For Android, the most favoured live TV application is Mobdro. It is a single stop station, classified into groups like Sports, Animals, Sports, Tech, Movies, spiritual, anime, and gaming. One can also download his/her favourite TV shows on this app. Mobdro live TV gives you large sets of options to choose from in 10 varied languages from nearly 30 major countries. The best thing about this application is that it does not require you to create a login account and is easy to use user-friendly application. 

While looking for an alternative of Mobdro, one has to, not only choose the good content options providing app but also beware of deluding ones. Online streaming apps can be vindictive and damaging to your devices. These apps request you to authorize things which are otherwise not necessary for normal working. These authorizations, as a user can be annoying to your peace. 

My suggestion to you is that you must go for reliable sources like Amazon Store or Google Play Store for downloading online streaming apps. Along with it one should always scrutinize before sanctioning any permission and should permit only those listed under settings on one’s Android phone, as these are basically required for such apps proper working. 

Below, I am going to list a few of the reliable and best Mobdro alternatives for free streaming and watching of live TV online. 

Best Mobdro alternatives 2021

1. Live NetTV

Live NetTV

One of the best and also most popular Mobdro alternative is Live NetTV. For Android OS, Live NetTV has classifications like Movies, Live TV, TV Show, Sports. The app houses beyond 700 channels to filter from different categories and genres bagged from countries like India, USA, Pakistan, UK, Iran, Turkey, Middle Eastern Countries, etc. You get the option of movies on demand, external video player support. It’s simple to use interface gives Chromecast and high-quality live TV stream support also. The official site of this app allows you to download the android friendly app for free. 

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2. Swift Streams

Swift Streams

Swift Streams is also a subscription-free app which does not require any registration or membership. It has many live channels hosted from various American, African and Asian countries like India, Pakistan, USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Greece, France. 

The App hosts Live channels from many countries that include USA, UK, Australia, Canada, India, Pakistan, France, Greece, and other few countries of America, Asia, and Africa. Its interface supports DLNA and Chromecast. This application works nicely on Wi-fi, 3G and 4G networks. It is Android 2.2 compatible. It supports multiple players and multiple video players too. This app is a very good option for streaming live TV. 

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3. Exodus Live TV app 

Exodus Live TV App

Exodus Live TV app is free to watch live online streaming videos. This app does not need any membership or login account. Exodus interface is simple to use and navigate through. The app has various categories like Entertainment, Sports, Movies, Religious and News content streams mainly from UK and USA. The best part of the Exodus Live TV app is that it has a very low buffer rate, so no worries if the network is slow and it also supports High-Definition (HD) quality videos. The main drawback this site has is that its free version shows Ads. The ad-free version of this app has to be bought in the name of popular Kodi Addon developed as an Android IPTV app. 

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4. ThopTV 


ThopTV is a subscription-free application that allows you to stream and watch thousands of high-quality channels. It is a nice alternative to Mobdro as no one can miss their preferred TV shows listed under various headings like Lice Sports, entertainment, movies and many more. Live sports channel brings sports from around the world on to your device. ThopTV app streams its live tv channels various Asian, Middle East and European countries like India, Canada, USA, UK, Germany, France, and more. Sometimes some of the channels may show non-working status in your country which is because of the copyright issue. This can be very easily resolved by using a VPN application** that accesses the channels via changing the IP address of your device. 

** VPN application is an online service that hides the data used by you, by dislocating the usage to someplace more secure. It makes it difficult to vigil the internet usage of the user by the service provider. 

5. Torrent Free Controller IPTV 

Torrent Free Controller IPTV 

If anyone has slow network trouble and still wants to stream into Live TV then Torrent Free Controller IPTV is the answer for you. It is an awesome replacement for the Mobdro app. This easy to use app is a house of a large number of channels from all over the world grouped as animes, entertainment, documentaries, movies, horror, and many more. The best thing about this app is that most of the channels are accessible without any problem. 

One has to just install its apk file and then you are ready to look into the classifications to find your favoured channel. One may have to get a stream loader for the first time on your device. When a pop-up message appears regarding the video player choice, one should prefer MX Player or VLC Player. Pre-buffering is done and after the video is loaded, you get to watch Live TV smoothly in the absence of any trouble. 

6. Duckie TV 

Duckie TV 
Duckie TV is a modern tool that offers thousands of TV series and movies. It is listed among the best Mobdro alternatives. This site contains the movies and shows of every genre from romance to action. It also offers a TV-show calendar where you can set a reminder to watch all your favorite shows. 

Further, this app is available in 11 languages. You can enjoy streaming as well as downloading videos from the site on different devices. Furthermore, it does not charge anything for streaming and downloading any content. 

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Above listed are few of the good Mobdro alternatives that are even more equipped to show you a variety of the Live TV streams. The important thing which one should be aware of is to choose the sites wisely. Free online Live TV streaming sites sometimes provide content through private data breaching and are non-legal to use. Usage of such services come under criminal activities. So, one should be very careful while choosing Live TV applications. if you intend to use them, one should be smart enough to use safe applications to avoid any litigation issues. In all my one and only suggestion for you is: “Choose wisely and enjoy to the fullest”.

Frequent Asked Questions on Mobdro Alternatives

What can I use instead of Mobdro?

Pluto TV is one of the most popular and best Mobdro alternatives you can use to watch your favorite movie TV series and other content.

Why is Mobdro so bad?

Most of the users feel lag and buffering issues on 4G network when they try to run Mobdro on any 4G network carriers.

What is the best competitor to Mobdro?

Pluto TV is one of the best competitors to Mobdro in current days. This platform has millions of user base who enjoy TV shows and movies every day.

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