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12 Best CallRail alternatives 2024

Looking for CallRail alternatives for your work? Want to know which call center software is best for you? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

CallRail is one of the best call tracking apps that help marketers measure phone call exchanges from digital, search, and offline advertising campaigns. CallRail makes it simple to find out which advertising sources are ringing your phone. CallRail is an excellent software with various features, but it is significant to ensure you select the right Call Tracking software for your association or company.

Over 20,000 companies trust CallRail to monitor, record and evaluate phone calls. Check a range of the best Call Tracking apps that provides similar advantages at competitive rates. CallRail has many robust alternatives, and there is an option that one of them may be better for your personal need or company. You may enhance your marketing and enhance ROI with call tracking software.

The best and top 12 Callrail Alternatives or substitutes are Invoca, Call Tracking Metrics, Call Source, Servetel, Live Call, Infinity Cloud, Phonexa, Phone Wagon, and Convirza. Some other best sites and software similar to CallRail are Better Voice, Free Call, MyOperator, Novocall, Response Tap, and Inside Sales. Here, you may check the complete list of the top 12 12 Callrail Alternatives.

List of top Callrail alternatives:

1. Call Source

Call Source

Call Source is excellent software for call analytics. It provides various details about call performance, call volume, missed opportunities, and many more. Call Source comprises a reviews component, which assembles reviews uploaded across social networks and permits teams to track, handle, and respond to clients through a centralized dashboard. Call Source arises with the main scoring functionality, which allows applicants to recognize scenarios and revenue-generating options.

2. Invoca


Invoca is call monitoring and analytics software that helps marketers achieve conversion reporting and campaign acknowledgment from incoming phone calls. Invoca is another best alternative that comes second on our list. Consequently, marketers can make dramatic enhancements in ROI by driving more revenue-generating calls, initialing the consumer journey, enhancing conversion rates, and operating more effective campaigns. Invoca has enormous popularity in more than 110 countries.

3. Call Tracking Metrics

Call Tracking Metrics

Call Tracking Metrics assists companies & businesses provide a modified consumer experience by merging robust call tracking and contact center software. Call Tracking Metrics is another app on a similar level as CallRail. Over 100,000 applicants rely on the CTM to merge their sales, marketing, and service teams’ communications. Call Tracking Metrics permits you to make vanity phone numbers for particular advertising campaigns and shortcodes to get regular SMS.

4. Servetel


Servetel is the most critical cloud telephony facility provider that provides cloud telephony solutions for all your company needs. Servetel provides a free trial, so you may also enjoy the free trial before purchasing the premium account. Servetel app has several features, and it is user-friendly and cost-effective software. Servetel offers facilities such as voice calls instantaneously, bulk SMS, recording incoming and outgoing calls, and many others.

5. Live Call

Live Call

Live Call is one of the top Generation &Callback apps, and it allows you to promote inbound sales calls and the number of people who are recently watching your website. Live Call spontaneously calls your consumer and sales manager. It joins them to a solo line in nearly 25 seconds and offers end-to-end solutions equipped for Web App. The online Live Chat system provides Call List Management, Data Management, Call Recording, Lead Capture, and Lead Scoring in one destination.

6. Free Call

Free Call

Free Call is online-based communications software surrounded by a website, offering visitors a free means of communicating with you directly on your landline and smartphones. With Free Call, you have modest and straightforward software that concentrates on consumers starting phone calls with your company. Free Call comes sixth in our top CallRail alternative list. The Free Call helps companies keep the prices of consumer communications low yet relishes high-quality calls at both ends.

7. Call Hippo

Call Hippo

Call Hippo is an online Phone System that permits companies to purchase instant phone numbers from more than 55 countries worldwide. CallHippo is reliable by more than 5500 companies worldwide. Call Hippo is simple-to-access while providing robust functionality with improved features such as Automatic call distribution & Power Dialer. It permits companies to purchase local numbers in over 50 countries and assign specific numbers to various sectors in a few clicks.

8. Phonexa


Phonexa is another best call tracking app that affects all vital functions of customers. It comprises many features like call recording, automatic call distribution (ACD), URL tracking, A/B testing, predictive analytics, real-time reporting, and call attribution. A free trial of Phonexa is also accessible and supported by various devices. Marketers may study campaigns, calls, or IVR structure and get information about advertisements, high-performing keywords, and sectors.

9. Phone Wagon

Phone Wagon

PhoneWagon is the smart and easy-to-access call tracking app that helps companies enhance their marketing spends by giving them unique local call numbers on each of their various marketing calls or campaigns. You may watch which offline and online promoting campaigns are running, what is not working, and record calls to guide your employees and enhance conversions. Phone Wagon is best for companies and small businesses searching for the best online call tracking software.

10. Convirza 


Convirza is the initial enterprises call monitoring and call optimization software, which comes tenth on our list. The software allows applicants to create phone calls and monitor them directly to online and offline sources. Convirza arises with the latest features like a customizable language collection, local tracking numbers, speech recognition, multi-channel call acknowledgment, visitor level tracking, dynamic number insertion, call reporting, paid search, caller details, and many more.

11. MyOperator


My Operator is the most excellent cloud-based call managing software that offers call optimization solutions for companies. My Operator offers solutions such as IVR, call management features like call tracking, virtual phone numbers (toll-free/non-tollfree), live call transfer, virtual receptionist, call recording, callers’ database, and more. My Operator software helps guide your staff in which they know and understand actual consumer matters and needs.

12. Response Tap

Response Tap

Response Tap is a call monitoring app that promotes automation services at a central level by supporting the two major advertising pillars: marketing effectiveness and consumer experience. Response Tap provides every website session with a solo number to attach the phone call to a consumer’s website visit and campaign history, allowing you to understand which campaigns and keywords were liable for phone marketing.

Factors You Need to Consider While Choosing The Best Call Tracking Software: 

  • The initial and most important thing to evaluate is what the call tracking app provides – the package, compatibility, and features, facilities, cost-efficient rate, and many more.
  • Ensure that your call tracking app incorporates famous tools such as HubSpot, Google Analytics, Agency Analytics, Zapier, Stripe, Google Ads, Salesforce, Facebook, WordPress, Unbounce, SharpSpring, and many more.
  • The most excellent call-tracking app should be flexible and conform to maximum optimization at any time. A multiple-tiered IVR call tracking software saves time.

Final Conclusion:

CallRail is among the best call tracking app providers for marketers. CallRail has various aspects such as dynamic number insertion with keyword-level tracking, call analytics, call recording, IVR functionality, call routing, inbound and outbound calling and messaging, and incorporations with Google Adwords, and many more. The above-provided list of top Callrail Alternatives will help you to choose the best call tracking software for your company.

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Frequent Asked Questions

What is CallRail?

CallRail is the facility or service that helps you to track your phone leads. It is one of the best tools for growing your business. You can also organize and manage your marketing campaigns with the help of the CallRail tool. It includes many features such as keyword spotting technology, phone call recording, call analytics and lead scoring. Moreover, this service helps in increasing business sales.

What are the disadvantages of CallRail?

CallRail service has several disadvantages. It is costly for small businesses. Small businesses do not get many calls during the initial stage of the business. It is difficult to use the CallRail service for various numbers. If you have more than one number for your landing pages, CallRail is a costly service to use for a long time.

Who is the best competitor to CallRail?

If you have a startup or a small business, try using some alternatives to the CallRail service. There are many services similar to CallRail services. They include Servetel, SparkTG, CloudTalk, Freshcaller, MyOperator, Knowlarity, and so on. These services are affordable to use for any small business. They also come with a wide range of modern features that help you to manage your phone leads.

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