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YouTube is the largest site for video sharing in the world, but this does not mean there is no other option for the same purpose. This particular website has millions of videos to look for, yet sometimes it becomes too much difficult to choose from a lot of recommended ones. There are lots of YouTube alternatives which are as good but overlooked due to Youtube’s popularity. A few years earlier, it was not such a large website, just a platform for common people to share their videos on the internet.

You may not want any alternative as you think it is well enough site for you but the most popular cannot always the best one. So, let me tell you few alternatives to youtube which can be explored to find a better option:

Free youtube alternatives for watching videos

1. Dailymotion

Dailymotion, alternative to youtube

Dailymotion is the second largest website like Youtube for video sharing so is very much favored and is one of the best in the list of sites like youtube. It’s a France based site, parallelly came online with YouTube in the same year. It looks very much similar to YouTube with searching bar and trending videos of different categories on the homepage. A simple player plays the videos which definitely lacks the expertise of YouTube player. One can upload content of up to 4GB with a resolution of 1080p of 60 mins duration. The copyright rules are flexible and content uploaders friendly. The content can be watched with or without ads as it comes with options. The videos are good, but not as varied or innumerable as YouTube offers. These similarities of Dailymotion with YouTube are the biggest strength as well as biggest weakness. So, this website is the direct alternative one must be looking for.

2. Vimeo

Vimeo - Video website like youtube

The word means ‘video’ with ‘me’. It is a U.S.-based website. The Vimeo is one of some best videos streaming site which has a clean interface with nicely-defined categories that are easy to search in. It is a motivating platform for professionals in fields like photography, music, cinematography, dance, etc to showcase their creative works. It has lesser distractions in the background, so is easy to pay attention to the clippings. The best part of Vimeo is that it is totally devoted to experimental music videos, snapshots of people’s with their interesting lives and classy short films and is an ad-free model. The minus point of this site is that it has the upload limit of 500MB per week that can be upgraded to 5GB per week, which is like a peanut compared to YouTube’s daily uploads. Vimeo isn’t a site where you can watch cats acting crazy or dogs running on treadmills. If you are looking for youtube alternatives then you guys must check this out.  

3. Metacafe

Metacafe - Site like youtube

The most popular in the list of youtube alternatives is Metacafe. This is one of the oldest sites, means it existed even before the YouTube. The limit of videos on Metacafe is 90-second, quick and light-hearted videos, that makes it more attractive community-based YouTube substitute. It is an actual content streamer’s charm which makes it one of the great YouTube alternatives. Metacafe’s has nicely categorized segments for browsing with a minimal interface, catering about 40 million viewers. This platform is not for the complex topic related professionally made videos, but for someone who happens to enjoy spending time on short comical clips made by regular users. There is little to no junk content being uploaded. This is the one of the best youtube substitute. 

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4. Vevo

Vevo - Youtube alternatives

Another one in the list of alternatives to youtube is Vevo. If someone is into good standard music videos streamed in fast, hard, and swift manner, Vevo is a clear choice. The interface is simple to use and quite smooth that will hook you on in no time to this streaming website as it delivers all the latest collection of popular artists tracks. It provides numberless music videos on your fingertips, one can always go there and delude yourself in vocals, sound and lyrics with a guarantee of High-definition content. If anyone is feeling down and out, we know: Music is a therapy, and Vevo is the primary health care center. Like YouTube, it does not present diversified content unfortunately so when you browse around it then you might be disappointed for the first time with what you find. One can explore tracks by acclaimed artists or browse through featured playlists for the newest release.

5. Veoh

Veoh - best alternative to youtube

Veoh a video streaming platform that lets you discover, watch, and personalize the online viewing experience. It is a San Diego-based website launched in 2006. In the beginning, it was a Qlipso subsidiary. It has varied content that is a mix of music, movies and user-generated one. Veoh has a clean user interface, and features of several social networking sites like adding contacts, direct messaging and creating groups. One can enjoy long videos as users are allowed to upload videos of unlimited length. You can find movies, TV serials and animation movies on this site.

6. Vube

Vube - websites like youtube

Another one on the list of youtube alternatives is Vube. It is the newest video site on the list which is attracting a large amount of traffic with its passionate marketing strategies like running contests to encourage users to generate high-quality content. The user interface is simple and clean to use providing a decent browsing experience. One can upload videos on this site after registering for free, also the uploading is quite easy to follow by the users.

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7. Twitch

Twitch - Free youtube alternatives

People interested in live streaming would definitely love this site. Live streams are well liked in the gaming community. They stream their videos while playing different games and discussing the gameplay and also chatting about their personal lives. Anyone who watches these video streams can interact with the streamer through the messenger-like comments section on each stream. The streamers build viewership in tens of thousands on a single stream, which makes it a growing slot of video content. The site is purely dedicated to gaming live streams but some other types of the live stream with people streaming themselves building a new PC to organizing their closet etc are also available. Game creators even with little technical experience or good hardware to use, can easily set up a stream, but the payment is much less than the YouTube.

I have just given a reminder call with the list of the sites which are long forgotten. I accept that these sites individually may not be capable of replacing the most popular website yet various combinations of them can result in one of the best YouTube substitute websites in 2018.

8. 9Gag TV

9Gag TV - Best sites like youtube for movies

Streaming online videos is the most popular activities these days. There are many sites to watch online videos. But many of them have bug issues or crashes due to which you cannot watch the videos in a better way. 9Gag TV is the latest video streaming YouTube alternative app.

This app contains videos of various types such as comedy, animated, and other videos on home décor and cooking videos. Apart from that, this app has many video formats to choose for your favorite videos. 

9. DTube

DTube - alternative to Youtube

The next on the list of youtube alternatives is DTube app. Whether it is a music video or animated video, this app has everything you like. It comes with beautiful user-interface so that you can easily search the videos of your choice.

Further, this app has the facility to download the videos on your mobile phones or laptops. It shows videos in good quality. You can stop the videos in the middle if you have some important work to finish. This app will give you the facility to manage your videos.

10. IGTV

IGTV - Sites like youtube

IGTV app is one of the best apps like YouTube you can use to stream online videos. It contains many videos on home décor tips, cooking methods, dressing styles, and other videos.

All you need is Instagram account to use the IGTV app. You can follow the experts from Instagram and like and comment on their posts. It also has videos which help you to get the latest fashion trends and makeup styles. This app has good picture quality and you can enjoy videos anytime.

11. PeerTube

PeerTube - Best youtube alternative

PeerTube is a nice app to enjoy watching the latest videos. It does not have tough rules to follow. You can share your videos with friends and other people around the world. It is one of the best ways to display your work in front of the audience.

This app helps you to share your cooking tips, dress designs and other tasks in a simple way. It also contains various other features such as categorization and description for your videos.

12. Crackle

Crackle - Free alternative to youtube
Crackle is a new app and best alternative to youtube to watch movies and TV shows. It contains all the latest cartoon shows, TV series and movies for TV fans. It comes with beautiful user-interface to search for movies and TV shows. 

You can find the movie or show by the name, genre or the year of release. It also shows the most popular movies and TV shows and gives recommendations to movie lovers. Further, Crackle contains subtitles so that you can enjoy all the movies and TV shows completely.

13. TED talks

The last on the list is the TED Talks app. It is the best app for tech-savvy people. You can easily get thousands of videos on science, technology, food, sports and other topics on this app. 

If you are finding a replacement for YouTube, select TED Talks app. It contains videos of speech by famous businessmen and celebrities. 

If you know any youtube alternative that we have not mentioned in the post, let us know in the comment section.

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