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8 Best LinkedIn Marketing Tools for Boosting Sales in 2024

LinkedIn, when used correctly, is a platform for professional networking and promoting your business.  LinkedIn has more than 830 million members in more than 200 countries, making it a mammoth space for networking.  

Numerous LinkedIn tools help improve brand awareness, boost sales, and grow revenue. Incorporating the tools helps create a strong micro marketing strategy for brands and businesses. With nearly 90 million senior-level professionals and 17 million opinion leads, the right strategies can help the business scale up by engaging with the right person. LinkedIn indeed offers untapped potential for lead generation, but using the right tools is essential.

As a lead scoring software, it helps engage with potential clients, acquire new leads, and eventually helps sales and revenue growth.

We will help you with top LinkedIn tools for overall content management, boost your LinkedIn profile, create page visibility, and boost sales. Here are some of the best LinkedIn marketing tools for higher sales:

Best Linkedin Tools for Marketing

1. LinkedIn sales navigator

It is a native LinkedIn tool that helps find targeted leads for your business. The tool targets the right buyers and engages with potential clients or networks through personalized outreach. It helps in identifying relevant leads based on specific requirements and target audiences. Also, the tool helps a business by providing real-time sales insight.

  • The tool is easy to integrate with the CRM tools simplifying access to the list of the leads generated.
  • It supports advanced lead and searches based on numerous factors like location, title at the company, industry, experience, etc.
  • The CRM integration help to save your leads and log all the sales navigator activity to the CRM database.

2. Postify LinkedIn Planner 

The LinkedIn planner by Postify is an incredible sales prospecting tool. LinkedIn video advertising is a great way to create higher engagement and boost networking amongst a professional circle. Create video ads, post, manage the content for a week, and schedule automatic uploads weekly to remain consistent.

  • The tool allows video ads on LinkedIn and schedules up to 10,000 posts across multiple accounts.
  • It helps manage client accounts as a team but supports different approval levels.
  • It supports CSV files for uploading LinkedIn posts in bulk. The tool creates Twitter snapshots and allows sharing on LinkedIn.

3. Social Pilot 

As a comprehensive LinkedIn marketing tool, Social Pilot helps fulfill various marketing requirements like collaboration with social media, scheduling posts, driving engagement, etc. It is a robust marketing tool that provides a thorough analytics insight into top-performing content, finding the best time to post, discovering relevant influencers, and identifying posts that get maximum engagement. The tools help in driving engagement for LinkedIn campaigns.

  • The tool supports the creation of customized posts for different social media platforms and schedules even bulk posting.
  • In-depth social media analytics to analyze social media performance, post response, and engagement.
  • Organize the social content with the social media calendar.
  • Collaborate and work as a team for a seamless flow of work and approvals.

4. Crystal 

Crystal is a LinkedIn marketing tool that helps develop a personalized strategy for each lead by predicting its personality. It gives insight into the types of leads and builds an effective communication stream for better networking. As it offers personality insights, it uses the information to help companies accelerate their growth and sell effectively to customers.

  • Crystal, a personality platform, builds personality profiles for each lead based on online information. This helps in understanding what a particular profile or client is looking for, hence reaching out with a personalized strategy.
  • It uses personality data that helps in driving more sales. The tool is highly effective in assessing professional strengths.

5. Linked paid advertisement 

The paid advertisement tools from LinkedIn are effective for LinkedIn video advertising and target the ads to the target audience. Using video ads LinkedIn tool helps you target the audience based on job title, industry, and location. Here are some of the paid-for features on LinkedIn:

  • Premium accounts – These are paid accounts that help reach a target audience outside your network. Premium LinkedIn accounts can send “InMail” messages to people beyond their network.
  • Advertising tools – There are two types of advertising: display ads and pay-per-click. Display ads support video ads on LinkedIn and an ad with images or graphics. Pay-per-click supports text-only advertisements.
  • Sponsored content – Promoting a post, video, or event on LinkedIn becomes a part of the sponsored content. Promoting the post or status towards a target audience helps in better networking and increases reach.

6. Dux-Soup

It is an excellent LinkedIn marketing tool for lead generation. Dux-Soup makes finding, attracting, and engaging with prospective clients or customers easily. The tools automate lead generation while you focus on business growth and closing the leads. As a lead generation marketing tool, it engages automatically with the prospects you choose or select on LinkedIn. As a part of marketing, it finds LinkedIn profiles, visits profiles, sends a personalized direct message, endorses its skill, and connects with the right profiles.

  • As a marketing tool, it automates the appropriate LinkedIn profiles, tags, and filters for better targeting.
  • Cost-effective and highly efficient for lead generation, sending a personalized message and a connection request.
  • Download the prospect’s and lead’s profile details and connect with your CRM dashboard.
  • Dux-Soup helps monitor campaigns, run multiple drip campaigns, and manage LinkedIn lead funnel.

7. Lead Feeder

It is an ultimate website traffic tracking tool that gives insight into which companies or individuals visited your website and showed interest. Lead Feeder is easy to connect with the CRM, analytics tool, and email marketing to speed up the process of data-gathering and reporting. As it collects the data from prospective clients or customers, it helps target the leads for ease of conversion.

  • Integrating the tool with CRM helps automate communication with potential clients o customers.
  • As a B2B lead generation tool, it turns page views into leads. It identifies companies visiting your websites and converts the same into high-value leads.

8. Zopto 

Zopto is a lead magnet that attracts leads by targeting the ideal customers on LinkedIn. The marketing tool helps improve visibility through its advanced filtering and LinkedIn profile viewer feature. With a range of automation tools, it creates customized campaigns for different niches and reaches out to the target audience. The advanced schedule and high converting templates enable conversion of the leads into clients or customers.

  • The advanced filtering, LinkedIn profile view, and data cleanse features identify and expand the network. It helps in connecting with the ideal audience and drives sales.
  • LinkedIn automation tools generate new leads by mimicking human behavior and automating LinkedIn leads with the security of the cloud.
  • The marketing tools create multiple automated campaigns through high converting templates, In-mail messages, and scheduled campaigns.

Summing up

There is no doubt that LinkedIn is the largest professional network and is the best place for professional networking and collaboration. With the extensive competition, using the right LinkedIn marketing tools to create leads and drive conversion rates is crucial. The tools will likely bring a massive change in the business and optimize the business’s reach to the target audience. We have summed up a few important tools that can completely transform networking on LinkedIn.

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