The webcam is an amazing invention of science. You can see the other person live on this tool from any part of the world. You can now use your webcam more effectively with Manycam alternatives. Manycam is a tool that helps you to take beautiful photos and record videos. 

In addition to that, this tool allows applying filters in the videos and images. It also comes with many effects for making stunning images and videos. But the disadvantages of using this app are:

  • Manycam is the paid app
  • It had no HD form to capture pictures and record videos 
  • This app comes with 3 effects only

Best Alternatives to Manycam

If you want free Manycam alternatives for mac, you can take the tools from the below list: 

1. WebcamMax

manycam alternatives

If you are the selfie lover, you can pick this tool. It comes with unique effects and filters to add to your pictures and videos. Further, this software makes your videos and images more attractive. You can then share them on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. 

Additionally, you can get both dark and night mode themes in the Manycam tool. It adds more fun to your boring chats and conversations. Moreover, you can make colorful images and videos for sending on birthdays and anniversaries. 

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2. Youcam

Manycam alternatives for mac

Youcam is one of the most famous Manycam alternatives for Android users. It makes your selfies and photos more stunning and colorful. Apart from that, this software enhances the videos by adding filters, effects, and visuals. It comes with several functions and tools for beautifying images.  

Further, the user-interface of Youcam is very simple to understand. It runs on both Android and iOS devices. Moreover, the different frames and backgrounds can give realistic images. Furthermore, it has a face identification feature for security. 

3. CamTwist

Manycam alternative for android

The next tool on the list is CamTwist. It is a good alternative to Manycam that makes elegant videos with effects and filters. Further, this software makes your webcam a more interesting device to use on your PC. 

You can record videos and add text, filters, and special effects. These videos can be shared with your friends and colleagues on social media platforms. It works on all the webcam of all the brands. Furthermore, it works on platforms such as Windows and Mac. 

4. SparkoCam

manycam for Chromebook

Now, you can enjoy recording videos and capturing photos with SparkoCam. It is the all-in-one tool for sharing images and broadcasting. This software can make video chats more engaging from any device. Apart from that, it allows you to add background and different themes in the videos and images. 

Further, SparkoCam helps you to add animated objects in the videos and images. You can also create PNG and GIF files with this software. Moreover, the software includes a green screening effect to change the background and add 3D effects. 

5. Yawcam

best tools like manycam

Yawcam is a Manycam alternative for android that enhances your webcam use. It runs on both Windows and XP operating systems. Further, it allows you to capture photos and record videos anytime. Apart from that, you can add beautiful filters and effects in the images and videos. 

In addition to that, this tool detects movements and uploads images. You can also use a password for protecting your images, pictures, and videos. Moreover, it has many languages for every user. It also contains an easy user-interface for better understanding. 

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6. SplitCam

alternative to manycam

With superb features, SplitCam is an amazing tool for video recording. It comes with emotions that you can add in the photos and videos. Further, this software will give you more fun to make video calls with your relatives and friends. It also offers you a live streaming service. 

Additionally, you can add 3D masks in the images using this software. It works with many tools such as Skype, Yahoo Messenger, and Camfrog, and so on. Moreover, this software gives HD video broadcasting feature to enjoy HD videos and images.  

7. ContaCam

best manycam alternatives

ContaCam is one of the best tools like Manycam for live webcam conversations. It is simple to use and comes with an easy user interface. Besides that, it has a fast loading speed. This tool supports all the latest versions of Windows. 

Further, this app provides security CCTV surveillance with motion. You can use this app for traffic updates and security. Moreover, this tool includes modern features such as cloud storage, password protection, and others. It also works with old cameras and machines. 

8. Kdenlive

 Manycam alternatives for mac

The next tool on the list is Kdenlive. It is open-source software for editing videos. All you need to do is to record the videos and add special effects to make them more beautiful. Further, it is a free video editor that you can use for making cute GIFs and videos. 

This software works on Windows and Linux operating systems. It does not have ads to disturb you in the middle of video creation. There are several other features in kdenlive tool such as green screen, color correction, frames, and live editing.

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9. iGlasses

Manycam alternative for android

iGlasses is a superb tool with modern features and functions. It works on Mac operating system. Further, this software has an attractive user interface. You can get all the features easily on iGlasses. It helps you to make stunning images and videos by adding effects and colors. 

You can record videos and take photos and then share them on Facebook and Instagram. iGlasses also has color correction option. Moreover, this software offers features like night vision, mirror image, and so on. 

10. Altercam

alternative to manycam

The last tool on the list is Altercam. It is the best manycam for Chromebook for making perfect images and videos. Further, it offers virtual webcam that helps to edit your images and videos. You can add background, frames, emotions, and colors to your photos and videos. Moreover, it is a free software to use on PC and Android devices. 

Additionally, the tool contains many live effects to add to your photos. You can create a lovely atmosphere with Altercam while doing live chats. 

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You can choose these Manycam alternatives to enjoy creating funny GIFs, videos, and images. They will make you more popular on social media platforms. 

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