10 Best TextNow alternatives 2024

Free calls can simplify your personal and professional life. You can now enjoy free calls with TextNow app. It is a free tool that allows making free calls and sending free texts to your friends. Further, this tool is useful in home, shop, and offices. Apart from that, you can download the TextNow app on Android phones, tablets, and Notepad. But there are some drawbacks in using TextNow app such as: 

  • It provides free services only to TextNow users
  • The person whom you want to talk must download the TextNow app on his Android device 
  • It has charges if you want to connect it to landline and mobile numbers. 

But now, you can also prefer Textnow alternatives for free calls and text messages. There are many alternatives you can try instead of using the TextNow app. They are as under:

1. Freetone

Best TextNow alternatives

Different from usual calling apps, Freetone is a good app for making free calls. You can also send text messages to your friends staying abroad or in other cities. Further, this app has amazing functions and new features, unlike other apps. 

Additionally, you can make free calls on landline and mobile numbers with Freetone. There is also a premium calling feature in this app that you can get at affordable rates. Furthermore, it simplifies your conversations with your clients and customers. 

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2. Wire 

best alternative to textnow

The wire is one of the websites like textnow for calling, messaging, and video calls. It works on all the platforms without technical issues. Further, the app comes with end-to-end encryption to protect your chats. It also has a simple process of registration. 

In addition to that, this tool is widely used for video conferencing by small companies. It increases security while discussing the important matters of the business. Moreover, the tool enhances the group calling experience during group projects. 

3. Skype 

best apps like textnow

The next tool on the list is Skype. It is the most popular app for free calling and text messages. This app helps you to communicate in a better way while working on group assignments or projects. 

Further, Skype works on every platform from Windows to Android. You don’t have to pay monthly charges or fees to use Skype for making calls or sending messages. It also helps you to call on landline numbers and mobile numbers without paying charges. 

4. TextPlus


Weekends are for unlimited phone calls and messages. If you want to try some fun with your friends this week, you can pick TextPlus. It is the way by which you can make free landline and mobile calls. Besides, it can also send text messages to another person without charges.  

One of the major benefits of using TextPlus tool is that it contains no time-consuming registration process. You don’t need to give any detail while using the tool. This again makes it a good and secure app for professional calls. 

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5. Talkatone


If you want to feel your friend close to you every time, you can choose the Talkatone app. It is one of the robust apps like textnow for limitless calling and texting. However, it works on only 3 platforms and those are Android, Browser, and iOS. 

Further, this tool works with the internet and Wi-Fi. Apart from that, it also allows us to connect with dear ones who are in other countries. Even if you want international calls, you can enjoy them at cost-effective rates. 

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6. Telos


The name tells you everything about the features of the app. Telos is the tool to boost entertainment in your daily life. Usually, you need to put the SIM card in your mobile phones to make calls. But Telos offers the number without the SIM card option. You can enjoy calling on any phone number without paying charges. 

In addition to that, you can send free messages from one number to another with Telos. Moreover, it is a good way to collaborate with office colleagues. 

7. Fring


Fring is one of the most famous sites like textnow for teens and adults. It is perfect for students, office employees, college groups, and other professionals. Whenever you want to discuss some important points of a group project, you can call your group members using Fring facility. 

This app does not include monthly expenses. You don’t have to pay costly phone bills after using this modern tool. Furthermore, you can do video conferencing with your college friends and office staff form any place. 

8. NextPlus


NextPlus does not need any SIM card to make phone calls. It is the latest tool for making free local and international calls. Further, this intuitive app is a free tool to use on mobile phones or tablets. It does not state terms and conditions. Whether it a mobile number or simple landline one, you can call on any number without money. 

NextPlus is one of the amazing apps like textnow for pc and other devices. It is a nice app for calling and messaging. 

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9. Dingtone


The next tool on this list is Dingtone. It is one of the best Texthow alternatives mac for free calls. You can also send text messages to any mobile number without spending money. It enhances communication between group members and college friends. 

In addition to that, this tool offers you great features for making your projects successful. It does not have any charge for calling or text messages. 

10. Dasher Messenger 

Dasher Messenger is another smart messaging tool. It is one of the easiest textnow alternatives android for group calling or messaging. You can send simple SMSs, video messages, and audio messages to your friends or cousins. It also comes with amazing symbols by which you can show your feelings through messages. 

This tool also gives a facility to share important documents and files with your office team. It is one of the best tools for completing group projects.  

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Final words 

This list offers you various options for free calls and messages. You can choose an alternative to textnow for enjoying free calls with your parents, friends, relatives, cousins, and colleagues.

Frequent Asked Questions TextNow alternatives

What is better than TextNow?

You will get many apps like Text now but the wire is one of the better apps than Text now you can use with better features and a user-friendly interface.

Is there another app like TextNow?

There are many apps available like TextNow which supports several platforms like android, ios and android but the most popular and liked alternative of Text now is Google Voice.

Is TextNow free really free?

Yes! Textnow is free but if you want an ad-free experience, then you have to pay $9.99 per month. In this ad-free plan you will get voicemail transcription and unlimited photo & video history.

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