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Computers have to be cleaned with anti-virus cleaner regularly. Our desktops contain many cookies, junk files, and malware which can hinder their smooth working. Ccleaner is one of the most effective cleaners for computers which you can use for removing all the unwanted files and folders from the system. It also cleans your laptops thoroughly and improves the performance.

Recently, this tool faced some technical issues. There are many Ccleaner alternatives which you can use for your desktops and laptops. The list of those alternatives is as under:

Best Ccleaner alternatives 2019

1. Clean Master

Clean Master

If you are using any version of Windows on your PC, this is the better pick. Clean Master will help you in getting rid of all unwanted files which cover most of the space on your hard disk. It works at a great speed and also notifies you when there the limit of the junk files crosses a certain limit. It has a robust user interface.

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2. AshampooWinOptimizer

Ashampoo® WinOptimizer

The next on the list is AshampooWinOptimizer 2018 which has simple functions. On one click, it can scan all the junk files and remove them from your system forever. It also catches the issues which your system faces and fixes it. It further aids in improving the performance of the system. This tool will also show you the results after scanning the whole system effectively.

3. Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities is one of the best cleaning tools for laptops and desktops. Software engineers, IT students and other professionals have , and this affects the working of the system. It scans all the audio, video and other files in your system and removes whichever have are of no use to you. It can clean the disk and also find duplicate files.

4. CleanMyMac

One of the most affordable cleaning tools for PC is CleanMyMac. It will scan your entire system and eliminates the unnecessary files and folders which cause a disturbance in the smooth working of the desktops and laptops. It just costs $39.95 for taking a one-time license. It also contains many utilities which will help in making your devices better in performance. It also increases the speed of the devices.

5. Razer Cortex

Razer Cortex

The next on the list is Razer Cortex which is excellent cleaning software for those who love to play games on PC. It works well on different versions of Windows such as 7, 8 and 10. It will also display the results of the scanning of files within a few seconds. The tool will later help in removing all the useless content from the system thereby increasing its speed.

6. Wise Care 365

Wise Care 365

From removing the junk files to making your system speedy, Wise Care 365 is a good option. It has an easy user interface, and you can clean your system within a few minutes. It has amazing features such as Wise utilities, PC checkup and privacy protector which makes your system better. The setup is quite simple and you can do it efficiently without much help.

7. iMobieMacClean

If you want a reasonable cleaner for your system, you can go for iMobieMacClean. It is a good option for Mac users who want their system clean and perfect. It has the same working process like that of other cleaner tools and gives you instant scan results. It will then eliminate the unwanted files and folders from your system forever which make your system run faster and smoother.

8. IObit Advanced SystemCare

This tool will clean the system in depth by removing all the unwanted files, folders and documents. It has a robust user interface which will properly instruct you to use the tool. It has the features of deep registry cleaning and real-time optimization. It will also speed up the internet and you will get your system as a new one.

9. BleachBit


BleachBit is also excellent cleaning software which is available for free of cost. It is compatible with all versions of Windows XP. It can manage all your files and folders and remove all the unwanted data from the desktops and laptops in few minutes. It is lightweight and does not need much space on the disk. It can also improve the performance of your system.

10. Iolo System Mechanic

This is good cleaning software which can clear all junk files, apps, and malware and bloatware from the system. It boosts the system more and makes it faster than before. Iolo System Mechanic can clear all the logs and cookies and also shows the results within a few minutes. It also clears RAM and history completely and makes your system up to date.

11. SlimCleaner

The next on the list is the perfect cleaning tool for all versions of Windows, SlimCleaner. It will eliminate all the unnecessary files and folders from the system. It will scan all the files and folders within few seconds and clears cookies, browsing history, RAM and other unwanted content. SlimCleaner has a beautiful user interface with different colors. It also has good ratings.

12. Dr. Cleaner

Dr. Cleaner tool comes in 2 versions, free and paid. It scans the entire system in a few minutes. This software is efficient enough to clear the cookies and browsing history from desktops and laptops. It can make the system better and smoother by removing all the files which make the speed of the system slower. It is one of the best Ccleaner alternatives you can choose for Windows.

13. Onyx

Onyx is free software which cleans the desktops like never before. It scans the full system and throws out the unwanted files, folders, and documents permanently. It further deletes apps, cookies and other unnecessary files from the desktops thereby making it ideal for use. Onyx is compatible with all versions of Windows and effectively. It also boosts the performance of the internet.

14. RegSeeker

RegSeeker is lightweight software which will give you neat system within a few minutes. It will scan the full system including the disks and remove the unwanted files and folders in no time. It has an attractive user interface with simple functions. It can remove the browsing history and cookies which boost internet performance. The tool is available in many languages.

15. Wise Registry Cleaner

Wise Registry Cleaner is one of the most popular tools for cleaning your system thoroughly. It has features such as smart cleaning, real-time optimization, and others. It scans the system within some time and shows all the unwanted files and folders which are to be deleted. It also improves the internet performance and boosts the device’s performance.

16. Puran Utilities

Puran Utilities

The next on the list is Puran Utilities. It is used by many people in various countries of the world. The setup process is very simple and you can understand all the functions also. This software does not consume more space on the hard disk. It clears cookies, unwanted files, folders and documents and the history of all the visited sites and pages. It further makes the system better and more manageable.

17. CleanUp

CleanUp, as the name suggests, will clean the system entirely without the malware or virus. You can put the system on scan in just a few clicks and it will also display the results of the scan on the screen. The installation of the CleanUp tool does not take more space on the disk and gives good protection to your desktops and laptops.

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18. System Ninja

system ninja

This is an all-rounder app which can scan the system and delete the unnecessary files, folders,and documents. It will remove the cookies, browsing history, temporary files and other files from the desktops and laptops. It comes with junk scanner which will delete all the junk files from the computer permanently. It also has a process manager and startup manager to make the system better and more convenient.

19. KCleaner

From cookies to cache, KCleaner will eliminate all the useless data from your system effectively. It will run on all versions of Windows and boost the device’s performance. It comes with Expert Mode which will make your system more robust and manageable. By showing the results on the screen, KCleaner app will automatically clean the unwanted files from the system.

20. Baidu Cleaner

The last on the list is the Baidu Cleaner app which gives ample protection to your desktops and laptops by cleaning the system fully. It comes with Cloud-cleaning technology which boosts the performance of your system and improves the internet performance as well. It will further remove the cache, cookies, history of the visited sites and pages, and other unnecessary data to enhance your system and make it smoother.


This is the list of good alternatives of Ccleaner app which you can try for Windows or Mac. They are compatible with desktops and laptops both. From removing the unwanted data to enhancing the performance of the devices, these apps have amazing features and functions too. If you know any other Ccleaner alternative please let us know in comments.

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Some Frequent Asked Question

What is better than CCleaner?

CCleaner is software that clears cookies and deletes files in the system. But it does not delete all the files from the computer. So, you can use its alternative Avast Cleanup. This is a better tool than CCleaner because of its advanced cleaner and modern features. Moreover, the price of Avast Cleanup is cost-effective.

Is CCleaner harmful?

Yes, CCleaner is a harmful tool. It is an app for Windows that removes unused and temporary files from the system. But it is becoming worse day by day. CCleaner is harmful because of the malware hidden by the hackers. It can damage your system.

Can CCleaner wipe a hard drive?

Yes, you can use CCleaner to wipe the free space of the hard disk. This process will not recover the deleted files even after years. If you want to wipe the free space of your hard disk, you have to click on the icon of CCleaner in CCleaner software. This icon is located on the left side of the software.

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