15 Best Games like Treasure of Nadia

Treasure of Nadia is an Adventure, Strategy, Role-playing and Single-player game that was designed to play on PC. The story begins after his father’s death, when they become the successors of his travel journals and treasure hunter. You play the role of the character who takes through the globe, finding treasure, meet hundreds of strangers and meet them traveling. Start by choosing one of the campaigns from a range of quests, explore the world of a different kind and begin the treasure hunt started by creating the right choices.

There are also side-quests to earn more points, cash and rewards throughout the game and gain numerous boosters along the way. The game offers a stunning open world, love, and romance, captivating peaceful adventure music as well as a stunning 3D HD quality display. Many cave adventures, Point-and-Click controls, and objectives to be able to compete in multiple places such as the ocean and jungle are also part of this game.

1.Katamari Damacy REROLL

Katamari Damacy REROLL

Katamari Damacy RROLL is an Casual, Adventure, Colorful single-player video game created by MONKEYCRAFT. In the course of it, the participant is his Prince, who’s principal objective is to roll the Katamari through gardens, homes and towns. The player must meet certain requirements that are set in the reign of King Cosmos.

Anything smaller than Katamari will stick to them when the player comes in close contact. In contrast objects with greater dimensions can be obstacles. A collision at high speed with larger objects could result in objects falling from into the Katamari and slow the speed of play. The game is built on the weight, size and surface area. These determine the stickiness on the part of an object Katamari.

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Tearaway can be described as an Adventure, Platform, and Single-player video game that was developed by Media Molecule. Through the entire game it is played by an antagonist named Green Man who needs a new skin. The game lets the player to snap photographs using the camera of their device and apply them to the paper craft animal. The player is able to customize Iota as well as Atoi by creating designs on paper cutting them out and then applying them to their chosen characters.

The game also has a different control method that allows players to draw directly on the touchscreen with his fingers. It is also possible for players to use an in-game camera to make various designs on paper. Players can play with characters that are not playable by trading the game’s currency. The game comes with core features like Simple Gameplay virtual currency, customization, touchscreen Controls and HD Graphics.

3. The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian is an action-adventure, Episodic Third-Person, Action-Adventure, and single-player video game released through Japan Studios. The story is set in flashbacks of your childhood, where you’re playing as the boy who is joined by a mutant half-bird and half-cat, named Trico. They meet each other through chance, and the story of their lives begins with this point of origin. You play the character of the boy and you must beat your opponents with your strength and fighting skills as well as various power attacks.

In the game in the game, you travel to various places and hunt for a large amount of equipment to fight the powerful adversaries. The third-person game lets you complete multiple tasks and perform Acrobatics like jumping, climbing as well as fighting using swords. There are challenges to overcome traveling, numerous challenges, and plenty of goals to meet to progress. The game features HD display, amazing audio quality, story-driven game play, various characters that can be played and not on the list.

4. Twelve Sky 2 Classic

 Twelve Sky 2 Classic

TwelveSky 2 Classic is an Action game, role-playing, Hack and Slash, Single-player as well as a Massively Multiplayer video game introduced by SG Data. The fighting game brings you to the battlefield with a massive amount of players are battling and killing each other. You must take on the challenge to redeem the honor of your family members and take out the foes while taking on each other in different challenges and levels with unique challenges.

While playing the game, you will experience a tense combat between various martial arts masters, each possessing rare abilities and skills. The game is free to play and comes with a variety of modes, including PvP mode where you fight face-to-face fights and take them down using the various resources, such as modern equipment, weapons, useful pets and swords. Its online option lets players compete against other players around the world and allows you to experience fighting an arena in different locations. Every victory over a professional will reward you with unique combos and a power boost as well as additional bonuses.

5. The Hidden: Source

The Hidden: Source

The Hidden Source can be described as an Action First-Person Shooter and a Single-player video game that lets you battle against a variety of opponents. While playing through allows you to take on multiple challenges on your own and shoot enemies in multiplayer mode you get an opportunity to play as your team. Take on your opponents by using a dagger, or and shoot them with your weapon like shotguns, grenades Sniper rifle, MP4 or the AK-47.

