8 Best Sabre Alternatives in 2024

When it comes to the best travel technology service provider, Sabre stands out, As Sabre offers a wide array of services including booking, data analytics, and operations software. 

Despite its extensive services, some businesses seek alternatives to better align with their unique needs. 

Our comprehensive research and analysis have identified ten top-tier Sabre alternatives that excel in various services such as travel booking, travel data APIs, and operational efficiency. 

Each platform offers distinctive features and benefits that cater to diverse business requirements. 

So, let’s get ready to embark on a journey of exploration with us to ensure your business not only survives but thrives in the competitive travel industry. 

Best Alternatives to Sabre: The Top 5 Picks

1. HotelAPI co

Why It’s a Great Alternative for Travel Businesses:

HotelAPI co stands out in the travel industry by prioritizing competitive pricing and offering an advanced hotel price comparison API that aggregates data from various online travel agencies. This comprehensive real-time hotel pricing data helps travel businesses in decision-making and maximize profitability and customer satisfaction. Plus, it is also effectively used by hotel chains and online travel agencies to monitor competitor’s pricing strategies which allows these businesses to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving market.

Comparison with Sabre:

MakCorps offers distinct advantages over Sabre Hotel Search API by presenting a user-friendly interface and an easy-to-follow tutorial, which streamline the search and comparison process. This feature makes it easier for businesses to access up-to-date and competitive pricing information to help them gain an edge in the market. Moreover, HotelAPI also offers contact support and customized monthly and yearly plans, unlike Sabre to ensure more flexibility and assistance for businesses aiming to optimize their pricing strategies and deliver unparalleled value to their customers.

2. Cloudbeds

Why It’s a Great Alternative for Travel Agencies:

Cloudbeds offers a stellar booking experience to customers by implementing real-time, two-way integration across a multitude of channels. This integration is crucial for travel agencies as it helps in synchronizing data across various platforms. It helps agencies manage reservations seamlessly, eliminate the risk of double bookings, and ensures a smooth and satisfying customer experience. The real-time aspect ensures that every channel is always up to date with the latest booking information which prevents potential conflicts and confusion.

Comparison with Sabre:

While Sabre is robust and comprehensive, its interface may be considered by some users to be less intuitive. Cloudbeds, on the other hand, is celebrated for its user-friendly and intuitive interface. This ease of use allows agencies to handle bookings more effortlessly, ensuring both clients and staff have a hassle-free and efficient experience navigating the platform. This simplicity does not come at the expense of functionality which makes Cloudbeds a compelling choice for travel businesses.

3. Little Hotelier

Why It’s a Great Alternative for Travel Businesses:

Little Hotelier is crafted with the unique needs of small accommodations in mind. This focus ensures that small to medium-sized travel businesses can effectively manage their properties with tools and features designed specifically for smaller-scale operations. Plus, it also allows for efficient management and operation which guarantees that clients are provided with the individualized attention and high-quality service they expect.

Comparison with Sabre:

Sabre, being a comprehensive solution, might sometimes be an overwhelming choice for smaller establishments. Little Hotelier, in contrast, is tailored for the requirements of smaller accommodations. It provides a more personalized and streamlined approach that makes it known for an ideal solution for travel businesses managing boutique or small-scale accommodations. It eliminates the complexity and offers more targeted solutions for smaller operations.

4. Amadeus

Why It’s a Great Alternative for Travel Agencies:

Amadeus is renowned for its extensive global network and a wealth of data insights, a vital combination for travel agencies aiming to refine their operations. This vast network connects agencies to a broad range of services and offerings, while the robust data insights facilitate improved decision-making and strategic planning. These features empower travel agencies to hone their offerings, optimize operations, and enhance their overall service delivery. However, Amadeus is well known in travel agencies, its not affordable and easily access for all size business, for checking out Amadeus alternatives, head over to the article.

Comparison with Sabre:

Amadeus and Sabre both offer extensive networks, but Amadeus has an edge with its rich, detailed, and comprehensive data insights. These insights arm travel agencies with an array of information which helps them to make more informed, strategic decisions. The depth of data provided by Amadeus aids agencies in understanding market trends, customer behavior, and other vital aspects, thereby enabling them to tailor their services more effectively to meet customer expectations.

5. iHotelier

Why It’s a Great Alternative for Travel Businesses:

iHotelier concentrates on optimizing revenue and elevating the guest experience, crucial for travel businesses aiming to enhance direct bookings and deliver higher returns for their clients. By providing a platform that’s geared towards increasing bookings and streamlining operations, iHotelier allows businesses to efficiently achieve these objectives.

Comparison with Sabre:

iHotelier stands out for businesses focusing on direct bookings. It is designed to provide more specialized solutions in this area compared to Sabre that offers a more tailored approach for businesses with specific emphasis on enhancing direct bookings and maximizing revenue.

5. RoomRaccoon

Why It’s a Great Alternative for Travel Businesses:

RoomRaccoon is an all-encompassing solution suitable for travel businesses overseeing various aspects of accommodation services, ranging from reservations to client management. It provides an integrated platform that simplifies diverse tasks and offers better efficiency and convenience.

Comparison with Sabre:

RoomRaccoon’s integrated nature distinguishes it from Sabre. It offers a more consolidated solution, potentially streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency for travel businesses by housing various functionalities in one platform.

6. Scrapingdog

Why It’s a Great Alternative for Travel Agencies:

Scrapingdog stands out for its specific functionality in web scraping. This API is capable of extracting real-time data from sites like booking.com and TripAdvisor. Further, you can schedule this price scraping process to get the freshest pricing possible.

While it’s not a direct competitor to Sabre in terms of booking and reservation management, but its invaluable for agencies needing to extract and analyze hotel pricing data from different platforms to formulate competitive pricing strategies.

Comparison with Sabre:

Scrapingdog provides unique web scraping features not present in Sabre. These capabilities are essential for comprehensive market research and competitive analysis which helps hoteliers, travel businesses and travel agencies in staying ahead in the competitive landscape.

7. TripAdvisor

Why It’s a Great Alternative for Travel Agencies:

TripAdvisor is an extensive platform where agencies can make reservations, compare prices, and glean insights from customer feedback. This interaction ensures a more customer-centric approach which helps agencies meet and exceed client expectations by staying attuned to their feedback and preferences.

Comparison with Sabre:

Unlike Sabre, TripAdvisor facilitates a more direct connection with customers, offering a more interactive and feedback-driven service. This engagement aids in better understanding and responding to client needs and preferences that  enhances overall service quality.

8. Expedia

Why It’s a Great Alternative for Travel Businesses:

Expedia’s widespread global reach and notable brand recognition make it a formidable platform for travel businesses. It ensures extensive exposure for clients’ accommodations, potentially driving more traffic and increasing bookings.

Comparison with Sabre:

In terms of global visibility and brand recognition, Expedia stands out. It exceeds Sabre in these areas by offering potentially higher traffic and bookings owing to its renowned brand and extensive global network.


Travel agencies and businesses have diverse needs, and the right software platform can significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their services. Each alternative mentioned here offers unique features that could make them the ideal choice for your travel business or agency.

Evaluate each option, consider their strengths and weaknesses, and choose a platform that aligns best with your service offerings, operational size, and client expectations. Making the right choice will not only streamline your operations but also contribute to enhanced client satisfaction and business growth.

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