18 Best Proposify Alternatives For 2024

Proposify is a well-liked option among experts for developing and managing company proposals. But it’s always a good idea to look at alternatives that provide comparable or even better features. This post will examine some of the best Proposify substitutes currently on the market, enabling you to make an informed choice for your proposal management requirements.

Best Alternatives For Proposify

1. PandaDoc:

PandaDoc is a capable proposal tool that offers a full range of capabilities for generating, sending, and monitoring expert business proposals. It provides real-time analytics, an easy drag-and-drop editor, templates that can be customized, and electronic signatures. PandaDoc allows for seamless team collaboration and the streamlining of your proposal workflow.

2. Qwilr:

With the aid of the cutting-edge proposal software Qwilr, you may produce visually attractive proposals and documents. You can quickly customize your ideas to make them aesthetically appealing and interactive using its user-friendly editor and built-in templates. Qwilr is a respectable substitute for Proposify because it also provides features like analytics, e-signatures, and interfaces with other business tools.

3. Better Proposals:

Better Proposals, as its name suggests, strives to improve the process of producing and maintaining business proposals. It has an easy-to-use editor, adaptable templates, e-signatures, and a CRM integration tool. Better Proposals also offers analytical analytics to support decision-making based on facts and track the performance of your proposals.

4. Bidsketch:

Another well-known proposal tool that makes it easier to create expert proposals is Bidsketch. It provides a simple user interface, personalized templates, and the capacity to monitor proposal activity. Additionally, Bidsketch offers content reuse, which enables you to save and reuse portions of your proposals and thereby save time and effort.

5. Nusii:

A proposal program created exclusively for independent contractors and small firms is called Nusii. It offers an easy-to-use interface, templates that may be customized, and tools for reused material and proposal cloning. To monitor the effectiveness of your proposals and learn more about client behavior, Nusii also provides analytics.

6. DocSend:

A flexible platform for managing proposals, DocSend provides strong tools for developing, distributing, and tracking proposals. You may quickly put together your proposals using a drag-and-drop editor and brand them with its user-friendly interface. Additionally, DocSend offers document analytics, which lets you monitor how readers interact with your submissions, including how long they spend on each page and which areas they pay attention to. You can use this information to understand client preferences and plan your follow-up actions wisely. Additionally, DocSend allows for private file sharing and the setting of access restrictions for various stakeholders, guaranteeing privacy and control over your proposals.

7. QuoteWerks:

The process of generating expert quotes and proposals is made simpler with QuoteWerks, a complete quoting and proposal solution. A product catalog, customizable pricing, quote templates, and integrations with well-known CRM and accounting software are just a few of the many features it offers. You can easily create precise quotes with QuoteWerks, turn them into proposals, and follow each proposal as it moves through the sales process. The team collaboration feature of the software ensures easy communication and effective proposal management.

8. Quote Roller:

A proposal management tool called Quote Roller is intended to make it easier to create, send, and track expert business proposals. It provides a user-friendly interface with a drag-and-drop editor, editable templates, and the option to include interactive features in your proposals like movies and price estimators. Team members can work together on proposals and monitor changes in real-time using the collaboration tools that Quote Roller offers. To automate your proposal procedures, you can easily connect Quote Roller with other business tools like CRM systems thanks to its connectivity features.

9. Octiv:

Octiv is a complete platform for contract management and document preparation that has strong proposal management tools. It provides a variety of templates and an easy-to-use editor to assist you in producing eye-catching and expert proposals. When working on proposals, Octiv’s strong collaboration and version control tools ensure smooth teamwork. Additionally, it provides sophisticated document analytics to monitor interaction, giving you knowledge of how prospects respond to your proposals. Through seamless data synchronization and faster proposal workflows, Octiv interfaces with a variety of CRM systems and other business applications.

10. RFPIO:

RFPIO is a cloud-based proposal management tool that makes it easier to manage proposal content and react to RFPs (Request for Proposals). It offers features including content management, response automation, and collaboration tools. By saving you time and guaranteeing consistency across proposals, RFPIO’s intelligent recommendation engine provides pertinent answers and content based on previously successful responses. To monitor proposal performance and pinpoint areas for improvement, the platform also offers analytics and reporting. You may speed up the RFP response procedure and raise your chances of landing new business by using RFPIO.

