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Today, the internet has changed the whole scenario. Whether it is a song, movie or a simple game, we get everything on Android phones and tablets. The mobile games have replaced PC games these days. But the people who have spent their entire childhood with PC games still know the value of these games. Romulation is one of the most popular emulators through which you can play old classic games. You will then don’t need a console to play games on PC or laptops when you have Romulation emulator.

If you want to enjoy the passion of old games, there are some of the most amazing Romulation alternatives you can try. They are as under:

Best Alternatives to Romulation 

1. Emuparadise


Emuparadise is an amazing destination to get all your old beautiful games. This emulator is loaded with ISOS and ROMS from which you can download the games. Additionally, Emuparadise also has many music files, video games translations magazines and game guides. One of the major benefits of using this emulator is that it gives safe downloads of game files. Besides that, it has a community in which you can discuss the cheat codes and other game strategies. You can get new players to enjoy various games.

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2. DopeROMS


The next on the list is DopeROMS. It is a robust platform to play old games. You can easily download any game on your PC/Laptops or Android phones with DopeROMS emulator. It does not have ads to disturb the game lovers in between playing the games. You can get your favorite car racing games, building blocks’ games. It gives 100% safe downloads without damaging your devices. DopeROMShas more than 200 emulators, 9200 cheats and 144 consoles.

3. Rom Hustler

Rom Hustler

If you are a die-hard fan of old games, Rom Hustler is the right choice. It has easy user-interface to find your favorite games at once. It contains many emulators, ROMs, and consoles of famous old games. There is a simple sign-up procedure to download the games from this site. Different ROMs and consoles are arranged in alphabetical order for the easy finding. You can filter your search by giving the name of the game or ROMs. It also contains many NDS ROMs and PSX.

4. The Old Computer

The Old Computer

With over 5, 95,000 NES ROMS, The Old Computer is the best place to get old games. It has a lovely user interface with proper categories on both sides. Apart from old classic games, you can also get retro songs on this emulator. It has box art and MISC Retro and manuals. The Old Computer contains many old popular magazines and gaming guides. You can join the community and take golden tips for winning in the various games.

5. Vizzed


Vizzedis one of the best Romulation alternatives you can try for old games. It also includes a chat room facility where you can chat with new friends from different parts of the world. Vizzed offers other categories such as game music room, Vizzed board, and retro game room. It also offers full download of retro games in a safe manner. You don’t have to pay a single penny to download games from this emulator. It has many widgets and an option of radio too.

6. RomWorldOnline


RomWorldOnlinehas many ROMS and SNES ROMS of many old games. You can easily get any game emulator from this site. There is no charge to download SNESroms of games. It shows the top games of the week and some of the most popular ones to download on your devices. You can download old casino games and car racing games and spend a good weekend with your friends and family. It gives reviews of the various games.

7. FreeROMs


The next on the list is a site from where you can download ROMS for absolutely free. It contains ROMs such as NEOGEO, Gameboy Advance, and many others. The site gives free and safe downloads of game ROMs. You can find any of your favorite childhood games from the various ROMs on this site. It gives you safe downloads on Android devices, PC and laptops. FreeROMs include many popular games such as the clash of clans and Temple Run.

8. Pretendo NDS Emulator

Pretendo nds Emulator
This emulator contains various Nintendo emu games. You can download ROMS in different forms such as .ds format and .rom. It gives you the option to download old games on your Android mobiles, PC and laptops. It has beautiful user-interface to choose the ROMs of different games. It also gives you faster downloads of games than other normal emulators. It contains many shooting games, building block games, car racing games, and other games.

9. CoolROM


The next on the list is CoolROM website. It is one of the best places to get retro games. You can play and download games on your Android devices and PC/laptops from this website. On the right-hand corner, you will find the top emulators and ROMs which are downloaded by the users. There is an option of FAQ where you can ask various questions about games. You can get many helpful tips and tricks to win in different games.

10. Gameboy Advance ROMS

Gameboy Advance ROMS

Gameboy Advanced ROMS is the website to download GBA ROMS of old games on your devices. It gives you free downloading of games. You don’t need to purchase DS games and download directly from the Gameboy Advance ROMS website. It also various other categories such as GBA Flash card, GBA ROME Sites and others. You can also get the latest news of the site and other games released in the market.

11. Dolphin emulator 

Dolphin emulator 

Dolphin emulator is one of the fantastic websites like Romulation which you can try if you are a true game freak. It works on any version of Windows and Android operating system. With the help of an emulator, you can play all your favorite games on different devices. 

Apart from that, you can configure the aspect of the program. Dolphin emulator works on Linux and Mac as well. It allows you to play beautiful games such as Wii and Gamecube video games on mobile phones and desktops. This emulator is available in a total of 29 languages. More than 4,850,700 users have already used Dolphin emulator.

12. NDS Emulator

NDS Emulator

The next on the list is NDS emulator which allows you to play Nintendo DS game on your devices. It supports all versions of Android. You can save and load game states. A few months back, there were issues in this emulator which are solved now. NDS emulator has a user-friendly interface which will make your tasks easier.

It works on both Mac and Windows operating systems. You can play Nintendo classics on your smartphones and tablets. With the help of this emulator, you can download ROMs in .ds and .rom formats. It comes with virtual controls similar to the Nintendo DS.

13. NO$GBA


This tool was earlier a Game Advance debugger and then developed into an emulator. It is one of the best sites like Romulation which you can try for playing various games. You can multiple games on PC by downloading NO$GBA emulator. It also lets you play games such as Super Mario and other games with your cousins and friends.

Further, this emulator supports various Nintendo portable game consoles. It is lightweight and good emulator with easy functions. It allows you to configure the graphics options so that you can enjoy playing games to the fullest. 

14. More ROMS


More ROMS is a nice tool to play games like Nintendo and others. You can enjoy playing games on your PC by downloading More ROMS emulator. It supports multiple game consoles. Apart from that, you can also play retro games on various Android devices. 

The user interface of More ROMS emulator is very simple to understand even for the beginner. It also helps to access controls while playing all your favorite games. Many people use More ROMS emulator to play popular games such as Pokemon, GameCube, and others. It is one of the smartest emulators to play games.

15. LoveROMs 



The last on the list is LoveROMS emulator which is one of the best Romulation alternatives. You can download emulators and ROMs with the help of this tool. Further, it allows you to download ROMs for N64, XBOX, Wii, NDS, NES, and others. This emulator works on different platforms such as Android, Linux, Windows, and Mac. 

There is no need to sign up or make registration to use this tool. Apart from PC, you can also download on your mobile phone. It also allows you to enjoy retro games and other famous games. You can also play various versions of Pokemon games. 

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These are the best Romulation alternatives you can get on your device for playing most popular retro games. These sites have full data of various games with free downloads. You will not have to buy consoles or other accessories just to play your favorite childhood games. These websites have all ROMS and consoles for game fans.

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