12 Best Chegg Alternatives 2024

Internet is the common requirement of today’s education world. Many websites provide education services to students. Chegg is famous for its bookselling facilities to students and assists them with their assignments and homework. Chegg is a global firm that provides a range of services to help students save money on schoolbooks and receive educational support.

The platform covers massive varieties of subjects, from history, computer science, and mathematics to finance and algebra. Chegg also provides a mobile app service that helps students access some of the products and facilities such as College Text. It also includes Chegg Math Solver, Chegg Play, Chegg Coupon, Chegg study help, Test Prep, Digital Access Codes, solution manual, Used Textbook, and more.

Conversely, you have to pay the fee to use Chegg’s services. Most of the websites have established that provide similar services without any fee or charge. There are many other Websites Like Chegg for online tutoring you may make access if you are searching for the best and top Chegg substitutes. Therefore, for the convenience of applicants, we are providing the best Chegg Substitutes.

What is Chegg? 

Chegg is an online learning platform that helps students and teachers across the World with their studies and provides them a range of help that makes their study and learning hassle-free. Chegg provides various facilities to both professionals as well as students in their subjects. Chegg also connects the applicants with private teachers.

Chegg may offer you nearly everything connected to your studies, such as book renting and buying, PDF Books, study material, and even teachers. Many other websites offer a similar service as Chegg. So, you may check the other Best Chegg Alternatives from here. Each of these websites plays an essential role in Education.

Services Offered by Chegg:

  • Chegg charges students a monthly fee ($14.95 per month) to evaluate their assignments, homework, research papers for any errors comprising grammar.
  • Also, it permits tutors or students to rent a book for study.
  • Tutors charge their fees according to the support needed by the student and their capability in the subject.
  • The students may either buy a plan or may take personal tuition from the tutors.
  • The primary field of specialty comprises; Online selling and Education.
  • Students may get the answers to nearly 20 questions every month; the expert’s answer to each question will be provided without any extra fee.
  • Chegg provides digital learning to all students, thus creating higher learning more classy and reasonable to an average learner.
  • Chegg also assists applicants to buy new or old books according to their choice.
  • Because of their trustworthy services, Chegg ranks in the first position.

Best Chegg Alternatives 2023

1. Book Finder

Book Finder

Book Finder is the best learning platform or website that offers you various books and study material. It is effortless to find any book on BookFinder. Students may find more than 100,000 inventory booksellers worldwide. To find the book, you have to go to the Search section and mention the author name, Subject, PBN, Book name, and press the search button. Results are displayed at the inexpensive to highest prices.

2. AbeBooks


AbeBooks has billions of rare books, the latest books, and print books, and it consists of many websites that provides fine art, books, and collectibles from vendors in more than 50 countries. The best Chegg Replacement is AbeBooks. AbeBooks is a legal website, and Amazon handles it. Many bookstores provide their assignments & books online, while others also keep a steady storefront.

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3. PaperHelp


Many applicants worldwide access the services of PaperHelp. It provides applicants the freedom to select the writer they wish for their homework. Also, PaperHelp keeps the privacy of students secure. All data is entirely secure from third-party snooping. It assists you in writing correct work that has never been available anyplace from scratch. PaperHelp is the best and secure platform for every teacher and student.

4. Grademiner

GradeMiners is a paper writing facility that offers academic writing helps to applicants of all school levels. Since 2014, GradeMinners has been assisting applicants in their assignments and paper. It relishes an ordinary reputation among applicants and provides a wide variety of academic help. The GradeMiners also offers various services such as editing and proofreading facilities, along with resume writing.

5. 99Papers


99Papers is an essay writing facility and the best Chegg Alternative. It offers comprehensive assistance by checking your content. It evaluates the work or content for spelling, grammar, and writing tone. If you want assistance with writing assignments or homework, you may always rely on 99Papers to perform a good job fulfilling all of the needs. If you are afraid of copyright concerns, then you should try the 99Papers.