11. Loopio:

Another well-known proposal management tool for streamlining RFP responses is Loopio. To facilitate simple access to current and authorized material, it provides a central repository for storing and organizing proposal content. With the collaboration tools offered by Loopio, different team members can work on ideas at once and track changes. An intelligent answer library is another feature of the software that enables you to reuse frequently used responses while saving time and keeping consistency. To streamline proposal workflows and boost efficiency, Loopio interfaces with CRM platforms and other corporate tools.

12. Zbizlink:

Zbizlink is a thorough platform for proposal management created to speed up the entire proposal production process. It offers a variety of functionality, including document generating, analytics, content management, and collaboration tools. Zbizlink makes it simple to develop expert proposals with a user-friendly UI, customizable templates, and a drag-and-drop editor. The software also has workflow automation features that let you automate monotonous operations and guarantee a quick and easy proposal development process. Zbizlink gives you the ability to monitor the effectiveness of your bids and acquire insightful data for ongoing improvement through its powerful analytics and reporting.

13. NiftyQuoter:

A proposal management tool called NiftyQuoter makes it easier to create and manage sales proposals and quotes. You may design aesthetically stunning proposals that are customized to your business thanks to the user-friendly interface and customizable templates it offers. Team members can collaborate on proposals and track changes using NiftyQuoter’s collaboration tools. Additionally, it has features like analytics, e-signatures, and CRM system connectivity options. NiftyQuoter is a good option for organizations of all sizes, especially for sales teams wishing to optimize their proposal process thanks to its user-friendly layout.

14. Bonsai:

For independent contractors and freelancers, Bonsai provides a comprehensive platform for managing proposals and contracts. It has functions including invoice production, contract creation, electronic signatures, and proposals. With the customizable proposal templates offered by Bonsai, you can quickly produce documents with a professional appearance. You may collaborate with clients and stakeholders on proposals and contracts using the platform’s collaboration tools. You may optimize your workflow from proposal to payment by using the time tracking and invoicing services provided by Bonsai.

15. SalesHandy:

A complete platform for sales involvement, SalesHandy has strong proposal management features. It provides options like email automation, document tracking, and email tracking. You may personalize proposals using SalesHandy, monitor their effectiveness, and learn more about how prospects interact with them. You can use the platform’s analytics and reporting tools to better understand how prospects respond to your proposals. Additionally, SalesHandy connects with well-known CRM programs, enabling smooth data synchronization and improved sales workflows.

16. QuoteCloud:

A proposal management tool called QuoteCloud is intended to make the creation and administration of sales proposals and quotes more efficient. It provides an intuitive user interface with editable templates that let you make proposals that are personalized to your business and seem professional. E-signature capabilities, document collaboration, and price configuration are some of the services offered by QuoteCloud. To evaluate proposal performance and gauge sales effectiveness, the program also offers analytics and reporting tools. You may streamline your sales procedures and automate your proposal operations using QuoteCloud.

17. ClientPoint:

A complete proposal management tool called ClientPoint provides a full range of tools for drafting, sending, and managing expert business proposals. To speed up the proposal creation process, it offers a simple drag-and-drop editor, editable templates, and collaboration options. ClientPoint is a competitive competitor to Proposify because it also has features like analytics, e-signatures, and CRM integration. The program places a strong emphasis on the value of visually appealing presentations and offers tools to improve your proposals’ overall presentation and effect.

18. Sales Proposal:

The preparation and maintenance of sales proposals can be streamlined with the help of the feature-rich proposal management software known as Sales Proposal. For smooth teamwork on proposals, it provides a user-friendly interface, editable templates, and cutting-edge collaborative tools. Additionally, Sales Proposal offers analytics and reporting features that let you keep tabs on the effectiveness of your proposals, keep track of customer interaction, and make data-driven choices. Sales Proposal helps you automate your sales processes and increase efficiency with interfaces to well-known CRM platforms.


Although Proposify has been a popular proposal management application, there are several rivals on the market that provide comparable or even better capabilities. The alternatives highlighted in this article offer good choices to streamline your proposal management process, whether you’re seeking a more aesthetically pleasing interface, cutting-edge analytics, or seamless integrations with other business tools. Spend some time considering your unique needs and pick the option that most closely matches them.

Examine these additional Proposify options while keeping in mind your unique requirements and top priorities. Your decision may be influenced by elements including the intricacy of your proposals, the necessity of teamwork, and the number of RFP answers. Utilise free demonstrations and trials to assess the functionality and usefulness of each piece of software, and think about asking users for feedback or reading reviews to learn more about their experiences.

You can pick a proposal management system that matches your particular business needs, increases productivity, and improves your proposal management process overall by carefully assessing these possibilities.

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