8 Games like RAID: Shadow Legends in 2024

RAID Shadow Legends is a Single-player, Role-playing and multiplayer video game that was developed by Plarium Global Limited. for Mobile Devices. More than 16 different playable factions are offered, and each of them has distinct features and combat styles.

This game let you take on the challenge of navigating through a realistic setting with hundreds of famous champions. The story tells us the fact that the entire world in danger and requires someone to help save the world from destruction. You are the final hope of the people of Telleria, and you must to embark on a a difficult journey to bring back the peace. To save the entire world you must to gather powerful warriors from diverse forces of darkness and darkness.

In addition to this, you must train them to combat in a group, try to transform them into weapons and form a fighting party to make them the master. The game features a PVP Arena in which you can fight head-tohead with others to gain access to more equipment and rise to the ranks on the leaderboards. RAID: Shadow Legends includes core features like Fight Epic Bosses, PvP Arena, Powerful Champions, and many more.

1.Top War: Battle Game

Top War: Battle Game

Top War: Battle Game is a strategy-mixed role-playing, single-player, and Multiplayer video game created and released by Topwar Studio. Traditional strategy games are difficult to master and play, so the game provides easy-to-learn gameplay with simple controls. Game players of all levels can quickly grasp the fundamental principles of the sport by simply tapping and moving the screen.

The game is played as the gameplay, you play the character of a leader, and your ultimate goal is to amass more than 230 tanks, soldiers, and warships. In the game, you must merge several combatants to increase your level and strive to increase the level up those you are fighting to be the master. Do your best to dominate the world by leading your comrades and fight against the forces of opposition to be the master.

2. Darkness Rises

Darkness Rises

Darkness Rises developed by Nexon Company is an RPG, Action, Third-person Perspective, Single-player and multiplayer video game. The game works with ARPG that incorporates a variety of features, like stunning graphics, innovative gameplay complex boss fights and so on. The action takes place in the fantasy map, in which many of darkness-based forces have swept all over the entire landscape.

In the game, the player comes across huge waves of fierce demons that can break through multiple dates. There are many classes of characters to choose from, such as Warrior and Assassin. Each of these classes comes with distinct characters, abilities and skills and the ability to be powerful. When you play, the player chooses his most preferred character and leaps into the surrounding area to fight off various enemies.

3. Juggernaut Wars: Raid RPG Arena

 Juggernaut Wars: Raid RPG Arena

Juggernaut Wars: Raid RPG Arena is a RPG, Single-Player and Multiplayer game to play on the Android operating system only. My.com B.V releases the game with the RPG genre. It is set in the fantasy world that is full of monstersthat are disrupting the equilibrium of peace and encroaching upon people to create chaos across the globe.

The game transports you to the gorgeous realm of Juggernaut Wars where blades, sorcery, and courage pitted against the terrifying monsters and their companions. There is a chance to be a hero by fighting monsters and their friends by using a array of tools and magic.

4. Guild of Heroes – Fantasy RPG

Guild of Heroes - Fantasy RPG

Guild of Heroes: Fantasy RPG is a role-playing Fantasy single-player and multi-player game that was developed by Bit.Games for Mobile Devices. The game transports you to to the time of classic game titles with an added RPG flavor. Invading creatures of fear are destroying the surroundings and are trying to create chaos by threat to people. The world is filled of dragons and monsters that are wandering to make a fuss of people.

It is necessary to create a Guide with Templars archers, Templars, witches and conjurers to face the challenges. The game offers you traditional fantasy gameplay and is filled with old-fashioned Orc shamans, elves, and sorcery. Action, quests, and battles are waiting for you in this fantasy-themed game with the tradition of tabletop games.

5. Evil Lands: Online Action RPG

Evil Lands: Online Action RPG

Evil Lands: Online Action RPG is played in the 3D world where you play as a female character from a third-person viewpoint. The game is single-player only and provides an amazing experience that is brought to you by Rage Quit Games LLC for Android and iOS.

Before you dive into the fight, you need to know what you need to be successful in the epic battle with evil. There’s a chance you must take advantage of to be a hero and begin fighting monsters, dragons and their bosses who are hiding in Evil Lands.

6. Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire

Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire

Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire is a Strategy game, role-playing, single-player and multi-player game created by Long Tech Network Limited for Mobile Devices. It is a game with exciting gameplay that revolves around an epic battle between real-time Nation and. National in the medieval-themed world.

Before beginning the adventure, you have to train your troops to begin the epic battle. The multiplayer mode allows you play with other players and experience the RTS gameplay. This game places you in the character of a chief of a tiny town that has been devastated by a massive invading force of the Eastern Dynasty.

7.Destiny Summoner

Destiny Summoner

Destiny Summoner comes with Role-playing and fantasy elements. It gives you both offline and Online modes, developed by DH-Games. The game takes place in the fantasy world in which plenty of heroes are waiting for you to begin their fight against the evil forces.

Don’t take advantage of a chance to be a hero because vicious beasts are there to infiltrate the people. Strategy is the most important factor to the success of your game, and you should master your skills in strategic thinking and leap to the game to fight against your enemies. Begin your epic journey in the devastated world and take your team of heroic heroes to explore the hidden continent to save the continent from evil spirits and darkness.

8. Vampire’s Fall: Origins RPG

 Vampire's Fall: Origins RPG

Vampire’s Fall: Origins RPG provides you a traditional role-playing video game created by Early Morning Studio for Mobile Devices. Develop, Recruit and the game’s main features are the principal elements of the game, which you need to master at all costs to succeed. The game allows you play the part of a protagonist who travelled through the imaginary world and was raised by a strong family. You’ll have all of the things needed to play harmless people in trouble. in trouble.

Before beginning the adventure, you need to train your troops, go on a journey, and combat the vile forces that are threatening the surroundings. When taking part in the sport, you must to fight your way to success in the traditional open-world setting.

Enjoy the battles with a turn-based system that takes you to the open world and allows you design a identity for the character you choose to play. The customization feature lets you make your own character or alter the look of the default character. Vampire’s Fall: Origins RPG provides exciting features like RPG Gameplay, Turn-based Combat Skill Trees, Fourteen Abilities, and more. 

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