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Best Chili Piper Alternatives for 2024

Chili Piper is a routing and scheduling software, made especially for B2B commerce. The products of the platform are meant for revenue teams to maximize inbound conversion rates, increase productivity, and enhance customer satisfaction. The platform has been among the leading names in Sale Enablement Platforms, but people are now looking for alternative Online Appointment Scheduling Software with easier and better software solutions.

While researching alternative platforms one must study the features, pros, and cons of other companies. RevenueHero, Calendly, LeanData, Doodle, and HubSpot Sales Hub are a few of the market leaders today, giving robust competition to Chili Piper. Read on to find out if they are worthwhile alternatives. 

1. RevenueHero

RevenueHero is a platform that converts inbound leads for sales through proper channeling. The platform helps in qualifying, routing, and scheduling maximum meetings, thereby transforming leads to meetings and expanding the pipeline. Revenue Hero is the new-age Sale Enablement Platform that helps a company grow with increased sales, revenue, and profits. 


  • Fast Scheduling: Meetings can be booked for qualified leads with the right salesperson with just a click. No more emails are required to search for the right fit. 
  • Lead Distribution: Leads are assigned automatically based on the target and capacity of a sales representative. 
  • Reporting Conversions: Sales reps can monitor their conversion metrics in real-time, followed by updating the team and tweaking investments accordingly. 
  • Lead-to-account Matching: Inbound leads are automatically connected to the account owner minimizing issues in sales ownership and lead distribution. 
  • Reporting: Meeting distribution and outcome are monitored by every department in real time so that outliers can be spotted and rectified at the earliest.
  • Customized Templates: Meeting invites, reminders, and follow-ups are personalized and contextual for each prospective client.
  • Meeting Distribution: Meetings are assigned to the right sales rep and team according to segments and territories or any special requirements. 
  • Routing Analysis: The sales route is tracked from form submission to assigning meetings for each lead. The analysis feature reports any discrepancies in data.  
  • Meeting Dashboard: An open meeting dashboard updates, manages, and tracks all meetings on a single platform.


  • Cheaper than Chili Piper
  • It works fast 
  • Value for money
  • No payment for forms, only for booked meetings
  • Super fast booking widget reduces drop-offs substantially
  • Educative and well-guided POC prior to commitment

 2. Calendly

Calendly is a scheduling hub for meetings efficiently, quickly, and professionally. The platform eliminates the need for communicating back and forth through emails, saving time.  Calendly offers strong collaboration functions, extensive team capabilities, excellent administrative control, and high-quality compliance and security. It is a leading name in intuitive scheduling associated with more than 10 million people and 50,000 companies across the globe. 


  • Interoperability: Connects you to eternal applications and systems required for teamwork.
  • Performance: Has a very good uptime and remains constantly available for users to rely on and complete tasks. 
  • Automation: Automates tasks related to operations. 
  • Reminders: Automated reminders are sent to all parties prior to a meeting
  • Email Template: Has a library of pre-built email templates, ready for use.
  • Booking: Booking rooms can be specified by organizers
  • Rescheduling: Allows the interviewer to reschedule a meeting on short notice.
  • Notifications: Sends scheduled notifications like reminders, meeting confirmations, and follow-up appointments.
  • Settings: The settings of Calendly include Time Zone Detection, blocked time settings, and availability setting for meetings and clients. 
  • Personalization: A booking page can be customized and personalized as per the sales reps and can be sent to clients, depending on the requirements. A booking page link can be created and shared with all parties. 
  • Integrations: Allows multi-calendar integration


  • Integrations with Google Meet, Zoom, Salesforce, Microsoft, Zapier, Slack, and more
  • Automatic meeting assignment
  • Minimize cancellations and no-shows
  • Easy Business scheduling
  • Easy to set-up
  • User-friendly
  • Well-structured
  • Instant connectivity

3. Lean Data

Lean Data is an essential revenue generator in the modern RevTech Stack. The LeanData Revenue Orchestration Platform simplifies coordination between people and programs, accelerating processes and buying decisions. It promises growth in conversion rates and reduced routing time for updates. The platform helps to send the right lead to the right sales rep. It helps the sales and marketing teams operate in alignment, simplifying the buying process. 


  • Routing: Foresees and offers immediate no-code lead routing
  • Matching: Smart algorithms offer 95% accuracy in lead-to-account matching 
  • Engagement: Accurate data is provided at the right time to the revenue team
  • Booking: BookIt offers precise and speedy meeting booking that help to speed up buyer decisions
  • Integrations: With a simple feature of drag-and-drop, the right data can be connected to the right sellers at the same time, across various platforms.
  • Managing Leads: Segmentation and identifying accounts 


  • Good audit logs
  • Lead-to-account matching according to priority and tie-breakers
  • Lead Intelligence provides insights and analysis about leads
  • No-Code Automation
  • Marked territories

There are many players in the technology market aiming to help maximize sales and revenue of businesses through sales enablement platforms and tools. Other than the above three market leaders, Doodle, HubSpot Sales Hub, and, Acuity Scheduling, Groove, and Mixmax also give head-on competition to Chili Piper.

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