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Online shopping is the best option today to get good offers and seasonal discounts. Many people choose the option of online shopping for ease and comfort. You can buy almost everything online these days. Thinkgeek is one of the most popular sites for online shopping. It contains numerous products for your daily use. Besides, it also 

Thinkgeek remained a leading online store for shopping lovers for a long time. However, it is now taken over by Gamestop.com. This is the parent company of the Thinkgeek site. Now, there are many sites like Thinkgeek on which you can buy many things for your daily use. This blog will tell you about Thinkgeek alternatives that you can choose in the year 2021 for online shopping. 

Best Thinkgeek Alternatives 

Thinkgeek provides the comfort of online shopping to its customers. You can also try some of the best Thinkgeek Alternatives this year such as:

1. Neato Shop 

Neato Shop

Neato Shop is a nice destination to get cool t-shirts and other accessories. It is a good Thinkgeek alternative that offers many items such as hairpins, hats, bags, and so on. You can get plenty of designs and colors on t-shirts on Neato Shop. 

One of the biggest advantages of using this site is its superb customer service. You can ask queries and customer representatives will solve your doubts within a few minutes.  

2. Sharper Image 

Sharper Image 

Sharper Image is another nice site to enjoy online shopping. It includes funky items for both men and women. You can find many latest electronic items and devices on Sharper Image. Apart from that, you can also find many beautiful gifts for birthdays and anniversaries on this site. If you want to buy some socks and clothes for your kids, visit the Sharper Image site to get everything. 

3. Entertainment Earth 

Entertainment Earth 

If you are a movie fan, pick Entertainment Earth online store. This store sells original CDs of popular movies such as Disney, Transformers, Batman, and so on. Besides, it also sells other items such as prop replicas, scale figurines, and die-cast metal. This online store offers all the items at affordable prices. It is also a great place to get colorful toys for kids. 

4. Geeky Store 

Geeky Store 

Geeky Store as the name suggests is an online store to get funky items at reasonable prices. It offers shoes, toys, computers, apparel, and gadgets. You can also buy party wear dresses and some latest designer clothes on Geeky Store. If you are a sports lover and want to find some trendy sports accessories, pick this store. The user-interface of the Geeky store is amazing and easy to use as well. 

5. Scientific Online 

Scientific Online 

If you want to pick science stream, buy items from this store. Scientific Online is a destination for shopping for scientific products such as Robots, science kits, and so on. You can also purchase the latest drones from this online store. It displays all the products according to the age of the kids. The process to register on this site and buy any product is very easy and takes a few minutes. 

6. FireBox 


The next alternative to Thinkgeek on this list is FireBox. It has different items such as games, homeware, gifts, gadgets, drinks, and customized items. The site has beautiful graphics and design. Anyone can find items according to the category without much difficulty. FireBox often offers items at a huge discount. You must try to use this nice online store once. 

7. Archie McPhee 

Archie McPhee

Archie McPhee is one of the best online shopping sites for teens and adults. It has a large collection of items such as gifts, masks, candies, school accessories, and so on. You can buy products by theme and category on this store. The process to buy the items on this online store is very simple and you can add items to the cart instantly.  

8. Mental Floss Store 

Mental Floss Store

The next on the list is Mental Floss Store. It is a beautiful site to buy stuff such as games, funky t-shirts, books, and so on. You can get many unique designs of t-shirts on this site. Besides, you can also get customized mugs, bags, and phone cases on Mental Floss Store. It has a friendly user-interface that helps you to find all the items of your choice and needs. 

9. Wish.com


Wish.com is one of the best sites like Thinkgeek selling different stuff of daily use. It has a huge list of above 100 million products. This site has a link with some of the reputable manufacturers of the globe. One major benefit of buying items from Wish.com is that there is no middleman. You can get many products at affordable prices on Wish.com. It also sells beautiful and delicate jewelry to women. 

10. This is why I am Broke 

This is why I am Broke

This is the perfect online store for shopaholics. It offers innumerable items for men, women, and kids. It has a huge collection of items like gifts, dresses, and glassware, an alarm clock, a keyboard, and so on.  This site lists items in various categories and it makes it easy for anyone to find the right items. You can also buy the latest gadgets and electronics on this online store. 

11. The Geeky Store 

The Geeky Store 

The Geeky Store is a shop designed specifically for shopping lovers. It has many trendy toys, electronics, computers, and gadgets. You can select an item according to the category. Apart from that, it is also easy to add items to the card and make payment. This site is updated with new and latest stuff daily. 

12. Jinx 


If you love shopping every week, pick this online store. Jinx is a good Thinkgeek alternative for technology lovers. You can buy computers, robots, gaming accessories, and many other gadgets from Jinx. It mainly sells clothes of different designs and bold colors. Jinx has a simple user-interface with many options. It fulfills the wishes of all the shopping fans. 

13. Paramount Zone 

Paramount Zone 

Whether it is a toy or robot, this site offers everything at an affordable price. It has many items for men, women, teens, and kids. You can get all the trendy things on the page at once. Besides, it also lists various items in the left-hand corner. Buying different items for your daily requirement from Paramount Zone is fun and entertaining. 

14. Meritline 


Gadget lovers can now buy different gadgets from the Meritline site. It includes many gadgets and tech items such as DVD cases, iPad, office accessories, PSP, blank media, and so on. Meritline has all the latest tech products for homes and offices. You can buy all the items at reasonable rates. 

15. Gadgets and Gears 

Gadgets and Gears

The last one on the list is Gadgets and Gears. You can get the latest gadgets from this site. It also has home security systems, CCTV cameras, surveillance tools, and nanny cams. This site offers huge discounts and season sales on different gadgets and tech products. It is updated with the latest tech products every day. 

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Final words 

These are the Thinkgeek alternatives you can pick for buying various stuff and items. You can pick any alternative to Thinkgeek from the above list and enjoy purchasing different items of various categories such as gifts, toys, electronics, and gadgets. 

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