The game features up to nine distinctive commandos that you can pick up and fired as you take on your adversaries. The game is accompanied by many challenges such as missions in dungeons, rescue objectives killing and running, and many more that have unique missions to be completed. It is possible to explore a variety of areas and score victories with the help of ammunition. Special features like quick-paced gameplay with real-time effects, a stunning 3-dimensional display, as well as war-music are also available.

6.Imagine Lifetimes

Imagine Lifetimes

Imagine Lifetimes is an Simulation, Strategy, Point-and-click as well as a Single-player game created by Frycandle. The sim version allows you to choose the path you want to take throughout your life with several possibilities to alter and close the story based on your actions. The fascinating story can be found in numerous aspects of your life in which you are able to discover a myriad of options and every move leaves an impression on your game.

In the course of playing you can be in contact with numerous individuals and allow them to be an integral part of your life and the story. The game features unique characteristics such as animated characters, including humans, dogs, experience and adjusting to the work environment and travel around the world. explore the educational scenes and develop bad and good behaviors. A point-and-click-based display that is stunning images and excellent sound quality is also available.

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7.Dress-up Traveller


Costume-up Traveller is an Action-Adventure Animated and Single-player video game that was released for PC. The storyline follows the adventures of a young girl in search of treasure on her way. While she is traveling, she must fight various enemies with unique capabilities and abilities. The enemies include the sun-flower monster who throws leaves and seeds to harm your health as well as water cats who hit you with water balloons, and even mighty bosses are expected to confront you during the way to find treasure.

You must kill them in order to earn more points However, you must also be able to stay alive and defend yourself from their attacks. The game is 2-dimensional and side-scrolling hack-and-slash gameplay as well as retro-styled characters. You are given a limited time and have to complete the tasks within the time limit. Following each mission, you get rewards and money as well as a variety of customizable items.



GIRP is an Survival, Casual, Word and Single-player game developed and published by Bennet Foddy. The indie version depicts the concept of climbing the cliff or mountain using keyboard keys to be able to survive for the longest possible time. The game will provide you with a number of iron-hooks with letters attached and you need to press the letter to grab the hook in order to continue climbing.

There are numerous ultimate problems that test your typing and you have to control your time during the way to the edge. The game is based on retro characters and old-fashioned music. The addition of new challenges are feasible. Other key features include online game play, where you can play right from your browser, a front-view display that allows you to see the downward-upward movements as well as an acrobatic figure that can do difficult movements and keep his balance when moving up will also be included in this game.

9. Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town

Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town

Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town is a role-playing, Simulation, and Single-player video game created by Natsume. The story takes place in a fictional world where you take on as a child who is taken in by a farmer during his early years. The farmer later died, and you must help your farm and grow the livestock, such as goats, cows, and chickens, as well as create multiple crops to earn a decent living.

There is a huge field where you must to plough the seeds, harvest the crops, and then sell them on the market and earn the cash. Begin by interacting with villagers and a girl, learn different ways to manage the farm, then start walking around town with a puppy and build the farm day-by-day. The setting features the top-down view of the camera with retro-styled characters and a colorful open-world, and vintage music in the play-action.

10. Camp Buddy

Camp Buddy

Camp Buddy is an Adventure, Anime, Visual Novel and a Single-player game that is available on multiple platforms. The storyline takes you on a journey where you get to meet your fellow schoolmates and set off to different camping places and experience pleasure and excitement. The film is an interactive play in which you meet a variety of people, hear their stories and recall moments during the trip.

Explore a variety of maps, share new experiences with old acquaintances, enjoy an opportunity to travel the world and complete an array of camp-related scout-themed objectives. The game has a variety of side quests and mini-games. There are also a lot of tasks to be completed, as well as games with your buddies, and form special connections with your friends. Other key features include the inclusion of brand new places like school excursions romance and love and even special game-exclusive purchases are also available. Enjoy the essential features like 3D-like graphics, amazing music, alight motion. You will also be captivated by the gameplay that is based on stories.

