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25 Best Intercom Alternatives For 2024

For many years, the intercom has been the go-to option for companies looking for tools for efficient client interaction and communication. However, many substitutes that provide distinctive features and capabilities have become available due to the constantly changing landscape of technology and consumer needs. This post will examine a few notable intercom options that companies should think about using to improve their communication plans.

Few Best Alternatives Of Intercom

1. Zendesk Chat:

For many years, the intercom has been the go-to option for companies looking for tools for efficient client interaction and communication. However, many institutes that provide distinctive features and capabilities have become available as due to the constantly changing landscape of technology and consumer needs. This post will examine a few notable intercom options that companies should think about using to improve their communication plans.

2. Drift:

Drift is a conversational marketing technology that helps companies establish more personal connections with potential clients. Chatbots are used for customer service, appointment scheduling, and lead generation. Drift is a potent substitute for companies wishing to interact with their audience at every point of the customer journey because of its emphasis on conversational marketing, which strives to foster relationships and increase conversions.

3. Freshchat:

A contemporary messaging app called Freshchat is a component of the Freshworks package and is meant to make client communications more efficient. It has features including self-service options, in-app messaging, and connectivity with well-known business tools. Freshchat’s customization capabilities and ease of use make it ideal for businesses of all sizes to offer first-rate customer assistance and engagement.

4. HubSpot Conversations:

A crucial component of the HubSpot CRM suite, HubSpot Conversations focuses on fostering positive client connections and enabling smooth communication. Businesses may easily communicate with leads and consumers thanks to its live chat, team email, and chatbot functionalities. Businesses may gain important information and improve the overall customer experience by integrating HubSpot capabilities.


With the help of the free live chat tool, companies may have instantaneous conversations with website users. It provides functions including file sharing, ticketing system robustness, and automatic triggers. Small and medium-sized enterprises searching for an affordable option without sacrificing crucial communication functions will find especially tempting.

6. Slack:

Although Slack is mainly recognized as a platform for team collaboration, its many connectors and chat features make it a competitive substitute for internal and external communication. With Slack’s channels, instant messaging, and file-sharing tools, teams can stay organized and communicate efficiently. Its usefulness in different workflows is further increased by integrations with other business tools.

7. LiveChat:

A specialized customer care platform called LiveChat gives companies the ability to talk live with customers. With capabilities like chat routing, personalization, and in-depth analytics, LiveChat assists companies in customizing their communication tactics to match client demands. It is a flexible choice for individuals looking to increase client interaction because of its user-friendly interface and interface with numerous CRM systems.

8. Crisp:

Crisp is a single customer messaging platform that integrates email, chatbots, and live chat. It has sophisticated automation tools and is made to make corporate communication easier. Crisp is a good substitute for businesses searching for a cutting-edge, effective messaging solution because of its distinctive appearance, responsiveness on mobile devices, and alternatives for cooperative team communication.

9. Chaport:

Chaport is a live chat solution that is easy to use and effective for businesses of all kinds. It provides configurable chat widgets, visitor tracking, and real-time communication. Chaport is a well-liked option for startups and small enterprises due to its cheap and simple interface. Its automation tools also help to reduce response times and streamline client interactions.

10. WhatsApp Business:

Businesses may interact with their clients on a familiar messaging platform by using WhatsApp Business. Using WhatsApp for client communication is a smart choice, as the messaging app has over 2 billion users globally. Using a popular messaging app, it facilitates features like business profiles, automatic messages, and quick replies, giving businesses the ability to stay in direct and personal contact with their audience.

11. Rocket.Chat:

Live chat is a feature of the open-source team collaboration platform Rocket. Chat. It allows companies to run their chat server while guaranteeing data protection and personalization choices with capabilities like file sharing, video conferencing, and interaction with well-known products, Rocket. Chat is a complete communication solution for groups and customer service.

12. RingCentral Engage Digital:

RingCentral Engage Digital, formerly known as Dimelo, is a centralized platform for consumer involvement across many digital channels, such as social media and texting. It facilitates effective conversation management for enterprises, guaranteeing a smooth consumer experience. RingCentral Engage Digital’s automation, analytics, and integration features make it a good choice for businesses trying to maximize their omnichannel communication strategy.

