8 Games like Clash Of Clans in 2019

games like Clash of clans

‘Clash of Clans’ is one of the most liked territory erection games in the gaming record. The game playing is quite straightforward where building a kingdom along with defending it in averse to online rivals, and for loots, attack the online enemy are included. The game is engaging for regular players as well as simple enough to understand for the new players. But there are also a few annoying things about this game that it has downtime while getting things done sometimes. This is not the time one can go for daily life work. This interlude becomes boring and then makes interested people think for some fresh and more exciting games similar to Clash of Clans game. Below is the comparatively better alternative list for games like Clash of Clans which you’ll definitely love to play instead of this:

Games like clash of clans for pc and offline

1. Age of Empires

Home Age of Empires

Castle Siege is one of the contemporary games. You can opt for the civilization you want to build and fight for. One can provide training to their troops to get into wars with others. Xbox Live sign-in will help you to recruit the heroes and play online. Your Android device becomes a Medieval Era empire with Castle Siege. Unlike Clash of Clans, one can literally control your members on the war field which allows you to make on the spot strategy without breaking the instinctiveness of point-and-click tactics. All these features have made it quite a good alternative to Clash of Clans.

2. Boom Beach
Bloom Beach

This is another mobile game related to the building of the kingdom. This is all about building a base along a beach. You have to defend your base against the opponents. It has longer crusade compared to it. Its cooperative mission feature makes it most loved, but has balance issues now and then. Boom Beach game is basically very much similar to Clash of Clans to see from outside, yet is dissimilar as the theme is of the tropical island instead of Norse kingdom. One feels more satiated after winning as you had more control and could apply strategies during the wars.

3. Castle Clash
Castle Clash

Brave Squads is as popular as is Clash of Clans. This game is about building a village and then defending it from enemies. Your heroes can be leveled up and used in battling with opponents’ heroes, co-op play with Team Dungeons, etc are few of the features adding to its value in the gaming industry. Before the updated version was released, this game named as Castle Clash: Age of Legends.

4. Call of Duty
call of duty

Heroes seem to be identical to the Clash of Clans with a little change in the theme called Call of Duty. The game starts with an outpost, which needs to be upgraded and then defended. Variety of heroes like John ‘Soap’ McTavish and Captain Price surface up in the game whose abilities are to be enhanced along the way, so that their skills can become game-changing. It has a feature where you can donate your troops and do the chat. There are several modes like campaign, survival, and player versus player. To add an advantage, you can call in a drone strike. Call of Duty: Heroes is not only an awesome option but has been able to grab interests with nice features making it one of the most popular games.

5. Lords Mobile

This is a kingdom building game too but is more alike Boom Beach than the Clash of Clans. The basis of the game is similar like you are to get heroes, then further have to train the army and PvP style of battle. It has a new element called RPG which comes in after you level up yourself. An additional treasure hunt is done by killing the bad guys. The coalition is also possible with other players. One has to be aware that it has some connection issues.

6. Jungle Heat

Weapon of Revenge is very much like Clash of Clans that includes building a base, defending and attacking the enemies, and getting upgraded, but is more focused on the heroes. The game has a number of heroes with special potential. It is not only a mobile game but also can be played on a computer through Facebook. There have been recent updates in the game – some of which are captivating.

7. Total War Battles
Total War Battles KINGDOM

The kingdom is newer in Kingdom builder game type. Including the basic gaming style of creating a base and troops, resource farming and PvP warfare, it gives you more features of changing the look around the base and has cross-platform support enabling you to play on a computer, phones, and tabs with better cum superior graphics. The game is more interesting in a way that in developing a kingdom one has to develop infrastructure and buildings. One feels like the Supreme Power with abilities to terraform the whole place. The battles are with variety in kinds of units as you level up the game.

8. Star Wars

Commander is a strong game of its type with upgrading the troops, heroes, and base. There is a choice between the fight for the Empire or the Rebellion and for both the sides, there are solid playable characters. Star Wars: Commander is a mixture of two games that is Clash of Clans and Star Wars, it means that the game is Star Wars themed with successes of Clash of Clans nicely put together and gives you siding option of Empire or Rebels. On Empire side, you get to ingress war machines like AT-AT, whereas Rebellions side gives you Han Solo and Chewie. An animation is brilliant with the oozing charm of Star Wars and the characters look top-grade. Single player operation feature is impressive as well.

The games listed above are a few of the best games like Clash of Clans. All the games are quite similar to the Clash of the Clans but unique in their own style. If you feel bored of Clash of Clans and looking for some other good choices which are comparable in basic gaming form yet different, then you may go for any one of them mentioned here.