Today, everyone loves to edit photos and images. Whether it is a selfie or other photos, you will always find some interesting ways to edit them. It happens several times that we love images and want them on our PC or laptop. Many people ask what is Facerig even today. Facerig is the tool that helps you to take an image with webcam. You can create unique avatars in these images with the help of Faceig tool. 

Facerig is closed due to some problems. But there are many Facerig alternatives that you can use to capture images via webcam. In this blog, we will discuss various apps that help to capture images via webcam. 

Best Facerig Alternatives

1. FaceFX 


FaceFX is one of the best tools for creating attractive images. It is a free tool that makes your photos more interesting with animations. You can create 3D avatar of all your favorite photos. This tool also comes with several options such as custom slides and face graphing options. It is more affordable than other tools. 

You can edit any image or photo with the help of options available on the left side. It also makes your images look realistic with animation and various other effects. 

2. Mocapx 


The next on the list is Mocapx. It is a good app for iPhone users. You can connect your smartphone to your PC and edit as many images as you want on PC. This tool also helps to change facial expressions of images. One does not need professional training in using Mocapx tool. It gives an animated form in any ordinary image or photo. 

One of the major benefits of using Mocapx is that it does not need an internet connection. You can enjoy creating new avatars in your photos.

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3. Muvizu Play 

Muvizu Play 

Muvizu Play is free Facefig alternative that you can use for editing different images. It has both free and premium versions. Under free versions, you can get limited features whereas some features get unlocked after buying premium version of the tool. The features such as watermark, objects and other characters are included in premium version of the app. 

It is easy to use app with simple functions. You can create mind-blowing videos and images with the help of Muvizu Play app. 

4. Gravity 


Creating 3D avatar is very simple using Gravity tool. You can introduce various activities to your characters such as dancing, running and so on. It also comes with different designs to make your characters more colorful. The tool includes several features such as noses, hairstyles, ears and eyes. You can choose these features for your characters and make them look real. 

Additionally, this app helps to make your chat window more beautiful with clothing options, head shape, skin color and other features. 

5. LightWave 3D 

LightWave 3D 

This is one of the best tools to capture images from video games, motion graphics, movies, music videos and visual effects. It is a good tool developed by New Tek to capture images from different sources and edit them. You can use this tool for static as well as animated 3D images. It is simple to use this app and comes with affordable packages. 

You can enjoy 3D interactivity with LightWave 3D because of its numerous features and options. Moreover, this tool is good for people who want to make bright career in animation. 

6. Animation Master 

Animation Master 

The next tool on this list is Animation Master. It is like Facerig but free tool to do 2D and 3D animation in the images. You can get all the images ready in animated form within a few minutes by using this app. There are plenty of options on the left side of the app that helps in creating stunning characters. 

In addition to that, one can use this app easily because of simple options. You do not need any training or guidance to use this tool.  

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7. F-Clone 


Including latest technology, F-Clone is the app to capture facial expressions and movements with a webcam. You can create mind-blowing avatars in images and characters using this tool. You can also use these avatars in YouTube videos. It includes a redesigned library to add facial characteristics to facial images within a few minutes. 

If you have a channel on YouTube, use F-Clone app. It helps you to make professional and beautiful videos to upload on the YouTube app. There is a free as well as premium version of this app. 

8. 3DCrafter 


3DCrafter is a good Facerig free app to add stunning 3D effects to the images. It comes with a drag and drop feature to create different models. Apart from that, it also helps to move objects in any direction and angles as per your need or choice. 

This tool comes in 3 versions such as 3D Crafter, plus version and Pro version. Every version has different features from one another. You can get more advanced features by choosing the paid version of the app. 

9. Gabsee 


Whether it is an Android user or iOS user, everyone can use Gabsee app. You can create unique avatars for your photos and images using this app. It also helps you to add customized features and characteristics to the images. You can create avatar in cartoon form using this tool. The features are very easy to understand and use to edit images and photos. You can also get a link of link with 3D version. 



Moovly is another latest app with drag and drop feature to create funny videos. It helps you to make animated videos in your own way. The tool comes with layers to create animated videos from beginning. You can also adjust them to create a perfect video for posting on social media sites. 

The app has user-friendly interface with various options. It also comes with pre-made templates included in the app to create stunning animated videos. There are many clips in the app that make your videos colorful and perfect. 

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11. Blender 


Blender is one of the best games like Facerig that help to turn your plain images into unique avatars. It comes with amazing animated characters and features that enhance the look of your images. Blender is a free app for creating 3D images and characters. You can also do different activities such as modeling, rendering, motion tracking and composting with this app. 

This tool works on all the major platforms such as Linux, Windows and Mac. It is fun to create colorful and animated 3D avatars in Blender. 

12. Houdini 


The next on this list is Houdini app. It is one of the most popular apps like Facerig that you can use without paying charges. It comes with a wide range of tools that help to create a unique avatar and image. There are several visual effects in this app to use for captured images and photos. 

Houdini improves your creativity and helps to create superb characters. It also has a good user-interface for better understanding. 

13. IClone 


iClone is a modern app to create different animated videos and figures. It is packed with modern technology. This app helps you to make professional 3D animated videos using your creativity and knowledge. It also helps to make characters in the form of layers. 

This app comes in free and paid versions. You can get some better features in paid version than the free version. You can edit facial expressions and other things in characters and images as per your need and choice. 



The next is CrazyTalk app. It is a nice Facerig alternative with numerous editing options. You can edit images with these options as you need. This tool helps you to make modern and unique animations of your choice. One of the best points of using CrazyTalk is that it is a free tool. 

This app helps you to capture video files and take a nice photo album. You can use these videos for marketing purposes as well. If you want to make comedy videos, choose this option. 

15. Powtoon 


Powtoon works differently from the rest of the video editing tools. It provides pre-made videos that you can edit in your style. You can add different types of animation to your videos using the Powtoon app. It is one of the best apps for marketing teams who want to make their marketing campaigns through videos. It comes with free as well as premium versions. Free version has limited options whereas the premium version comes with many advanced features. 

Final words 

Creating animated videos is one of the best activities for adults and kids. These are the best apps like Facerig that you can use to edit images and videos. They can be used for entertainment or marketing purposes. These tools also come with an easy user-interface and help to make smart videos. 

Additionally, these tools help the students who want to become good artists or animators in the future. There are plenty of options in these tools that help to create good images. 

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