Are you researching an alternative platform where you can build your app besides Firebase?  Here are the best 10 alternatives for your app development project.

Top Firebase Alternatives

Keep on reading to learn more about Firebase competitors that deliver excellent results.

1. Back4App

Over the years, Back4app has gained a reputation as a reliable cloud solution powered by open-source technologies. You can get up and running on Firebase quickly due to its short learning curve. 

The features of Back4apps include REST API, GraphQL API, relational database, scalable hosting, authentication, and storage. Developers use the platform’s serverless environment to create relational data models and create deep queries as required by their app.

Whether you want to build a web or mobile app, Back4app lets you achieve your objectives quickly and scale without hassles. Since you don’t have to bother about infrastructure management, you can focus more on building outstanding frontend features for your app users. The price is cost-efficient and predictable.

2. Deployd

Deployd offers developers the tools they need to design APIs and build apps for the web and mobile devices quickly. 

This open-source platform makes it easy to convert your app ideas into a functional app in just 4 steps. The process is simple; create your API with a single command, use the in-built play and play tools for deployment, then use the platform’s dashboard to manage your APIs.

3. Kuzzle

After a recent update, Kuzzle’s service is now in two categories. These classes are IoT Suite designed to streamline the deployment of IoT apps and Backend service that focuses on the development of mobile and web apps. 

The Two categories offer open-source solutions for IoT development projects and data management.  The Kuzzle platform can be used to deploy and manage Smart projects for Cities, Logistics, Buildings, and many more

Kuzzle app stack is available for free download and can be hosted on a personal server or use Kuzzle’s cloud solution. You can access multiple SDKs on Kuzzle such as Golang, Dart, C$, and JavaScript.

4. Parse

Parse is an open-source framework that consists of a suite of applications stack for building apps faster. It’s an excellent free alternative to Firebase.

The main features of Parse are the dashboard, APIs, versatile object storage adapter for connecting third-party platforms, and a GUI interface for managing databases. Since the framework is open-source, the developer can select a cloud solution from several options. You can download the framework from GitHub and host it on your server or other cloud solutions like Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, AWS, and much more.

Parse has been in existence for a long and enjoys the support of a highly engaged developer community.  With 35k+ stars on GitHub, Parse is a tested and trusted app development framework.

5. AWS Amplify

AWS Amplify provides the server resources and tools that empower developers to build full-stack apps for web and mobile platforms.

With AWS, developers can configure server backends in just minutes, develop apps quicker and scale without headache. AWS Amplify seamlessly integrates with other AWS products like AppSync, Cognito, Lambda, DynamoDB, and others.

The procedure for building apps on Amplify is straightforward; Simply create the backend and connect it to the app frontend, create the user interface and manage the app users. The most common use case scenario of the AWS Amplify platform is data model development, user authentication, static site hosting, and web application hosting.

6. Backendless

If you love visual development, then Backendless is an excellent Firebase alternative for you. Having started operations as far back as 2012, this platform is one of the pioneers of Backend as a Service solution.

Developers on backendless can build real-time applications, mobile apps, web apps, and location-aware apps. The visual development interface of this platform enhances the app development process with graphics and makes development faster and easier to manage.

Backendless developers can access support when the need arises through Slack and forums. The platform also has detailed documentation that helps new developers get used to the platform. Companies that require custom development can also contact Backendless for professional support.  

7. Supabase

Developers on Superbase can build and configure a backend for app development in two minutes or less.  This open-source platform works excellently as an alternative to Firebase.  Developers can choose a self-host option or opt to use Supabase Cloud.

Supabase is a great choice for building apps like website builders, Kamban boards, web crawlers, SaaS products, chat apps, and lots more.  Technology that works seamlessly with Supabase includes Vue, React, Angular, Flutter, and lots more. 

Established in 2020, Supabase is a relatively young service provider. However, the company enjoys a large community of active developers that add value to its open-source project.  GitHub data shows that Supabase has 27k+ stars and 1.5k forks.

8. Appwrite

Appwrite is a backend server that offers multiple SDKs for Android, Apple, Web, and Flutter development. This open-source platform is secure and offers an easy-to-use self-hosting option for developers. 

Established in 2019, Appwrite has enjoyed massive acceptance among developers because it’s a viable open-source alternative to Firebase. The project’s open-source repository can be found on GitHub with 15k+ stars.

9. Hasura

Hasura is an open-source platform that developers use in place of Firebase. It has a reputation for providing a GraphQL engine that speeds up the app and API creation process up to 10x faster than conventional methods.

In contrast to Firebase, Hesura does not provide a database. Instead, it empowers developers with leading-edge GraphQL instant API for connecting external databases. Developers can choose several database options like Google Big Query, Amazon Aurora, SQL Server, and Postgres.

10. Nhost

Nhost uses a combination of open-source technologies like Hasura, Postgres, and GraphQL to serve developers looking for an open-source alternative to Firebase. 

It works as a serverless backend for web and mobile development. It makes backend development straightforward and negates the need to manage infrastructure.

This service launched in 2019 and is used by big brands like Terminator, NautaCapital, Servehub, and HyperLab.


Firebase is a Google-owned platform for enhancing development speed and managing the entire app development cycle efficiently.

Firebase is an excellent platform but has shortfalls like lack of SQL database, closed source, vendor lock-in, and unavailability in China.

In this article, we enumerated and discussed the features and pricing of the top 10 open-source alternatives to Firebase. This will help you select an excellent open-source platform that works well like Firebase.


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