13 Best Emuparadise alternatives in 2023

Old is gold and we all remember old things even after many years. Today, Google Play Store has many latest games for Android devices. But still, you will remember all those beautiful retro games which existed before 2 decades. Emuparadise was the fantastic source for downloading all the retro as well as ISOS games. It had a long library of games for game lovers. This website was in much demand but today, it is not so popular.

But, Emuparadise site is no longer active now and when you find a certain game on it, you will the message of unavailability. There were also certain legal issues due to which the website is closed down. But the game fans still miss the enjoyment of downloading old games for Emuparadise. If you are the one who loves playing old games, you can try sites like Emuparadise which are also good options. Let us have a glance at some of the Emuparadise alternatives which are as follows:

Best alternatives to Emuparadise 2023

1. Romulation


If you love playing games on PC, Romulation is one of the best websites to get all the old games. You will get every game according to the console which you have. This website is also a safe one to download all the games and it will not harm your device also. It also comes with ad blocker so that you can enjoy playing all your retro games continuously without any ads. You will find games like MegaMan and Super Mario on this website.

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2. CoolROM


The next on the list is CoolROM website. With more than thousands of retro games, this website also works with all the new emulators. You will some of the most popular retro games of all time such as DragonBall Z and Grand Theft Auto on this website. The links of the games are also safe and contain no virus to harm your device in any way. It has a large library of old games from which you can select your favorite games.

3. Romsmania.com

alternative to Emuparadise

This is one of the best site where you will find every retro game. With popular games such as Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis, you can download various games from this website. You will also get all Pokemon games for free of charge. The site also provides the list of consoles which make it easy for you to search for a particular game. Romsmania.com has the long library of old games for kids as well as adults who cannot stay without games.

4. DopeROMS

Best Emuparadise alternatives

DopeROMS is a good alternative to Emuparadise which will entertain you will old classic video games. The user interface of the site is quite impressive and it is very easy to search the games by the name. You can download the games on your Android devices, PC and laptop. This website has no ads to create hurdles in the middle of your joy of gaming. DopeROMS is also a safe site to use on any device.

5. The Old Computer

This website has one of the largest libraries of retro games with more than 600,000 games. You can also get MAME for Android as well as iOS devices. Further, this site also has many emulators and rare Roms for various devices. It also offers many ROMS for gaming. You can also discuss the games in the community. There are over 170,000 users in the community who use this website and also discuss various games in it. This website has also a page on Facebook and Twitter.

6. Loveroms

websites like Emuparadise

Loveroms is one of the latest sites like Emuparadise which you can try for downloading all the famous retro games. You can search any game according to the console on your PC. There is no charge at all for downloading any game from this website. There are Super Mario games on this website. One of the best points of Loveroms website is it downloads all the game without any problem. The links are also genuine and safe to download on any device.

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7. My Boy

My Boy

The ones who love to play GBA games can download My Boy! Emulator on their PC/laptop. It offers great speed while downloading any retro games. It is compatible with most of the Android devices such as phones, tablets or notepads. It also has the feature of cable emulation. One of the biggest advantages of using this emulator is that it saves the battery life.

8. Rom Hustler

Websites like Emuparadise

ROM Hustler is one of the best site which you can try. The library of this site is quite huge with all the well-known classic games which we used to play in the 90s. The user interface is very beautiful and you will get any game by the name or console. You can download games on any Android devices or computers and laptops. From Super Nintendo to Super Mario games, you will get every old game on this website.

9. The Emulator-Zone

The next on the list is the Emulator Zone. It makes very easy for you to download any old games without many searches. Further, the website contains many emulators for different devices such as MAME, PlayStation, Xbox, and others. You will also get numerous ROMs from this site. To know whether a particular emulator is good or not, you can check the ratings on this site. Additionally, the links of all the games do not cause any harm to PC or laptops.

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10. RetrosGames

If you want to rush back to the old good days of school with games, you can download games from this website. This is one of the most amazing Emuparadise alternatives which provide a long list of emulators for various devices. It also shows the top games which you can download on your computers and laptops. Further, there are no charges to download any game from this website. You will simply love the user-interface of this site.

11. Gamulator


Gamulator is one of the best sites like Emuparadise which you can try for downloading the most popular retro games. It also shows the list of popular ROMs which are much in trend. You will also get many console games on this website. The website offers a cool user-interface to search any retro games with names. Gamulator has no ads to disturb the fun of games. The game links are reliable to download on any device.

12. RomWorldOnline

The last on the list is RomWorldOnline website. It offers many ROMs and SNES ROMs for various devices such as Android devices or PC/laptop. It also has emulators for playing all the new as well as old games. It also provides ROMs for Sega Beginning, MAME, Sega super drive, and others on this website.

13. CDRomance

sites like emuparadise

CDRomance is the junction for all the game consoles. It is a nice alternative to emuparadise to get the games for PSX, PSX and so on. You don’t need to pay charges for downloading game consoles or ROMs from CDRomance.  

Further, this site has a good user interface. It has a large database with numerous ROMs and isos. CDRomance has a fast speed of downloading ROMs. Furthermore, this site gives you all the latest updates with the help of RSS feed. 

14. The Rom depot

The Rom depot
The ROM depot is one of the best
Emuparadise alternatives for game lovers. It is easy to use this tool for downloading ROMs of different games. You do need to do any registration or other processes to use the ROM depot. Besides, it is updated with ROMs of all the latest games. 

In addition to that, the ROM depot is safe to use on any system. It does not contain viruses or Trojans. Moreover, it has a good user interface with good features. You can also get many retro games in this depot. 

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Playing retro games is no more a tough task nowadays. These are best alternatives to Emuparadise which you can consider for downloading old games. From ROMs to emulators, these sites offer everything for free of cost. They also give you popular console games in few clicks.

There are no legal issues in using these sites for downloading games and they also contain reliable and safe links for all devices.

Emuparadise Alternatives Frequent Asked Questions

Is emuparadise shut down?

Yes, Emuparadise has closed since 2018. It ran well for 18 years offering a wide range of ROMs and emulators. There are several reasons for the closure of Emuparadise. They include legal threats, copyright laws, and many other reasons. It also removed many ROMs of famous games from the list.

Are ROMs safe?

Yes, it is safe to download ROMs from reliable sources. ROMs are legal to download as well as use in your compatible devices. ROMs and emulators can have viruses and Trojans but you can get good sources to download ROMs. It is not a legal crime to download ROMs on any device.

What can I use instead of Emuparadise?

After shutting down of Emuparadise, you can select many alternatives. They include CoolROM, Loveroms, RetrosGames, Romulation, Rom Hustler, and others. These alternatives have the list of ROMs of old and new games that can entertain you for the full day. Moreover, these sites are safe to get a link to every game.

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