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7 Best Tor Browser Alternatives for iOS and Android in 2024

Browsers serve every purpose of the internet. Slow loading browsers will interrupt the smooth working of websites and pages. Tor is one of the best browsers with superb features. It prevents your device from hackers. Besides, it also maintains the privacy of the user and hides the IP address while surfing the internet. 

In addition to that, one can do financial transactions on the Tor browser easily. It also helps in doing safe communications and interactions with other users. However, there are some drawbacks to using the Tor browser on your system. 

The Tor browser has a tricky user-interface and one cannot find the options easily. Apart from that, it has a slow speed as compared to other popular browsers. Tor also does not support the dark web like other web browsers. Although To browser maintains good privacy, there is still a risk. Government officials can access your data on the Tor browser anytime. 

To avoid these problems, you can choose some Tor browser alternatives for your system. Many alternatives help you to surf the internet perfectly. You can use these alternatives on your iOS or Android devices. Let us have a look at some of the alternatives of the Tor browser for your daily work. 

Best Alternative to Tor Browser

1. Invisible Internet Project (Top Rated Tor Browser Alternative)

Invisible Internet Project

Invisible Internet Project is the best browser like tor for effective communication and internet surfing. It has the feature of encryption and keeps the user’s information safe and private. Your device’s IP address and other information will go into the wrong hands. Invisible Internet Project is available in several languages of the world. Moreover, this browser is free of charge and has various licenses. 

This browser does not leak the name of your location or IP address in any way. You can share important files and documents with your contacts from this browser. The user-interface of I2P is very attractive and simple. You can find anything within a fraction of a second on this browser.  

In addition to that, I2P comes with an application layer. You can develop many useful apps using this application layer. Besides, you can also make your platform and add to the directory of the I2P browser for daily use. 

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2. Freenet


As the name suggests, this browser is available for free of cost. You can enjoy communication with your contacts without worrying about privacy. It is one of the free alternatives to the Tor browser for daily use. It came in the year 2003 but it became very popular in a short time. This browser also includes a decentralized store to keep your data safe. Moreover, the user interface of Freenet is easy to understand by anyone. 

The dual layers of security protect your private information. They also hide your IP address and other data from outsiders and hackers. Freenet helps you to connect with friends and outsiders as well.  It comes with several options for users. You can also post your queries and doubts on forums. 

Additionally, you can browse various websites of games. It is one of the safest browsers for any user. 

3. Tails 


The tails browser works accurately on the Linux operating system. It maintains privacy at a high level and helps you to share important files and documents with other contacts. You can get the feature of live DVD and live USB in the Tails browser. It also includes Secure Boot for the users. You can create a password for high security while sharing work files, folders, or documents. 

One of the major benefits of using Tails is that it sends all the traffic to the TOR network for the convenience of the users. It is also a nice tool for the technical team and software developers. Moreover, you can download on your system with the help of an SD card, USB drive, or DVD. 

In addition to that, you can get a wide range of apps in this browser. They include an IM client, sound editor, and office suite, and so on. 

4. Subgraph OS 

Subgraph OS 

Subgraph OS is one of the best alternatives to tor with good features. It has the facility of encryption that keeps your communication safe and secure. You can send music files, videos, and other folders and documents on this browser.  Apart from that, it also comes with an array of features such as an email client, firewall, and so on. 

This browser is highly recommended for people who have to share private files and documents. It keeps the identity of the user safe and private without leaking its IP address and other details. 

Additionally, there are 2 ways to use Subgraph OS on your system. You can download it on your PC from any source permanently or download it from USB or DVD.  Furthermore, the user-interface of this browser is attractive and easy to understand even for beginners. 

5. Whonix OS 

Whonix OS 

If you want to do unlimited browsing, you can choose the Whonix OS. It is one of the latest Tor browser alternatives with beautiful features. This browser uses the TOR network to help the users for anonymous browsing. It also saves your PC from viruses and Trojans. You can play games, watch movies, and do other online activities from Whonix OS. 

You can download this browser on any version of Windows. It also hides your IP address when you are surfing the internet. Besides, you can do online payments and bank transactions on Whonix OS safely and effectively.  

In addition to that, this browser comes with a Live Mode option. You can use tools such as Debian, Kicksecure, and other tools with this option. There is a feature of Keystroke in Whonix OS that helps to track the users easily. Furthermore, it features Boot Clock Randomization for stopping time attacks. 

6. Freepto 


Freepto is the new browser with modern and advanced features. It is better than Tor browser that works on the Linux operating system. There are many ways to load the Freepto browser on your system. You can load it by USB or image editor, mail client, and other apps. The process to download and install this browser is quite simple. Even if you do not have the experience, you can install Freepto easily. 

There are some differences between normal browsers and the Freepto browser. Freepto helps you to add your software or make changes in it as well. Moreover, you can create new tools with the help of the Freepto browser.   

Additionally, this browser helps you to keep your documents safe and confidential. It also encrypts every communication for safety. Freepto is the best software for freelancers, small and large-sized companies, and even for homes, shops, and malls. 

7. Opera Neon 

Opera Neon 

The last browser on this list is Opera Neon. It can be added to the list of good Tor browser alternatives for daily use. You can download the Opera Neon browser on any version of Windows and Mac operating systems. It comes with fantastic features such as video pop-out, split-screen view, and so on. 

Opera Neon has some features similar to the Opera browser. So, it is easy for anyone to use this browser who has little knowledge of using Opera. Many features of Opera Neon are modified for giving a more attractive look. This browser also clears extra files and other clutter from your desktop. It includes some colorful wallpaper to enhance the look of your desktop. 

In addition to that, it features a modern engine to make tabs and other options look more real on your PC. It helps you to manage and control your activities on the desktop. 

Final words 

Browser is the nerve for using the internet. If you want to enjoy long and unlimited internet surfing, you need to have powerful browsers. This is the list of best tor browser alternatives for iOS and Android that you can use for free of charge. They come with a myriad of modern features that make your internet surfing easier. 

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