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23 Best apps like Taskrabbit in 2024

apps like Taskrabbit
Today, every person wants to earn some extra money apart from normal jobs. It was tough to find your favorite jobs before some years. The only means to get jobs earlier were a newspaper. But these days you can get a variety of jobs online. 

Taskrabbit is a site that helps you to get small jobs in your area. It is easy to use the app after completing the sign-up process. Taskrabbit has a list of small jobs such as cleaning, moving, personal assistant and so on. It is also one of the most reliable sources to get small jobs. 

There are many other apps like TaskRabbit that can find good gigs for your extra money earning passion. You can use these apps to get all small tasks for part-time earning.

Best apps like Taskrabbit 2020

1. Field Agent 

best app like taskrabbit

Field Agent is a unique app wherein you can earn money by answering survey questions. It includes the tasks where you have to visit any store and take photos of the products. Then you have to answer a few questions and earn money. Furthermore, the money deposits directly into your bank account. 

2. Zaarly

apps like taskrabbit

Zaarly is helpful to small entrepreneurs and businessmen. It allows for searching for jobs that suit your skills. Apart from doing business, you can also some extra income by doing your favorite tasks. Moreover, it is simple to use the site by creating an account. Zaarly contains jobs like DJs, cleaning and other tasks. 


best alternative to taskrabbit

The next app on the list is the site. As the name suggests, this site helps you to find out services such as tutoring, babysitting, special needs care, and housekeeping. Further, this site contains genuine jobs where you can earn $15 to $ 20 per month. 

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4. EasyShift


EasyShift is the best app like TaskRabbit that helps in an easy way. This app includes tasks like answering survey questions after visiting the store’s outlet. EasyShift works on both iOS and Android devices. Furthermore, this site deposits your money in the bank account. It is used by many people in different parts of the globe. 

5. Gigwalk

taskrabbit alternatives

Do you want to earn some extra bucks? You can use the GigWalk site. It is one of the amazing ways to find small tasks and earn money. Apart from that, it charges very low subscription fees. GigWalk deposits money in the PayPal account. Furthermore, it lists all reliable small jobs in your local areas. 

6. Handy 


Handy is the site particularly for the people who want to find cleaning, plumbing, and renovation jobs. It works on a simple sign up process. You can earn up to $20 per hour in cleaning and other small tasks. Besides that, it deposits your money in the bank account after completion of the tasks. 

7. Fiverr


This is not a new name for any freelancer or part-time job seeker. Fiverr displays many part-time jobs for working people and businessmen. It has many gigs for posts such as designing, housekeeping, and technicians. Apart from that, you can also find many freelancing jobs on Fiverr site.

8. So Many Errands

So Many Errands

So Many Errands is one of the amazing TaskRabbit alternatives you can use for searching small jobs. It has a list of tasks such as mowing lawns, housekeeping and cleaning jobs. Besides that, it also has a free sign up process. You can easily earn an extra income of $20 to $25 on So Many Errands site. 

9. QuickThoughts

top apps like taskrabbit

The next one on the list is QuickThoughts site. It is a nice app to search for small jobs according to your skills and talent. Besides that, this site offers cash, gift cards and various rewards for opinions. You will get a questionnaire, surveys and polls to earn extra bucks. Your money will deposit into your account. 

10. Crowdflower

Crowdflower lets you find the most comfortable jobs of your choice. It is a good way to find freelancing jobs and earn extra income. Whether you are an internet lover or social media site junkie, Crowdflower has jobs for everyone wherein you have to listen to audio clips and convert them into text. 

11. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk

If you want a good app like Taskrabbit, you can choose the Amazon Mechanical Turk app. It contains mechanical and Human Intelligence Tasks. You can easily earn an income of $10 per hour by choosing this app. Further, this site works the same as other sites with a sign-up process. 

12. NeedTo


NeedTo is one of the robust sites to find work as per your skills and needs. It consists of a list of jobs such as lawn mowing, product assembly, handyman services, and others. If you want to seriously work and earn smart income, this is the best source to get small jobs. 

13. Swagbucks


The next site on the list is Swagbucks. It helps tech-savvy people to earn income online. You can earn by playing games or surfing the internet. It also gives you the chance to answer the survey questions and fill survey forms. Furthermore, it has a pretty user interface that everyone can understand.

14. Loot App

Loot App is the latest platform to earn free gift cards and cash prizes. Most of us share pictures of photos of our new apparel and shoes on social media sites. But not all the sites pay you for using your photos. On the other hand, you can use the Loot App. It offers you rewards for post images and endorsing a brand. 

15. Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands is one of the wonderful apps like TaskRabbit you can use for finding small tasks. If you want to enhance your skills and earn some money from small jobs, you can use this site. It contains tasks like data entry, price checking, fixing an appointment and so on. Fancy Hands also promote you if you perform well. 

16. Humanatic


If you love talking on the phone for many hours, this is the right app for you. All you need to do is to make an account on the Humanatic site and attend recorded phone calls. Then the company will ask several questions about the phone calls. On the basis of your right answers, you can earn extra income. 

17. Spare5


Spare5 is the main platform for developers and social media marketers. It lists simple tasks like suggesting keywords for posts and images and tagging photographs. Apart from that, this site offers you many other tasks like suggesting captions for a post. Moreover, Spare5 is a convenient app to use for finding online jobs. 

18. iPoll


Do you want to express your views and get paid? You can select the iPoll site. It offers many surveys to the users wherein you have to share opinions. Then you can earn money for sharing your views and opinions. This site gives you a specific time to complete the task. It will then reward you with cash prizes or gift cards. 

19. Pact


Now, you can earn for staying healthy. Yes, you heard it right. You can earn more with improvement in your health. The pact allows you to check your progress. It also shows you the steps walked and calories burnt in the day. Besides that, you can also know cash earnings on this site every week. 

20. Mobee


Mobee is different from normal sites. It pays you for providing feedback for shopping at your favorite mall or eating at a favorite restaurant. Answering to easy questions will offer you points that you can redeem for gift cards and cash prizes. Mobee is a nice way to enjoy earning with the task you love to do. 

21. Acorn Hunt 

Acorn Hunt

The next Taskrabbit alternative is Acorn Hunt. It offers cash and rewards after completing small jobs. This site contains various jobs like filling online survey forms and answering survey questions. Apart from that, it also pays you rewards for posting images and photos on social media sites.

22. Iconzoomer


You can now do simple things and earn money. Iconzoomer lists the tasks in which you have to show your favorite shoes or hats. The questions relate to your daily life. All you need to do is to create your profile on Iconzoomer and answer all the questions. You can easily earn $20 per task on this site. 

23. Lucktastic


This is the site wherein you can play games and earn extra income. Lucktastic pays you in the form of cash prizes, gift cards, and game credits. Whether it is building blocks or Pokemon Go, this site will help you to earn several dollars. Furthermore, this site gives you a nice chance to earn apart from a regular job.

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Wrapping up 

This is the full list of Taskrabbit alternatives. You can choose the best alternative to TaskRabbit from the above list to earn extra bucks. These sites provide you the tasks according to your choice and liking. Apart from that, they do not contain any tough jobs. 

Further, these Taskrabbit alternatives do not charge high subscription fees. You can now enjoy a happy working life!

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