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TrueCrypt is the freeware encryption tool which is not used now. The big companies and government agencies have a large amount of important data which needs to be kept private. This data should not be leaked to any office employee or the outsider. And so, these companies use such tools with the help of which the data can be kept secret. Truecrypt had some issues due to which it was discontinued by its developers. So now, there are many other alternatives to Truecrypt which you can try to encrypt all your important files and folders.

These Truecrypt alternatives are safe to download and use and you can get a secure way to keep all your files and folders private. Let us discuss the various alternatives of Truecrpyt in detail.

Best Alternatives to Truecrypt

1. DiskCryptor


With nice algorithms such as Twofish and Serpent, DiskCryptor is one of the best Truecrypt replacement which you can try for encrypting your important data. It is open source software which can encrypt the files as well as drives. It also ensures security and privacy while encrypting any file or folder. The steps to download DiskCryptor are also so simple that a common man can easily use it without any hassle. It includes various other tools such as AES hardware acceleration, key files, and many others. It is compatible with any third party boot loaders and performs well.

2. Cryptomator


The next on the list is Cryptomator which is widely used by many large companies and government offices. It is one of the best alternatives of Truecrypt to use with simple functions. You can encrypt any number of files or folders with the help of this tool. It also has fast speed and encrypts the large-sized documents, files, and folders within few minutes. Cryptomator has many other tools such as AES algorithm which provide extra security to your files. One of the major benefits of using Cryptometer is that even the beginners can use without any problem.

3. Symantec Drive Encryption

Drive Encryption Symantec Symantec

Symantec Drive Encryption is one of the most popular alternatives to Truecrypt which you can try for data encryption.  There are many cool features of this software such as local policy management, reduced data loss, and many others. It has a simple user interface and includes strong encryption technologies. This software supports Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. It gives you the advantage of managing multiple files from a centralized dashboard.  There are multiple recovery modes which help to keep the data safe and secure. It is one of the best tools for engineers.

4. JeticoBestCrypt


With improved user-interface, JeticoBestCrypt is one of the safest TrueCrypt substitute in 2018 which you can try.  This software works perfectly on Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. It includes key files which increase the security of all your important files and folders. It encrypts the data on various machines, CDs, and removable devices. JeticoBestCrypt is updated recently and there are more amazing features now. However, it is paid software but you will surely like it after using it. It is also a licensed product. You can now handle all your documents and folders from a single dashboard.

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5. VeraCrypt

VeraCrypt is the latest software for encrypting important files and folders this is why this is one of the best Truecrypt replacement. It has a user interface similar to Truecrypt and eases to operate. You can easily manage all the files at the same time. It provides extra security and privacy with its interesting features. VeraCrypt has iterations which simplify the process of encryption. This software can easily solve any vulnerability and issues. It is one of the simplest alternative to Truecrypt which work seamlessly on any operating system. It supports UEFI as well as MBR for Windows’ encryption. It is basically a tool which converts Truecrypt data into VeraCrypt format.

6. AxCrypt

The next on the list is AxCrypt which is a nice option for data encryption. It has few easy steps to encrypt files and folders. It can easily encrypt any device, Machine or CD. AxCrypt has faster speed than many other encryption tools. There are many languages available in this tool to help users all over the globe. It also provides the feature of password for AxCrypt users to open the files. It has Double-click integration to edit and save all the files in your system. The feature of strong encryption will help to keep private multiple files.

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7. File Vault 2

One of the most powerful Truecrypt substitute with cool features is File Vault 2.  It has the feature of password for users so that the outsiders do not access their private data and files. It has improved much today with new and enhanced features. File Vault 2 tool makes your task better than earlier. This software is used by many small and large companies, government offices and tax companies. It is supported by Mac operating system. This software can easily encrypt data on the machine and removable devices. You can also encrypt a large amount of data in CDs.

8. BoxCryptor


The last one the list is BoxCryptor which is one of the smartest Truecrypt replacement for use. It has got numerous benefits such as end-end encryption and 2-factor authentication. It helps to encrypt data both in computers and Android devices. It also encrypts in various drives such as Google Drive and Dropbox. It is absolutely a free tool to use and provides advanced security features too. It can provide encryption of multiple files at the same time. It supports many cloud storage providers.

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So far we saw how these alternatives to Truecrypt in 2020 can be useful to individuals, companies and government agencies to encrypt their important documents, files, and folders. If you want to test how they work on your system, you can choose any one alternative and try its free version. These tools have been proved to be effective on many operating systems and provide you the assurance of keeping all your files private and secure. They are used by millions of user in many countries of the globe.

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