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Social networking has not remained as a way to chat with friends or post some funny jokes. It is now used as a marketing tool also. Most of the companies prefer social media platforms to promote their products and services at local and international level. Google Plus is a very popular site to enjoy private conversations with close ones. You can share images, audio, and video files through this app. Besides that, it gives plenty of other features such as location tagging, Hangouts, and others. If you want some of the best sites like Google Plus, read below:

Best alternatives to Google Plus

1. VK

VK, best google plus alternative, alternative to google plus

VK is an amazing Russian social media site for chatting lovers. It has similar features to that of other sites. VK is a very famous social media platform in Europe today. You can post messages and share videos, audios, and images with friends on this site. VK contains 83 languages and many stickers.  You can also do video calls and share your live status. Apart from that, VK will send money from your account to your family members and friends.

2. Tumblr


The next on the list is the Tumblr app. It is widely used by singles to make new friends. It has the simple formality to create your account. You can post the latest stories, your images, videos, GIFs and text on the wall. Tumblr comes with thousands of stickers that can be used in making of videos and GIFs. You can connect with millions of new people from different parts of the globe. The conversations remain completely private and no one except you can read them.

3. Pinterest

Pinterest, best sites like google plus

Pinterest is a unique site with many different features. This site fulfills every need from chats to finding new tips for various subjects. On Pinterest, you can get many unique ways to decorate your home, design your clothes and to do other things. It is more like a routine site than a social site where you can get every answer to your question. This site also contains many tips of fashion, blogging, wedding, and others. It is a good site to get useful tips on every topic.

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4. Twitter

Twitter, google plus replacement

Twitter is one of the best social media sites you can use for posting blogs and stories. It has more than millions of followers. You can connect with many people having similar interests as yours through this site. In addition to that, Twitter shows you live national and international news. This platform is used by many small business owners, writers, professionals, and bloggers for work purpose. You can make your brand more popular with Twitter in a short time.

5. Minds


Minds site in another nice open source platform to connect with several people. You can enjoy sharing pictures, live videos, GIFs, images,and text with friends through Minds. With the site, you can engage with the audience and generate more sales for your products. Furthermore, you can increase brand awareness by connecting with millions of influencers. It keeps all your conversations private and encrypted. You can also get the latest news on the film industry, sports, business and other topics on this site.

6. Diaspora


If you want to enjoy privacy in your account, Diaspora site is a good try. Over millions of people use this site for social networking. You can download text, picture, and images without worrying about privacy. This site offers you the feature to create separate groups such as family, friends, acquaintances, work, and others. It becomes easier for you to contact people whenever you want to. Diaspora also displays news on various subjects like sports, movies, business, and others.

7. Mastodon


The next on the list is Mastodon. It is a fantastic social media platform for communicating with people in various parts of the world. It is basically a micro-blogging platform where you can post your write-ups articles and blogs. Mastodon is available in several languages. The posts can be made either public or private depending on your choice. Apart from that, this site will reject the posts and content which are not safe or contrary to the policy of the site.

8. GNU Social

GNU Social

GNU Social is microblogging and open source site for social networking. It works on more than hundreds of interoperating servers. On this site, you need to use hashtags to find a particular topic. It also contains bang tags which you can apply in groups. On GNU Social site, you can attach video files, audio files, images, and pictures and send to another person. It also gives you the facility to embed the content from sites such as YouTube and others.

9. Movim


At number 9, it is Movim site. It is a good way to interact with people for work and another purpose. It has a stunning feature of centralized communication to chat with friends, family, and colleagues at one time. Movim works well on both PC and mobiles. Additionally, you can enjoy private chats with your loved ones in chatrooms. Your conversations will remain private and safe. It is easy to publish your posts and articles in the communities on various topics.

10. Facebook


Facebook remains the most popular social media site until now. It has a beautiful wall to post your stories, images, videos, and pictures. Facebook is not just a social media platform anymore but a business platform too. Many companies are creating their pages of Facebook for brand promotion. You can also enjoy chatting in Facebook messenger and send private content too. Facebook is the simplest social media platform to use.

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These sites like Google Plus can be used not only for social networking but also for work. They are safe and keep all your important data private and confidential. Furthermore, these sites work on Android, iOS, and versions of Windows. The features of these sites are quite simple to understand and there are many languages too. Through these sites, it is easier to communicate with anyone and share content.

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