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30 Top Freshworks Alternatives For 2024

A well-known customer engagement software package called Freshworks aids companies in managing different facets of client interactions, such as support, sales, marketing, and CRM. But not all businesses have the same requirements, so occasionally you could be seeking options that better meet your particular demands. We’ll look at some Freshworks alternatives in this post to assist you in making an informed choice for your company.

Few Alternatives Of Freshworks

1. Zendesk

Popular customer service tool Zendesk provides several services, such as live chat, knowledge bases, support ticketing, and customer relationship management. For companies trying to improve their customer assistance and engagement activities, it’s a perfect Freshworks substitute. Zendesk is a popular option for customer care teams due to its powerful ticketing system and reporting capabilities.

2. HubSpot

A complete set of marketing, sales, and customer service capabilities are offered by HubSpot. HubSpot is a great alternative to Freshworks if your company is focused on inbound marketing and wants an all-in-one solution. HubSpot can assist you in streamlining your customer engagement activities and accelerating growth with capabilities like email marketing, lead nurturing, CRM, and live chat.

3. Salesforce

CRM market leader Salesforce provides a variety of solutions for managing client interactions and engagement. It could be more expensive and complicated than Freshworks, but it offers unequaled scalability and customization choices. For large corporations and companies seeking a highly customized customer interaction solution, Salesforce is a great option.

4. Zoho CRM

For companies of all sizes, Zoho CRM is a more affordable option than Freshworks. It offers a simple user interface, capabilities for managing contacts, sales automation, and marketing automation. Because of its low cost and simplicity of use, Zoho CRM is a popular option among small and medium-sized organizations.

5. Intercom

A consumer messaging service called Intercom excels in live chat and client interaction. Intercom is a strong Freshworks substitute if real-time customer engagement is your main priority. Businesses may provide individualized customer experiences with the aid of tools like automated messaging, chatbots, and comprehensive customer analytics.

6. Pipedrive

A sales CRM tool called Pipedrive is made to make it easier for sales teams to successfully handle leads and deals. Although it doesn’t offer as many capabilities as Freshworks, it’s a fantastic option for companies whose main concerns are sales processes and pipeline management. Pipedrive is a preferred alternative for sales teams due to its simplicity and sales-focused functionality.


The flexible work operating system can be tailored to meet a range of corporate requirements, such as project management, customer relationship management, and team collaboration. It’s an adaptive choice for companies looking for a visual method of managing client engagement and workflows.

8. Help Scout

Customer service platform Help Scout is renowned for its simplicity and usability. For companies trying to improve their customer service operations, it’s a fantastic solution. Help Scout is a dependable option for support teams thanks to its features including shared email inboxes, a knowledge base, and reporting.

9. Zendesk:

Zendesk is a platform for customer engagement and assistance that stands out for its simple ticketing interface. It offers services like live chat, knowledge base building, and customer analytics and enables organizations to manage client inquiries effectively. Support teams can find trends and potential areas for improvement with the various reporting capabilities provided by Zendesk. Because of its scalability, it can accommodate organizations of different sizes.

10. HubSpot:

The complete client lifecycle is covered by the inbound marketing and sales platform known as HubSpot. It has features like live chat, marketing automation, lead generation, and email marketing. The all-encompassing strategy offered by HubSpot helps companies draw in, keep, and delight consumers. It is especially well-liked by marketers who want to generate and nurture leads while keeping track of their interactions.

11. Salesforce:

Leading CRM p. Salesforce is renowned for its scalability and customization possibilities. It’s the best option for businesses that need a customized solution to manage client connections and engagement. Salesforce is an effective tool for companies with complex requirements since it provides capabilities like lead management, opportunity tracking, analytics, and broad third-party interfaces.

12. Zoho CRM:

Small and medium-sized organizations can benefit from the user-friendly and affordable customer relationship management solution known as Zoho CRM. It provides tools for marketing automation, sales automation, and contact management. The price and ease of use of Zoho CRM make it a popular option for companies wishing to simplify their client engagement procedures.

13. Intercom:

Through its messaging platform, Intercom specializes in real-time client engagement. It’s a great option for companies that prioritize giving customers personalized experiences. To improve communication and support efforts, Intercom offers automated messaging, chatbots, and in-depth customer analytics. Businesses aiming to enhance client interactions on their website or app will find it to be especially helpful.

14. Pipedrive:

Pipedrive is a CRM with a sales focus created to aid sales teams in effectively managing leads and deals. For companies that place a high priority on sales operations, it makes sales procedures and pipeline management simpler. Teams can successfully track and finish deals because of Pipedrive’s user-friendly UI and sales automation features.


