Do you love cartoons? Well, it’s one thing that never changed when we started growing up. Without our favourite cartoon, we will miss a big thing in our childhood. The good news is that many websites stream cartoons, but the annoying part is that the site’s interface is not very friendly. Kisscartoon was one of the favourite destinations for watching a cartoon, but now the site has gone down, and we can’t enjoy all cartoons and anime over here.

Well, Kisscartoon was one of the best sites that streamed cartoons and anime series for free without any signing up procedure. Now the site has gone down, and it does not give the viewers the best cartoon collections or anime. Now it’s time to look for the best Kisscartoon alternatives that are great to go back to our childhood.

Best alternatives to Kisscartoons

Are you looking for your favourite cartoon for a very long time? Bravo! I have come up with the list of sites like Kisscartoon that are streaming huge cartoon and anime content. Browse through these sites and pick desired cartoons. What are you waiting? Hurry up to watch your desired cartoons.

1. Anime Wow

Anime Wow

Are you an anime lover? This site is exclusively for anime watchers with a vast collection of anime series. The site offers movies and anime series. If you are looking for all the latest anime series, you can choose an anime from the “new” section that has a vast collection of all newly launched anime.

If you are looking for a user-friendly interface, go for it.  The site interface is straightforward, and you can pick your favourite series with no significant difficulties. You can choose your cartoon from the three main category – anime series, movies, favourite anime and new anime. The site has nearly half-million traffic, and the site is best to choose if you are a big anime lover.

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2. Watch Cartoon Online

Watch Cartoon Online

Long gone are the days when we arched Dot Kangaroo series! Now catch back all cartoons you loved the most through the site Watch Cartoon Online. It can be your favourite destination to watch dubbed cartoons and anime series in English. I love the user interface with categories like Adventure, Family, Comedy, Action and much more.

The user interface is straightforward, and it will not confuse you at any grounds. You can pick your cartoon or anime series with no great difficulty. The only thing that’s little annoying is the advertisements on the site. An ad will open in a new tab whenever you click somewhere on the site. The site has 1.5 million traffic every month.

3. Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network

No one on earth can ever forget their good old time spent on Cartoon Network. If cartoon contents are your only priority, you can straightaway jump into the site and start watching all your favourite cartoons. The site has a massive collection of cartoon, and the best part is that it also offers web-based games for children.

Cartoon Network has won the trust of millions and gives its best when it comes to user experience. The interface is just outstanding, and you will not get interrupted with pop-up ads while watching cartoons.  You need to click the desired cartoon twice, and it will get played. I am not surprised about 1 million monthly traffic with such a great interface and big cartoon collection.

4. AnimeRhina

alternative to kiscartoon

Are you looking for a single site offering you best cartoon and anime series? Well, AnimeRhima is the best destination for your search. The site is offering tons of cartoon and anime collection that you can never end up seeing all their array. The header section gives you good category options like Movies, Cartoons, Anime and much more.

The interface is simple, and you can navigate it with ease. You can also search your cartoon by entering the title on the search bar and check availability. AnimeRhina also allows you to download all cartoons and anime series with a simple process.  The site has one million monthly traffic.

5. ToonGet

ToonGet, kisscartoon alternatives

Websites like Kisscartoon are rare. But ToonGet is one of the best sites that offer massive digital content just like Kisscartoon.  The site provides dubbed anime, cartoon and also Korean drama. If you are a big Kdrama fan, this site is perfect to relish all your favourite shows. ToonGetoffers mobile application but the site isn’t available on Google Play. You need to download it from a third-party platform.

The interface is quite simple; it will not confuse you much. But, you’ll find ads on both the sidebar and the header. You may also come across pop-up ads that get opened in a new tab. Overall, the site is best to watch cartoons, anime and Kdrama.  The monthly traffic of ToonGet is 1 million.

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6. Watch Online Cartoons

Watch Online Cartoons

Don’t get confused with the site Watch Cartoons Online. It is a different website don’t get confused with the other similar sites in the list. It is the best platform to free cartoon series. The site also streams digital content from Disney, Cartoon Network and Nick. The home interface is excellent.

