16 Best FreeNas alternatives in 2024

FreeNAS alternatives

FreeNas is a very common name among the developers. Within the operating system, it is used to store the data. FreeNas comes out to be one of the best application network attached storage system which is open source and freely available. This network-based system works on the basis of OpenZFS and the FreeBSD file system. This tool is available in a total of 21 languages. When it comes to select one of the best platforms to share the content among the multiple platforms, FreeNas is the first choice for the users.

File sharing within different applications like Apple, Linux etc is very easy with FreeNas. Along with file sharing, other tasks like replications, plugins related task and snapshot purposes are also fulfilled by this software. You can easily install this on any of the available hardware systems and then users are made available with the feature of sharing the data over the entire network. This suits up most of the big enterprises where data is stored centrally and shared from there. Therefore, if you are looking to choose some storage network which is feasible and running, then FreeNas comes out of course to be a good choice.

But as it always said with merits come some of the demerits. FreeNas also has some faults due to which the solution becomes a little monotonous. Sometimes, it is not able to provide the adequate and required support or the storage facility. In this case, there are a lot of FreeNas alternatives available in the market which are highly reliable and of course freely available. These FreeNas substitutes are capable of serving all the functionalities same as FreeNas and even better than it.

Best Alternatives to FreeNas

1. OpenMediaVault:

This FreeNas alternative is based on Debian Linux. Services like SSH, (S)FTP, BitTorrent client and may more are available. This is mainly designed to use for home network and small offices. This is very easy to use and anyone can use this NAS solution without any knowledge. This is why this is one of the FreeNas replacement in 2018. 

2. NAS4Free:

This is an open-source alternative to FreeNas based on FreeBSD. This system supports sharing across Windows, Unix like systems, Apple.

This system is loaded with Software RAID, disk encryption, ZFS v28 and email reports with protocols like FTP, AFP, Rsync. This can also be installed on Compact.

3. Weezo:


This FreeNas alternative will help you to gain access to your computer like music, videos, photos and more. This will provide you immediate, safe and unlimited file exchanges.This will provide you complete control over your data.

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4. ZFSguru:


This is a multifunctional application which mainly emphasizes on storage. This is a truly multifunctional server application which is very easy to use. With the help of its user-friendly interface user can easily navigate from one area to another.

5. Openfiler:

Xinit Systems has created this system and is based on rPAth Linux distribution. This operating system provides block-based storage area network and network-attached storage. This requires at least 500 MHz CPU, 256 MB of RAM, 10 GB hard disk space.

6. Amahi:


Amahi is one of the most famous and widely used open source home server in the world. One of the advantages of Amahi is that it has largest apps collection which makes it the best alternative to FreeNas. Features are available in 20 languages and are very easy to use. With the help of Amahi, you can easily set up VPN and can use it easily and securely.

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7. FuguHub:

This is very easy to use server that you can even run on your own computer. It will provide you the access to your documents, photos, and videos from your windows, Linux and Mac computer. With the help of FuguHub you can easily send heavy files to many people via mail.

8. Rockstor:

This is based on Linux and BTRFS. This is provided with web UI that makes scheduling snapshots and replicating shares on single click. You can manage everything very easily with Rockstor’s web UI. This is why this is one of the best alternative to FreeNas in this list.

9. FlexRAID:


FlexRAID provides a large data storage capacity. It is an effective means by which companies can save their important files and data. You can compile all the data and store in a single unit so that it is easy to find anytime you want. In addition to this, it also gives data protection and you can also get back the lost data with the help of its special feature known as a RAID. FlexRAID also scans your drive and gives you an SMS or e-mail if there is any malware or virus.

10. unRAID Server:

unRAID Server

One of the special features of unRAID Server is that it boots from a USB device and it can store memory up to 38TB. UnRAID Server can be used in any IT companies and big corporates where there are large sized files and folders. It has both registered and unregistered versions. This server runs perfectly on any operating system such as Windows, Apple, Linux, Mac,and UNIX.  It is recommended to download the server from the official website of the company.

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11. PetaSAN:

The next on the list is one of the best FreeNas alternative for storing large data, PetaSAN. It is open-source software which has the latest technology of cloud storage which makes it easy for corporates and enterprises to save their necessary files, data,and folders in one unit. There are many nodes which are joined for a better performance of this software. It runs on Linux operating system. The nodes arrange the data in a very systematic manner according to the numbers.

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12. Napp-it:


Napp-it is good software for both computer and laptops. You can easily install in on Linux operating system and it gives best results for a longer period of time. It also includes many pro-extensions. The special features of Napp-it are NAS SAN storage server and Web GUI. The procedure to download Napp-it is very simple and it will take few minutes to get installed on your system.  The bugs are fixed and many innovations have been made later to make this software better.

13. BarracudaDrive:


BarracudaDrive is a freeware which makes the task of accessing and storing data easier and simpler than before. With this tool, you can store and share big sized files and folders online easily. You can view all your important files and folders saved on the computer from another device also. You can also share photos, videos, music files and various other documents with your friends. It can also be connected with Facebook and share photos and images. BarracudaDrive also gives full data protection so none of your important files are leaked to the 3rd person.

14. TrueNAS:


Another one on the list is TrueNAS which is an open-source tool for storing important files, folders and documents. Many enterprises and corporates have used TrueNAS software and given positive reviews after its use. It has a feature of ZFS file system by which your data can remain completely safe and does not get leaked to any outsider. TrueNAS is certified with Veeam Backup and Replication. It also has the vCenter plug-in and VMware snapshots.  

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15. SnapRAID

best freenas alternatives

If you may feel a need to backup all your data then you won’t find the best tool than SnapRAID which is one of the best alternatives to Freenas. It is a type of useful backup program for all types of disk arrays which can store huge data of information. Yes, you can also recover the entire data up to 6 disk failures just with the help of this alternative to Freenas. You would need a single disk to be spun to access a single file and it would also help you save your power along with producing a very lesser noise.

16. HPE 3PAR Flash Storage 

HPE 3PAR Flash Storage 

HPE 3PAR Flash Storage is the collection of systems speedy provisioning. It uses hardware for deduplication. Apart from that, this system does every task in a single system for security. It is a nice freenas alternative for IT professionals. 

This storage provides faster provisioning than other alternatives. It also helps in increasing capacity savings. You can get several options in HPE 3PAR Flash Storage such as StoreServ 8000 storage system and StoreServ 20000 storage system. Moreover, it is a secure tool for IT projects. 

These tools are becoming popular in the corporate world and still, the developers are adding new features to them. They are trying to make these tools a completely safe product that can be used in any enterprise or corporate. These tools are better than FreeNas and have proven to be effective tools.

We have complied the list for FreeNas alternatives for Mac, Android,  Windows, Linux, Ubuntu and more. If we have missed any please let us know in the comments.

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Some Frequent Asked Questions

Is FreeNAS any good?

Yes, FreeNAS is a good product and works with SMB, NFS, and ISCSI. This product uses a USB stick to boot. Apart from that, it also creates space in the internal data ports to store files and documents.

What is better than FreeNAS?

You can use EasyNAS for your system. It is a good FreeNAS alternative for home and office use. There are amazing features in the EasyNAS system. It works well with the BTRFS system. On the other hand, FreeNAS includes the ZFS file system. There are many FreeNAS alternatives that you can try such as PetaSAN, Rockstor, Amahi, and so on.

Is FreeNAS an OS?

FreeNAS is an operating system that you can install on a hardware platform for sharing data. It installs and boosts on 64-bit x86 PC. You should choose the right hardware to get the best performance of FreeNAS. It also helps in protecting crucial data and files.

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