRM, analytics, monitoring emails, and personalized cadences. The platform from SalesLoft is made to assist sales teams in strengthening their relationship-building, outreach, and revenue-growth strategies.

21. UpLead:

A platform for B2B sales intelligence called UpLead offers high-quality contact and business data. It offers features including real-time email verification, powerful search filters, and direct CRM system integration. With the help of UpLead, sales teams can create focused prospect lists, collect useful contact information, and organize their outreach activities for higher conversion rates.


A complete sales intelligence platform called integrates contact information, business insights, and sales automation technologies. Along with capabilities like email automation, CRM integration, and extensive analytics, it provides a sizable database of contacts. Sales teams may manage customer interactions, streamline prospecting efforts, and enhance their overall sales success with the aid of


Although SalesIntel offers useful sales analytics, researching various systems enables companies to identify the best fit for their unique needs. Each of the aforementioned options provides comparable or improved functionality, such as thorough contact and business data, sophisticated search tools, data augmentation, and CRM connectors. To choose the finest sales intelligence platform for your company, evaluate your sales intelligence requirements and take into account aspects like data accuracy, usability, scalability, and affordability. Businesses may increase revenue, strengthen client connections, and stay ahead of the competition in today’s cutthroat market by leveraging the power of precise and actionable sales information. Top of Form

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