I am impressed by the video player that does an excellent job. It has controlling buttons where you can click to play all the video, and it gets opened in a new tab. The search bar is the best option to pick out the cartoons you love. There is also quite a big anime collection available on the site. The monthly traffic of the site is around 30k.

7. WatchAnimeDub


Are you looking for a website that has an interface much similar to Youtube? Then WatchAnimDub is the best site to choose. Through the domain name indicated by anime series, the site has a big library of cartoon a movie collection also. There are lots of category like Dubbed cartoon, movies, subbed anime, dubbed anime and much more.

One thing that impressed me was the user interface. The video player is very much similar to Youtube and it’s very easy to operate. WatchAnimeDub is very popular among the cartoon lovers and surprisingly has over 40 million users accessing this site every month.

8. KimCartoon


KImCartoon is only for cartoon lovers, and it doesn’t stream any anime series. The best part of the site is the significant library of cartoons that are astounding. You can pick out any cartoons you’ve been looking for since a very long time. You can use the search bar to choose your desired cartoon. The user interface is excellent, but you will get redirected to other sites for advertisements. But still, you can ignore them as the ads get opened in a new tab.

One of the best features of the site is the “Lights Off” feature because when you select this option, all the unwanted things will get removed away and only your video starts streaming on the site. You can enjoy HD quality streaming experience with Kimcartoon. The monthly traffic of the website is fifteen million.

9. Adventure Time

Adventure Time

Are you an adventure cartoon lover? If yes, then the Adventure Time site is dedicated just for you. There are lots of people going crazy about Adventure Time series, and you can’t find a better website to watch adventure cartoons. I love the HD video streaming quality of the site.

If you are worried about the user interface, I would like to let you know that the site is quite easy to navigate. Once you choose a video, it will get opened on another tab. The site is dedicated specially for adventure series alone. Hence, you can’t look for other cartoons or anime series. The site has one lakh monthly traffic.

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10. Disney Now  

Disney Now         

Are you looking for an ad-free platform with a good cartoon collection? Then, Disney Now offers all cartoon contents for free. But there is a limited cartoon that gets streamed over the site. You can look for your favourite cartoon here. However, the site won’t disappoint you. Overall it is a fantastic website to watch all the cartoons you love.

The user interface is excellent, and the best part is that the site has no annoying ads popping up here and there. You can relish all your cartoons on the ad-free website.  The traffic of the site is nearly 2.5 million for a month.

11. Crunchyroll


Anime is the favorite hobby of every kid. You can now watch all your favorite anime on Crunchyroll app. It is a nice alternative to kisscartoon you can download on your Android devices. This app contains all the new as well as old Japanese anime for kids and adults. 

One of the major benefits of using Crunchyroll is that it does not have ads. You can get the new anime within an hour on this site after they appear on the TV. It provides you the unlimited anime for free of charge. The app gets new shows on a regular basis. 

12. KissAnime


The next one on the list is the KissAnime app. It is one of the best websites like kisscartoon you must have on your smartphones. This app has a beautiful user-interface that helps you to find your favorite anime and animated shows. 

KissAnime does not contain disturbing ads. It does not have any cost to watch anime or any TV show. You can watch anime in high-resolution videos. This site does not require registration of account or signup. It has a huge library of anime from which you can choose your favorite old and new TV shows anytime and anywhere.

13. Cartoon Extra

Cartoon Extra

Cartoon Extra is the platform where you can view different cartoon series from the globe. It is one of the most popular alternatives to Kisscartoons with a big library of cartoon movies and series. You can watch all the cartoons in HD mode.

Although this site is illegal, one can still use it for streaming the latest cartoon series. One does not have to pay any charge or fee to watch cartoons on this site. It is also easy to search for any cartoon series on this site by typing the name and year of release.

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Final words-

Kisscartoon was one of the best cartoon streaming sites. But now you can find many alternative Kisscartoon sites that are doing a better job than our all-time favourite site.  I have listed the top 10 alternative sites that are working great with high website traffic. Browse through all the sites to pick your desired cartoon and enjoy the watching experience.

I have listed the sites that are dedicated to both cartoons and anime series, so choose the one that suits you. Get ready with a bowl of popcorn and dash into these sites to pick a cartoon. Do let me know the website that gave you the best cartoon watching experience and what you loved about the streaming experience.

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