How to Unarchive Instagram Posts?

After posting content on social media some people feel shy or after some time, they feel like this photo or video is awkward or embarrassing. So they archive those posts while some just try the new filters and features of the platform. After doing so they feel like keeping that photo or video back but couldn’t do it because of not having enough knowledge.

If you have also archived any post unintentionally on Instagram and now looking for ways to make it visible again. We’ll help you find the solution to your problem most easily. Just like to increase your engagement rate fast you can buy Instagram followers. Also if you don’t have any idea what you can get after unarchiving a post. We’ll give you all the reasons to do so and what you can expect from them and how they would be helpful. Below are some pro tips for your archived posts and the different ways through which you can recover them.

Benefits of Archiving a Post

Deleting is not the only option to remove your post from the public’s eye while archiving is the best way to remove your photo from the public without deleting. The archive is a way through which you move your photos or videos from the public’s eyes and only you have access to see them. If there is the question in your mind why you need to do this, let us find you the answer:

Hide from the Public’s Eye

You posted a photo in the past on your Instagram profile and after some months or years, you feel like hiding it. But you also want to keep it in your Instagram account as a memory. No worries archive is the best option to do so. In that way, only you can see those photos, and no one else will have access to them. Some people use private Instagram profile viewer, no worries your archived posts will still remain hidden.  

Get Organized Photos

Well if you don’t know before then keep one thing in mind archiving your photos will chronologically organize them. Your all archived photos will be organized and if you want to show them back that is to unarchive them. They’ll remain archived and wouldn’t show as a new post.

Comments and Likes Remain

When you remove a photo from your profile by deleting it, along with that photo your hard-earned likes and comments on that photo are also gone. With archiving, the photo engagement rate remains the same and your likes and comments on that post will not remove.

Remains in Insights

If you check the insights of your photos or videos even if they are archived, their results will still show in the insights of your profile. That means you can see in the statistics how well and badly that post performed. Also, users interacted with such types of posts or not.

Is There a Way to Archive Instagram Stories?

Now you would have an idea about archiving the posts and how it benefits you. If you are curious about Instagram stories that are whether you can archive them or not. When you archive stories this means you can save them on other devices and their order will remain the same. This will be helpful because some influencers share their routine and tutorials in their stories. Disturbing their sequence will ruin the whole effort. So no worries your story will remain in the sequence even after they are archived.

How to Unarchive Instagram Posts?

No matter if you archive your post by mistake or you were just checking the new feature or whatever the reason was, now you want to recover them. We’ll provide a complete solution through which you can unarchive your Instagram posts and make them appear in your feed again.

  •         Open your instgaram app.
  •         Go to your profile by clicking on the profile icon at the bottom right corner.
  •         If you have archived any posts they’ll be there
  •         At the top left side of your profile page, you’ll see a clock icon where your all archived posts are saved.
  •         After finding that icon click on it.
  •         Then choose Archive and there you’ll see the list of archive posts
  •         You can see any archive post, just click on the archive at the top of your mobile screen and choose any story or post.
  •         If you want to restore any archived Instagram story then click on a highlight with a little heart icon on it. You can see that icon at the bottom left side of your page.
  •         You can add this story to your Instagram highlights that will show at the top of your profile posts whenever someone visits your profile.
  •         You can easily unarchive a post by simply clicking on archive and from there choose posts.
  •         Then click on the posts you want to unarchive and from there select ‘show on profile’.
  •         Tap on that option and your posts will start showing in your feed.

Now you would have a complete idea of unarchiving a post or story and you can utilize them to get benefits. Hope this blog was helpful and now you can have more control over your Instagram account.  

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