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8 Best Habitica alternatives in 2024

Achieving habits sometimes seems to be a difficult task to do. By keeping the same in my people, consider different applications. One can take the example of habitica as this is the application which is specially developed for all those who want to change their perspective towards life. If you are also among those, who feel like things are not as you want and you are not able to achieve the goals, get it in your life. But sometimes habitica is not the right application to choose from because it makes you feel disturbed. If you don’t want to feel this way, consider the Habitica alternatives we are mentioning below.

The major reason for choosing a habitica alternative is that because the interface is not that much friendly as you expect. And the cost also creates problems for users. Therefore, if you want that you can get the same thing for free, consider the alternative we are mentioning below.

Best Alternatives to Habitica

1. is the best platform for all those who want to change their life. The developers keep everything into consideration and developed it by keeping the positive and negative habits of a user into consideration. If you wish to achieve your goals timely, this application will help you to deal with it easily. You can simply start with habits tracking and add community support so that private coaching will be there for the ultimate support system of your goals.

This application is community focus and helps you to achieve what you want. You will be able to get an idea about your progress, and there will be the answer to all your questions. Whenever you achieve any milestone, there is a celebration. The major aspect of designing this application was to research psychology and behavior design. Like most of the Habit tracking applications, it also offers you 300 habit samples, and each of them is created by a team of professionals. You just need to get an idea of what you want to do and what you want to achieve. It comes up with multiple languages, and the interface is quite simple as well. You can simply set goals and achieve them.

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2. MindSet


MindSet is also one of the best good habit applications. It offers you everything requires to have a good life and to keep up with your good habits. It comes up with advanced level scientific habit boosting techniques that help you to start easily. By trying different stunning things, you will be able to see the changes.

Moreover, it will not only help you to keep track of your activities, but when you wish to keep track of weight, step, miles, meditation, sleep, and other things, this will help you to deal with such thing as well. It comes up with tracking of unlimited habits, and you will be able to set your goals as well. If you wish to share your habits with friends, the option is there. You will be going to receive instant notifications every time. There will be nothing missing from your eyes.

3. Simple habit tracker

Simple habit tracker

Simple habit tracker is an application which has been developed by keeping a positive attitude of a person into consideration. If you feel like that nothing positive is going on and you want to change your life, then having a simple habit tracker in your device will be the best choice to have. It is specially designed for all those who want that their life must be having a positive aspect. It offers a core of features, including reminders, tracks progress, stays balance across programs, and achieving your life goals as well.

Not even a single thing will be going to miss from your eyes. There are 200 simple habit ideas as well, which you can consider. It will be going to promote multiple positive changes in your life, which help you to deal with things efficiently.

4. Habit tracker

Habit tracker

Habit tracker is an application that will be going to act as a companion so that you can keep track of your day-to-day activities and routines. For all types of users, this is the best application to consider. You can easily measure each and everything without any particular limitation. You can simply set up the goals and follow your schedule as well. Additionally, it offers a new analytics system as well where you will be able to get an idea about your whole day activities, including the positive and negative habits. You can easily understand what you have done right and what you have done wrong.

Additionally, it will help you to achieve the milestones which seem to be impossible for you. You can keep track of your activities set up goals, and achieve them as well. You can enjoy this service for free on android and iOS devices.

5. Stickk


Stickk is an application that helps in the category of most powerful application to keep track of your goals and regular habits. It will help you to set up the goals and achieve them as well. It is the best remedy for procrastination as well because it keeps up the track of your behavioral changes as well. You can simply get an idea of what is going on and what you want to do. It is a free app, and you can easily enjoy things. The commitment contracts are quite magical behind the application, and it will help you to stick to your goal. Without any limitation, you will be able to deal with aspects efficiently.

6. Powerful morning habits

Powerful morning habits

Powerful morning habits are an application that is quite sleek and developed for all the Android users out there. It helps you to follow a healthy daily routine as well. It also allows the user to make the habits a part of their daily routine and to organize things accordingly. This app turns your life into something which you have not expected as well. The impact will be positive, and you will not face any kind of trouble at all. This application will help you to achieve the task, which seems like you cannot achieve it. It will turn your point of view considering the situation and let you feel delighted as well.

7. Habit share

Habit share

Habit share is also an application that enables you to track the habits with your friends as well. This application is especially for Android and iOS users. You can easily track unlimited habits and much more. For example, if you want to learn a chapter and you want to set up a goal, this application will help you to deal with it easily. It comes up with fun habit tracking and helps you to feel motivated towards your goal as well. You can easily achieve your goal, which seems to be impossible. Moreover, it will help you to cut all your bad habits and help you to understand what is right and what is wrong. The key features of the application include messaging with gifts, charts, daily and weekly habits, goals, daily tasks, and so on.

8. Fitocracy


Fitocracy an application that is specially developed for all those who want to develop the habit of engaging in the workout and want to be fit as well. It will help you to keep track of activities in detail. If you want to work out, but there is a battle going on against sleeping, Netflix, and other things, this will be the best choice to have. This will help you feel motivated, and you will be able to achieve your goals as well. There will be no need for you to feel disappointed in any case because things will be going as you have expected and as you want. The soon you will be able to achieve your goal, the soon you will be able to see the results.


All these are the best Habitica alternatives. We suggest you get the application, which is sufficient enough and fulfilling your requirement. In case any of the features are missing, it becomes difficult for you to achieve the task as you expected. Therefore check out each and everything in detail and move ahead. If you feel like there is anything troubling you a lot, get any of the applications in your device and set up goals, and be ready to achieve them.

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Frequent Asked Questions

What is Habitica?

Habitica is a free task management and productive app which assists in improving real-life habits. This is an open-source RPG that was developed in 2013. In this game, you have to take the little pixel-art character on an adventure to become more productive.

What are the disadvantages of Habitica?

No doubt people love the concept of Habitica, but most of them complain about many disadvantages like bad UI, bugs, crash issues.

Who is better than Habitica?

Checkvist is always better than Habitica. It comes with several features like custom tags, better UI, vim-like command, conversion of incoming emails to todos, and bug-free experience.

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