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In this world of artists and performers, everyone wants to show how good they are. There are many platforms on which an artist can show his art. The most basic and the most common ones are Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. On these, we can upload the videos, share them, post some status, post photos and also stream live. This way, we can show the world what an artist is. But the main thing that comes before everything is the presentation. This is the first step towards becoming an artist. You cannot show everything on your Instagram account. And here is where LinkTree comes in picture.

What is LinkTree?

LinkTree is a tool, made especially for artists having an Instagram account. You can display your artwork links on a single page. This makes your content on Instagram, easily accessible. And hence, you will become a better artist. The links which are linked to your LinkTree page must be taken from your Instagram account. So, efficiently, you can make a LinkTree profile and paste that profile’s link in your Instagram link bio. And in this way, you can make your content more presentable. It is not necessary to use LinkTree only; you can also go for other alternatives to LinkTree.

Why should we not use LinkTree?

Although LinkTree is reliable and all, it has many disadvantages, which are not desired by any user. The most basic of them are mentioned below.

  • Background Graphics

Since you want to present your content correctly and thus, you have used LinkTree in the first place; you would also like your content to be more graphical. And for this, you will need more graphic content like attractive colors and backgrounds. The basis of LinkTree is to provide you with a platform to link your Instagram artworks, and hence, it does not provide you with much graphical content. Although, if your artwork is good, people will not consider it if the presentation is not excellent too. And so, you will need to go for alternatives to LinkTree.

  • Pricing

The most problematic thing about LinkTree is that it is not free. To make an account on LinkTree, you will have to buy a premium account, and for which, you have to pay money. It might be considered reasonable by some since to gain something; you need to give something. But what if you don’t like it after paying? You will always want your money to be invested in the right place, and so, it might create a vagueness in mind, whether to buy the account or not. Hence, we need to search for some free alternatives to LinkTree.

Now, if you are here for the same reason, that is for finding the best LinkTree alternatives, you are at the right place.

Best Alternatives to LinkTree  

Below are mentioned some of the alternatives to LinkTree.

1. Custom Website Landing Page – Best among the Best

Website Landing Page

An artist must have his or her website, and it is where this point comes into the picture. You can get yourself a custom website that will act as a showcase for all your designs. You can edit it; you can display it however you like. You can post whatever you want. And you can add some fantastic graphics to the website which will make it look more attractive and unusual. This comes among the best LinkTree alternatives. Although it might cost you a little; but well, to gain something, you must give something.

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2. Link In Profile – No Website Thingy

Link In Profile

Well, not everyone can design and manage a website properly. But well, the article does not end yet, and there are other alternatives too. Link In Profile is easy to use and reliable. It can be considered as the next in link alternative for LinkTree. Although it might not come among the free alternatives to LinkTree. But, almost reaches the list. Its pricing is very much low as compared to others with a facility of a 30-day free trial.

3. LitUrls – The Most Basic One


This is the most basic alternative. You can make an account for free. But this account won’t facilitate you with many features. And thus, you have to go for the premium account in it. The pricing starts from $5 per month, and overall pricing can be $5.65 per month, including taxes.

4. ManyLink – Free, But not Reliable


If you want a free alternative, well, here is one. This one is free to use. But, the worst thing about this is that this is not reliable. There might be many advertisements in between; they might try to access your data and even have no customization option. And this thing is terrible.

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5. Lnk.Bio – A Cheap One


Lnk.Bio is a relatively cheaper option. The pricing starts from $0.99 per month and can go up to a value of $24.99 onetime payment. There might also be another option for pricing. The premium account will be like others, having some PRO and cool features that will help you customize your artworks more easily.

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6. Tap Bio – Spooky

Tap Bio

The most awesome and the most advanced one. This is the best alternative, one can find for LinkTree. This has all the features you will want in representation. And thus, I suggest you go for this. This has some impressive representation features and a wide range of graphical content. But well, the worst thing about this is the pricing. Like LinkTree, it is also a little bit costly. You will find that the packages for the premium version of Tap Bio are much more expensive than the other alternatives. But when you go deeper into its features, this is the best one can get. 

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Final Verdict

There are more such other alternatives, you can find. Whenever you are trying to find one, make sure to keep in mind the features and the price you have to pay. You also have to keep in mind for your purpose, as you will not want to pay more for less piece of artwork. You can also go for a website option; this will somewhat be a less costly option. You have to hire some web developers at a much lower price.

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