[2024] 6 Best Bluehost alternatives: Best reliable hosting

Web hosting is the first step to take your business to a higher level. One cannot survive without the help of professional and engaging websites. Secondly, the websites should also reach to a large audience. How to take your websites and web-pages to the customers? The answer is the Web-hosting service. 

Web-hosting is the services by which you can share your website or web pages with millions of customers. Many web-hosting companies provide good web-hosting services but Bluehost remains the favorite of many entrepreneurs. It hosts nearly 2 million websites all over the world. 

In addition to that, Bluehost is affordable in rates for new businesses. But, it also has some limitations. You cannot engage in live chats with your clients. Apart from that, there is no facility to call your customers. 

Further, the slow uptime speed of Bluehost is another major problem for many users. Bluehost also uses old hard disk drives. Due to these major disadvantages of Bluehost, many businessmen do not use this tool anymore. 

There are many alternatives to Bluehost that you can use for posting your websites and web pages. These alternatives have better features than Bluehost and do your job well thereby giving effective results. Let us have a glance on the Bluehost alternatives. 

Best Alternatives to Bluehost

1. SiteGround

best bluehost alternative

SiteGround is a robust platform for web hosting. It will help you in smooth website management. With this tool, you can host your websites speedily. Apart from that, it is a secure platform for hosting your websites. You can also use this tool with Google Cloud. 

Special features of SiteGround

  • It is designed using the latest technologies and tools. 
  • You can easily collaborate with your clients with the help of smart tools. 
  • It is designed by experts and smart technicians and engineers. 
  • This platform contains patches and enhancements for stopping cyber-attacks and viruses. 
  • You can get technical support anytime on SiteGround. 
  • It is a good site for web designers and graphic designers. 

Other benefits of using SiteGround

  • Speedy response time 

Users love checking the sites with the fast server response. SietGround has a speedy server response time that presents your data on the screen within a few seconds. This will further keep the users engaged and informed. 

  • Automatic updates 

While other sites need to be updated, SiteGround updates automatically. Besides that, it offers superb speed and uptime as well. 

  • Daily backup feature 

This site comes with a daily backup function. All your important data and information are stored securely on this platform. Apart from that, the backup is done automatically to save the data properly. 

  • Free site transfer 

This is one of the major benefits of new entrepreneurs. You can receive one free website transfer by creating one account on the SiteGround site. Apart from that, the process is easy and you can understand it quickly. 

  • WordPress management features 

Now, you can easily manage WordPress with the SiteGround tool. It comes with features such as automated migrations, WordPress support, advanced caching and others. It also gives you tips for an easy WordPress installation. 


2. GoDaddy

alternative to bluehost

The next on the list is the GoDaddy platform. It is the best Bluehost alternative that you can use for website management. This tool is trusted by many small and large business owners for web hosting. You can pick any web-hosting plan according to your needs and the size of the business. 

In addition to that, this platform contains free tools for graphic and web designers. It also comes with an automatic backup feature. Moreover, the common dashboard will help you to communicate with several clients. The members can also get discounts after taking the membership of GoDaddy. 

Advantages of GoDaddy platform

  • Different products 

GoDaddy offers a wide range of products for different businesses. You can choose any product that you want to sell for expanding your business. Apart from that, this web hosting site offers payment processing and web store to the entrepreneurs.  

  • Secure tool 

This is one of the safest ways to promote your brand and business. It boosts your online presence with the help of emails and other marketing tools. Besides that, this site helps you in creating SEO friendly content for attracting more customers. It also keeps your data safe and private. 

  • Best domain name 

GoDaddy includes the domain search tool by which you can get the best domain name. This platform will suggest the right domain name. It also assists you in getting a good website address for your small or medium-sized business. 

  • Integration with apps 

WhatsApp is one of the most popular ways of communication these days. It is also used for business purposes by most of the businessmen. GoDaddy will send all the important updates on your WhatsApp and personal account. It will help you to manage your websites and business all from your mobile phones or tablets. 

3. InMotion Hosting 

InMotion Hosting 

Packed with good uptime speed, amazing features, and the latest tools, InMotion Hosting is another nice tool for business. It is used by more than 300,000 businessmen and entrepreneurs. This tool helps in the speedy running of your business. The experts of the InMotion Hosting site can build your business website within just 2 days. 

Further, this is an affordable tool for startups and new businesses. It has an amazing design with an easy user interface. You can also get customized business email addresses for communicating with your customers.  

Specialties of InMotion Hosting 

  • Works with all devices 

InMotion Hosting platform works successfully on mobile phones, tablets, PC and laptops. You can manage your website from anywhere in the world using InMotion Hosting tool. It also gives you the benefit of accessing your website anytime.

  • Speedy web hosting 

The unique tools such as PHP 7, custom serve caching and latest drives will load your websites faster. Users will like to find more about your website when you choose the InMotion Hosting site. 