11.Sundog: Frozen Legacy

Sundog: Frozen Legacy is an Action and Role-playing Space and Single-player video game that is owned by FTL Games. The story follows you through the space in which you assume the character in the role of Zed who is in a shackle by glass mines. Now it’s moment to leave the place and escape from here however you have to assist your uncle colonize the space. In the game you must navigate the character and begin repairing the spacecraft that is damaged before moving on to other goals.

There are a variety of levels of objectives, challenges, and levels during the journey, and you must hold your nerves as you go through the tasks. Each task you complete directly relates to your own freedom and this is why you have to complete the task without making any errors. The game’s gameplay is simple with Joystick control, free roam, an open-world to explore with old-fashioned graphics and retro visuals. Additional features include stories-rich gameplay, and massive challenges that each come in with new difficulty levels and ever-changing levels of difficulty.

12.Nimble Quest

Nimble Quest

Nimble Quest is an Action, Arcade, Retro, Casual and single-player game where you are required to take on your character to that of a superhero to deal with the various enemies playing the role of. In the course of play, you will encounter many challenges and unlimited fights, and confront the enemy in different places and then defeat them. There are a variety of challenges, with unique battles for parties and the most difficult situations are included.

Different game modes are offered which include Solo missions that let you pick a character and take on all scenarios and battles. There’s also an option for guilds that allows you to gather a variety of heroes, as well as add the most powerful characters to your team and also takes Squad off a mission to earn numerous rewards, unlock new scenes, and get more heroes. Other features of this content include Shooting, Party, Hack-and-Slash, Melee Combat terms, and top-down video animations, and old-fashioned music and sound effects.

13.Dota Underlords

Dota Underlords

Dota Underlords is a Strategy Free-to-play, Puzzle and single-player video game that is owned by Valve Corporation. As a matter of fact the game, you will battle your opponents in battles that are open to all sides, beat your opponents with successful strategies, and win many rewards following that. While playing, build your troops, and recruit additional players and destroy your rivals such as AI and online professional players in an auto-battler environment.

Explore this world called White Spire, complete the forthcoming challenges, and show no mercy on the opponents take them down and gain access to new rounds, locations and maps as you fight. Explore different puzzles through different game modes such as single-player games and multiplayer options are also available for those who want to play with your friends playing on a computer or mobile online server. Features like multiple gameplays, including distinct story-settings like Battlepass, City Crawl, and White Spire awaits a Leader. Other features like various tournaments, 3D animation offline playthrough, user-friendly controls, various angle of camera, ranking games, and seasonal characters are added to this version.

14.Faraway 2

Faraway 2

Faraway 2 is an Adventure puzzle, simulation Episodic, First-person-Perspective and a single-player video game created by Snapbreak. With this game you must use your skills and shrewdness to solve various puzzles, clear hundreds of puzzles and escape from the locations you’re trapped within. In the course of playing you’ll be provided with many maps to look through, discover ways to escape and uncover the mysteries that lie hidden in the world of fantasy.

Complete a variety of challenges, work through intricate puzzles, and join various puzzles, and discover ways to get from the enigma. There are as many as 19 temples to discover and explore, an immersive 3D world to explore stunning graphics to enjoy and an array of advantages while playing the open-world of. Other innovative features like free-to-play, numerous tasks, photos to capture stunning moments as well as nine escape level levels and hundreds of unlockable puzzles are revealed in this game.

15. The Republia Times

The Republia Times

Republia Times Republia Times is an Adventure Management, Indie, Role-Playing and Single-player video game developed by Lucas Pope. As a matter of fact it is your job to assume the role of editor, who is employed by the Times newspaper. The newspaper is responsible for stories and who has the authority to modify or remove any of the stories. While playing, you could be threatened by the upper authorities and other large group of people to take down any stories that might reflect their bad conduct, and you must take action and then proceed.

You must maintain the balance between pro-government articles to gain the trust of the general public. You can also make comedy videos that are well-known and also introduce a brand-new Encyclopedia through your newspaper. Engage in a way where you are able to protect your family members and deal with the dangerous individuals and publish the real story about the work of the dirty.

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