11 Best Video Editing Tools To Create A Stunning Instagram Video

We all know Instagram is the most used content creating social media app at the moment. Everyone is creating all sorts of content, but recently people are focusing more on video content: reels. This comes as no surprise as it is an easier and faster way to consume information.

While creating video content is all fun and games, editing them is hectic. When it comes to something like, say, the best Instagram video editing tool, most people don’t have enough information. This can be frustrating.

So, listed here are some tools you can use to edit your video content. These tools give you all the options needed for editing your video. This makes the process easier and saves you a lot of time.

List of Video Editing Tools for Android and iPhone users 


InVideo is one of the most authentic video editing tools out there; it can help you edit videos and make them look professional in seconds. It has amazing features such as: fully-customizable templates, adding music to videos, adding your own branding, converting text to video. InVideo regularly pops up in discussions regarding the best online video editor. You can also edit your videos with your colleagues or friends by sharing links with them, and it is easy to navigate your way through the app.

It is, however, pertinent to note that the watermark will be present in all of your edited videos unless you have the purchased version. Also, you can export 15 minutes of the video.


One of the most popular video editing tools, this tool helps you edit your video, add music, texts, emoji, trim video, transition effects and it gives your edits a professional touch. It also has a chroma screen and helps you edit and add photos into videos. The best part is that you can share your edited videos directly on Instagram. 

While this tool can be used by both Android and iPhone users, you can’t remove watermarks on its free version.


Filto is a tool  that is popular for its variety of filters. You can pick any filter that fits your aesthetic and edit your videos. It also allows you to add in your own songs by picking out music from their apps library or you can connect your iTunes account and choose; this is one of the unique features of Filto. It can be used on iPhone and on Android devices. This app allows you to choose the ratio of your videos. 

Some of the setbacks are; it is not easy to use if you are a first-time video editor, the watermarks cannot be removed on the free version. The music library in the app is limited.


If you are a beginner trying to figure out editing videos, this is the tool for you. The feature that makes this app stand out is that the watermark can be removed easily in the free version. It is both Android and iPhone friendly. It has a number of features, including adding music, text, and pictures to the video. 

The only setback is that it is limited when it comes to language options. 


Splice is an amazing Instagram video editing tool if you are looking for some basic editing features. This tool can help you add filters, adjust exposure, add music, the edited video can be directly posted on Instagram and it even helps overlay masks. The premium version of this tool  gives you access to more features such as chroma key and special effects. This is available for both Apple and Android users.

But with this tool, you cannot add captions to your videos without paying. 

Quick by GoPro 

This tool brings you all the features you need to edit your videos. It makes the editing process easier. It helps you customize your videos the way you want by providing you with features such as filters, overlay, effects, title slides, adding emoji, and adding texts. The edited video will have a professional touch to it. 

Only the premium version allows you to edit videos using the software. While this is a setback, the tool provides you with a 30- day free trial period before you choose to pay for the editing tools. 

Editing Tools for Desktop users:

EaseUS video editor

This tool helps you edit your videos and gives the final product a professional touch. This tool can be used to make edits for Instagram video content. It offers features such as: text, adding music, filters, overlay, elements, and much more. It helps with basic video editing and contains a number of professional video editing effects. It is a free editing tool. 

The only setback of this tool is that it cannot be used on Mac OS X and macOS.


This software helps to edit videos on Windows and Mac. It is available for everyone to use, it is completely free and has a wide range of editing tools that you will need to edit your video content without any hassle. It includes features such as adding text, 3D animations, slow motion, editing audio, and more.

The only con is that some video editing features are limited.

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Filmora is a video editing software that offers its users a variety of video editing tools: animations, visual and audio editing, overlays, text. It has some advanced features such as motion tracking, audio equalizer, video stabilizer, and more. This one is more for professional video editors.

There is no free version available for this software but there is a free trial you can use. It is not suited for beginners as it requires time to learn how to use the editing tools.


Biteable is an animation-based video editing tool. This tool provides a number of templates, stock videos, and video libraries from which you can create your videos without having to go through the trouble of recording your videos. One of the impressive features is that it allows group editing where you can share your editing platform with your team. The edited videos can be stored in the cloud.

This tool is animation-based and might not always go well with your aesthetic and there are no templates available for reels.


This tool helps you edit your Instagram reels or video content to your liking. It saves you plenty of time with the feature that allows team editing. It also contains video templates; it includes features such as chroma keys, helps add your own set of fonts to the video and helps record videos on the spot, and adds it to the editing video.

But this tool is hard to navigate at times and there are chances of lagging when working in a group. One of the biggest drawbacks is that it allows its users to download and save only the first 5 minutes of video in the free version.


While the new trend of Instagram reels is going around, it is hard to pick and choose one particular tool to get all your work done for free. The tools mentioned above can be a great start at learning how to edit videos on your own. With the list provided above, you can get most of your tasks done without any hassle or disturbances.

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