  • A simple process of installation 

InMotion Hosting tool is very easy to set up by new businessmen. It comes with a set of tools such as free drag and drops website builder and 1-click app installer for quick set up and installation. 

  • High Ratings 

This platform has received high ratings from the business agencies. It is also a certified web hosting platform for small and medium business owners. 

  • Secure provider 

InMotion Hosting is a safe and effective tool to take your startup to the next level. It does not leak any data or information about your company to the competitors. Apart from that, it saves all the data in your Cloud storage for added safety. 

4. A2 Hosting 


If you want a reliable and nice web hosting tool for your startup, you can choose the A2 Hosting platform. It is an all-in-one solution for promoting your new businesses and startups. From creating blogs to fast speed, you can get every feature in this tool. 

In addition to that, this site gives you tips to use WordPress efficiently. It comes with all the latest features and functions to use WordPress for business development. 

Features of A2 Hosting platform 

  • Reliable and safe tool

A2 Hosting tool is one of the safest methods to post your website or web page. It also increases the loading speed of your website. Released in the year 2003, this tool is trusted by many businesses because of the safety feature. 

  • Drag and drop Option 

You can build the website with the help of a drag and drop feature. A2 Hosting platform comes with many beautiful themes for making your websites attractive more engaging. 

  • Award-winning platform 

A2 hosting platform has got many awards and accolades for better loading speed and uptime. It is one of the best web hosting tools these days. 

  • Large data storage 

This is one of the major advantages of using the A2 Hosting tool. It comes with a big storage capacity. You can save all your important data and figures of the business on this platform. 

  • Cost-effective option 

Whether you have a small business or startup, this platform is good for every business. It includes business plans starting from $3 per month. Apart from that, you can also get a refund policy of 30 days by choosing this platform for your business or startup. 

5. Kinsta


Kinsta is a nice alternative to the Bluehost alternative you can trust for your business. It comes with a dashboard for managing all your clients. Apart from that, you can get all the features with one-click. It also contains an automatic daily backup feature. Your important data and information are stored in this tool. 

Benefits of using Kinsta

  • Latest technology 

This tool is designed by a skilled team with the help of innovative technologies. This web hosting provider offers all the features for the growth and expansion of your business. Apart from that, it also offers technical support to all users. The experienced team of Kinsta will answer every question of the user anytime. 

  • Saves time 

To grow and expand the business is the time taking process. Kinsta team will handle all the requirements of web hosting. This will save time for the businessmen. They can also focus on their business and bring profitable results. 

  • Easy installation process 

Whether you are a beginner or experienced businessman, Kinsta is easy to use by anyone. You can install it within a few minutes. Apart from that, it contains a drag and drop feature and other features for easy setup. 

  • Manage your clients 

The precise dashboard of Kinsta will help you to know about your visitors. You can know the bandwidth and stats of visitors on the dashboard of this platform. Apart from that, you can get all the features and tools in one place without navigating throughout the site. 

  • Easy to manage sites 

This web hosting provider will help you in managing your websites and web pages perfectly. It helps you in creating a domain name, web address and content for your new business or startup. It helps in creating professional websites as well. 

6. Cloudways Hosting

best hosting like bluehost

The last site on the list is Cloudways Hosting. It is a reliable and robust tool for web hosting websites and web pages. This tool helps you in building amazing websites with the help of a set of tools. Unlike Bluehost, this site gives you technical support anytime and anywhere. 

Further, this web host provider is beneficial for e-commerce businesses and digital firms. It also comes with 5 cloud providers for more safety.  Moreover, it removes the technical issues and other faults on your websites. 

Benefits of using Cloudways Hosting 

  • Hassle-free website management 

This website hosting provider removes the hassles of website management. It comes with amazing features such as Cloudways cache and CloudwaysCDN for better performance. 

  • Scalable tool 

Cloudways Hosting tool will help you at every stage of the business. It is one of the most powerful platforms that can be used by many clients or partners. Besides that, it also supports you in growing the business.  

  • SSD disks 

You can find many effective features in Cloudways Hosting provider. It comes with SSD disks that increase the website loading speed. Besides that, it is also a reliable site that you can trust for promoting your business, product or brand. 

  • Live chat feature 

Unlike Bluehost, you can get a live chat option in the Cloudways Hosting tool. It helps you to chat with your clients anytime from any device. This will improve communication between your company’s team and clients. 

  • Huge storage capacity 

This web hosting provider offers many plans for different startups and businesses. Each plan comes with a large storage capacity for businessmen. You can store many images, videos, and posts in this tool. Apart from that, this site also comes with large sized RAM for easy website management. 

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Final words 

This is the complete list of Bluehost alternatives that you can choose for web hosting purpose. They provide affordable business plans and various features useful for business development. Apart from that, some tools also offer refund policies similar to the Bluehost refund policy

You can get the trial version of any of the above sites for your new business. They can bring lucrative results with the help of powerful websites. 

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