A flexible work operating system that can be tailored to meet different corporate demands is It offers resources for teamwork, customer relationship management, and project management. It is a flexible option for managing a variety of tasks because firms may customize it to fit their specific client interaction procedures.

16. Help Scout:

Customer service platform Help Scout is renowned for its simplicity and usability. It provides tools for reporting, knowledge base building, and shared email inboxes. For support teams aiming to better customer satisfaction and customer service operations through effective communication, Help Scout is a great solution.

17. LiveChat:

LiveChat is a specific live chat and chatbot program made to promote in-the-moment client contact. It’s ideal for companies who wish to give website visitors immediate help and assistance. LiveChat is a top option for increasing online customer interactions since it has capabilities like chat customization, pre-defined responses, and integration with other customer support solutions.

18. Drift:

Lead generation and client communication are the main priorities of the conversational marketing platform Drift. To engage website visitors and transform them into leads, it provides chatbots, email marketing, and automation solutions. Drift is a strong solution for companies trying to enhance lead generation and nurturing initiatives because of its reputation for conversational marketing.

19. Copper (formerly ProsperWorks):

The CRM platform Copper was created especially for G Suite users, making it a smooth substitute for those currently utilizing Google’s toolkit. It has capabilities including project management, contact management, and sales automation. Data entry is made easier and client relationship management is streamlined thanks to Copper’s interaction with G Suite.

20. Freshsales:

Freshsales, a product inside the Freshworks ecosystem, is a specialized CRM solution while Freshworks provides a range of customer engagement solutions. It’s intended to assist companies in efficiently managing their sales operations. Freshsales is a good choice for teams that are sales-focused because it includes capabilities for contact management, lead scoring, email tracking, and reporting.

21. Microsoft Dynamics 365:

An integrated set of business apps called Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers CRM and ERP features. For companies with substantial investments in the Microsoft ecosystem, it is the perfect substitute. Customer relationship management can be approached holistically using Dynamics 365’s full customer interaction tools, which range from sales and marketing to customer service and field service.

22. Custify:

Custify is a platform for customer success that aids companies in lowering churn and raising client retention. It offers resources for automated processes, lifecycle management, and customer health rating. Custify’s main objective is to assist businesses in engaging with customers proactively and ensuring their long-term pleasure.

23. amoCRM:

CRM software called amoCRM places a big emphasis on lead management and sales automation. Lead tracking, contact management, email integration, and sales pipeline management are among the functions it provides. AmoCRM is an excellent choice for companies looking to streamline their sales processes due to its visual pipeline view and automation capabilities.

24. Nimble:

Nimble is a straightforward and reasonably priced CRM that emphasizes contact management and social media tying. It is intended for small and medium-sized enterprises that want to establish and maintain relationships with clients and potential clients. The strength of Nimble is its capacity to combine social media interactions and contact information into a single perspective.

25. Groove:

Customer communication is made simple with Groove, a ticketing and customer support system. It provides options like reporting, knowledge base building, and shared inboxes. Groove is a good option for small to mid-sized enterprises wishing to automate their customer care procedures because of its user-friendly design and simplicity of usage.

26. Kayako:

Kayako is a platform for customer care that provides a single email, live chat, and helpdesk features. It is made to make it simple for organizations to offer multi-channel support. care teams can deliver effective and individualized customer care with the aid of Kayako’s automation capabilities and reporting tools.

27. (by Salesforce): is a helpdesk and customer service solution provided by Salesforce. It offers functions including case management, the ability to build knowledge bases, and customer self-service choices. For companies searching for a simple support platform backed by Salesforce, is particularly alluring.

28. Acquire:

Acquire is a platform for client engagement that combines video conversations, co-browsing, live chat, and chatbots into one service. It’s intended to give customers help and assistance in real-time. Because of its omnichannel features, Acquire is a strong option for companies looking to improve their online consumer experiences.

29. Bitrix24:

A platform for customer management and cooperation all in one, Bitrix24. It provides project management, CRM, and communication features all in one. Because of its adaptability, Bitrix24 is a good choice for companies who wish to manage internal communication while also centralizing their customer interaction activities.

30. Front:

Front is a shared email and collaborative inbox software made to make team communication about customer experiences more efficient. It’s perfect for companies that need a consistent strategy for handling email interactions and customer inquiries. Front provides tools like analytics, automation, and email integration.


Even though Freshworks is a capable customer interaction software suite, it’s crucial to look into alternatives to determine which one is best for your company. Your requirements, whether they are centered on customer service, sales, marketing, or a combination of these areas, will determine which option is the best fit. When comparing Freshworks competitors, take into account elements like scalability, usability, customizability, and price. By doing this, you may choose the software that supports your company’s objectives and enhances the experiences your clients receive.

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