6. Zovio


Zovio has more than a decade of experience taking responsibility for their future by offering online learning options to learners of all ages. It connects applicants to any teacher of their choice through online class entering. Zovio has recorded the anchor of more than 17 million full tutoring classes by more than 3,000 experts. It is one of the best platforms and the Chegg substitute.

7. SparkNotes


SparkNotes offers free learning guides to students for a wide range of school subjects. SparkNotes are extremely useful to study guides for math, literature, science, English, and more. Moreover, it provides an online platform to buy assignment, books, and a Test Prep service. SparkNotes expanded to offer learning guides for many other disciplines, comprising chemistry, biology, physics, health, economics, math, and sociology.

8. Slader


Slader is a New York-based website or online platform that permits applicants to assist each other with assignments or homework. There is a massive range of teachers and writing facilities that operate 24/7 online and may take care of housework of any difficulty and educational level. It provides the solutions and clarifications that applicants require for their school work on Foreign Languages, Upper-Level Math, and other subjects.

9. Course Hero

Course Hero

Course Hero is the destination where you may acquire course-particular learning resources contributed by applicants and teachers’ society. All teachers in Course Hero are highly qualified. Course Hero is another best Alternative To Chegg. Course Hero offers access to homework problems, old tests, textbook queries, and classwork. It also provides the capability to create study groups where you may transfer files and share ideas.

10. Skooli


Skooli is among the extremely beneficial online platforms for students. It permits the applicants to gain in-depth knowledge of any topic or field. The content is easy to know with Skooli; you may study nearly everything regarding any topic or syllabus with a personal teacher’s assistance. You may appoint a teacher as per the Course, Subject, Problem type, and many more. 

11. Scribd


Scribd is the World’s biggest e-library and is based on an annual or monthly subscription. Scribd provides free one month access to students, and its library has millions of audiobooks, ebooks, learning books, magazines, and more. Among the most significant benefits of Scribd is that it offers both eBooks and audiobooks in one destination, and Amazon doesn’t provide both Audible and Kindle Unlimited.

12. Coursera


Coursera is the best e-learning platform for more than 5 million students who have already signed up for their online learning and courses. It provides everything from art, music, and philosophy to software growth, computer security, mechanical engineering, cloud computing, and astronomy. It provides various courses for free; you may also watch lecture videos and presentations, holding discussions with other applicants.

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Final Conclusion:

Chegg is continuously working on making more communicating and exciting methods to understand things. Chegg provides different services associated with studies and assists in various disciplines, like Biology, Computer Science, Physics, Engineering, Science, Business, Math, Physics, and Civil Engineering. You can choose the best and top Chegg substitute from the above-provided list and let us know which alternative is best for you.  

Some Frequent Asked Question On Chegg Alternatives

Who are Chegg competitors?

Chegg is the platform for college and school students. It offers e-textbooks and printed notes for every exam. You can get materials for test preparation on the Chegg site. There are many competitors of Chegg such as Course Hero, Vedantu, 2U, and Varsity Tutors. These apps also work like Chegg and help the students to study in a better manner.

Is Chegg Study illegal?

No college or institution states that Chegg is illegal. But many teachers and instructors advise not to use Chegg because of few reasons. Chegg is not useful for students who do not have internet access. In absence of the internet, the students cannot use the Chegg app and may score bad marks in the exam.

What is better than Chegg?

You can many options to study online these days. From all Chegg competitors, Course Hero is the best option. It offers free features for college and school students every month at affordable fees. On the other hand, Chegg charges fees for every textbook and e-book.

Do teachers know if you use Chegg?

Yes, teachers can know when you use the Chegg app. They can view when the students copy answers in the exams from Chegg site. Many teachers compare the answers of the exams with the answers available on Chegg app. If your answer in the exam is wrong and appears as plagiarized content, the teachers will report this cheating.

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