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Watching movies is not at all a difficult task nowadays like a few years ago. Earlier, we didn’t have a wide choice and used to watch movies on TV or in theaters. With the introduction of Android phones, apps like Showbox have made the task of watching movies and TV shows easier and better.

Showbox is one of the most downloaded movie apps these days among Android users. It has some of the best movies and TV shows of all time for TV fans. But, some of the users do not prefer watching movies on Showbox because of the simple user interface and crash issues. If you are the one who wants to try with some other movies apps similar to Showbox, read the list below:

Top apps like showbox for watching free movies

1. MovieBox

MovieBox, Showbox alternative

MovieBox is a nice movie app and showbox alternative which will show you all the new as well as old movies. Whether it is an action, thriller or horror movie, you can find everything on this app.

You can also enjoy TV shows of various genres such as fiction, science, romance, historic and others. Further, you can choose the video resolutions such as 480p, 720p or 1080p. You can watch movies or TV show for free of cost and download on your Android devices.


2. PlayBox HD

playbox, apps like showbox

The next on the list is PlayBox HD which is a robust app for watching the latest movies and TV show. HD mode will provide you with entertainment while watching movies and TV shows. You can also enjoy movies and TV shows on PC/laptop for a wider screen.

It also contains the latest cartoon series for all. The user interface is also beautiful with proper arrangement of movies, cartoon series,and TV shows. Enjoy watching movies and TV shows in different video formats.

3. Hubi

Hubi, best showbox alternatives

Hubi has not become familiar with Android users much but it is one of the best apps like showbox for watching movies and TV series. Whether you like a romantic or horror movie, this app will give you all free of charge.

You can see all your favorite movies, TV shows and cartoon series on Android devices for free to water them later. It has a simple user interface to search for any movie or TV show as per the name or year of release.

4. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time, best apps like showbox

Popcorn Time is one of the latest apps like Showbox for Android, iOS devices and PC/laptop. There are many languages in this app which you can select for watching movies and TV shows. It contains all the latest and most popular movies.

It also shows the trending movies and TV shows for your convenience. You can save the movies and TV shows on your devices without paying any penny. You can easily search the movies and shows by name or genre.

5. Gigaplex HD

GigaplexHD - sites like showbox

Another one on the list of apps like Showbox is Gigaplex HD. Gigaplex HD is the best destination to find all the award-winning and most popular American movies. It has a decent user-interface for searching different genres of movies and TV shows. You can also get some of the hit American movies in Gigaplex HD.

There are video formats for all the movie fans in which they can enjoy watching. However, there is a monthly subscription service which will give you more movies to watch.

6.  Crackle

Crackle, alternative to showbox

The next on the list of Showbox alternatives is Crackle. The app contains many genres of movies and shows such as drama, action, horror or thriller. You don’t have to pay any subscription amount.

For using the app, you have to create an account. It displays the trending movies and TV shows on the homepage which makes it easy for you to click and watch them. You can stop the movie or show in the middle and start it again later.

7. Hulu

Hulu, best app like showbox

Hulu is a fantastic app and best app like Showbox for watching all the live TV channels from all over the globe. It includes more than 50 TV channels such as FOX, Disney Channel, FX, ABC,and others. You can even enjoy live sports such as soccer, baseball, and others.

There is a special feature called “My Stuff” wherein you can add all your favorite shows and matches. Even kids can enjoy many animated shows in the kid’s section. It also has news channels which give you the latest updates.

8. Sky HD

Sky HD - Best alternative to showbox

Sky HD is again a superb app for watching online the movies, TV shows,and different videos. You can even enjoy live sports on this app. Sky HD has a big collection of movies and TV shows which will never make you sad.

HD will enhance the quality of the screen more while watching any movie, show or sports. Moreover, you can see all your favorite content on your Android devices or PC for watching them again.

9. CinemaBox

CinemaBox - Best apps like Showbox

Cinema Box is one of the latest sources for enjoying new movies and TV shows for free of cost. With a robust user interface and beautiful collection of movies and TV shows, this app has a lovely appearance too.

You can filter your search by typing the name of the movie or show or the genre or the year of release. Apart from that, it contains many songs, wallpapers,and apps. Additionally, Cinema Box has all the updated content of songs, movies,and shows.

10. MegaBox HD

MegaBox HD - alternative to showbox

The last is the MegaBox HD app which has endless movies and TV shows for a spare time. The different video resolutions will make each of your movies and show more entertaining. MegaBox HD has a great loading speed of movies and shows which is one of the main reasons why people use it. And, it has every genre of movies and shows which you want.

These are some Showbox alternatives with unique features, latest content and HD mode. See them on any of your devices and enjoy the latest movies, TV shows, videos,and songs without paying money. These apps are the best ways of entertainment with friends, siblings, neighbors,and family. You can see them and have an amazing show time.

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