13. Userlike:

Userlike is a platform for customer messaging that prioritizes ease of use and simplicity. It gives companies access to chatbots, in-app messaging, and live chat. With capabilities like user segmentation, proactive chat invitations, and interfaces with well-known CRM systems, Userlike enables companies to design individualized and successful communication strategies.

14. Comm100:

Comm100 is a full-featured platform for customer engagement that provides chatbots, email marketing, and live chat. It meets the needs of both sales and customer service, allowing companies to interact with their audience through a variety of media. AI-driven chatbots from Comm100 help with common inquiries, freeing up human agents for more intricate conversations.

15. Zoho Desk:

Zoho Desk is a help desk and customer service platform that is a part of the Zoho suite. It has a live chat feature. It makes it possible for companies to offer flawless customer service by integrating ticketing and communication systems. Because of its connectivity with other Zoho apps, Zoho Desk is a very attractive option for businesses looking for a comprehensive customer support system.

16. SnapEngage:

A live chat tool called SnapEngage was created to help companies and website users have meaningful conversations. Co-browsing, proactive chat, and interfaces with CRM applications are some of the capabilities it provides. For e-commerce companies trying to boost conversions and offer real-time support during the online purchase experience, SnapEngage is especially useful.

17. Acquire:

Acquire is a platform for customer contact that creates a cohesive experience by integrating video chat, chatbots, and live chat. Its goal is to make client interactions more efficient by giving agents access to features like screen sharing and co-browsing. The extensive features of Acquire serve companies who want to improve their support communication and sales methods.

18. Olark:

Olark is a basic live chat program that prioritizes usability and simplicity. It provides features like automated messages, comprehensive reporting, and integrations with well-known CRM and help desk systems, and it enables organizations to communicate with website visitors in real time. Olark is a desirable choice for small to medium-sized enterprises due to its user-friendly interface.

19. Sendinblue:

Although Sendinblue’s primary strength is email marketing, it also provides a live chat tool to improve customer service. Companies may interact with website visitors and nurture leads in real-time by using Sendinblue. The platform offers a comprehensive approach to client involvement through its integration with marketing automation solutions.

20. Birdeye:

Live chat, customer surveys, reputation management, and other capabilities are all part of Birdeye’s extensive customer experience platform. Businesses can use it to centralize client communications and collect input to raise customer satisfaction levels. Bird-eye’s live chat feature works in unison with the rest of its customer experience toolkit.

21. Custify:

Custify is a platform for customer success that prioritizes maintaining and increasing customer happiness. Although it doesn’t provide live chat in the conventional sense, it is excellent at giving organizations the tools they need to manage accounts, track customer health, and automate customer success processes. Custify is the best option for companies who value their relationships with customers after the transaction.

22. Formilla:

With features like email marketing, marketing automation, and live chat, Formilla provides a flexible platform for customer messaging. It provides visitor tracking, proactive chat tools, and CRM integrations. Businesses wishing to efficiently convert leads into consumers and interact with visitors through several channels might consider Formilla.

23. Chatra:

A live chat tool called Chatra is intended for small and medium-sized companies. With features like configurable chat widgets, automated messages, and agent availability scheduling, it offers real-time chat capabilities. Chatra is a compelling choice for companies looking for a straightforward but efficient communication solution because of its user-friendly design and affordable pricing.

24. JivoChat:

JivoChat is a multi-channel platform for consumer communication that integrates social networking, email, phone, and live chat. Its goal is to assist companies in managing and consolidating their channels of communication onto a single platform. Real-time visitor monitoring, chatbots, and proactive conversation invitations are some of JivoChat’s capabilities.

25. PureChat:

Simple live chat software for small businesses is called PureChat. It offers functions including configurable chat widgets, greetings that are sent automatically, and thorough reporting. Startups and small organizations wishing to improve online communication without making a big financial commitment can use PureChat thanks to its free plan.


Selecting the appropriate communication tool is essential for companies looking to provide outstanding client experiences. Despite Intercom’s leadership in the industry, these rivals provide special features and capabilities that can be more suitable for certain company requirements. Businesses can improve their communication methods and effectively engage their audience by investigating several options, such as conversational marketing, internal cooperation, or customer assistance.

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