13 Best Filestage Alternatives of 2024

In the quick-paced digital world of today, effective teamwork is essential for project management success. Teams may now streamline their creative processes with the help of Filestage, a platform for file evaluation and collaboration that has gained popularity. Investigating alternatives that might better meet particular requirements and preferences is always beneficial. In this article, we will explore the world of Filestage substitutes and provide a thorough assessment of some of the greatest solutions out there.

Best Alternatives to Filestage

1. Wipster:

Wipster is a well-known substitute for Filestage which provides a user-friendly interface and powerful collaborative tools. By focusing on video inspection and approval, this technology enables teams to expedite their creative production. With Wipster, users may upload videos, directly mark the frame, and instantly respond to comments. The platform easily connects with well-known video editing programs, making it a practical option for projects that focus on video. A professional and interesting experience is guaranteed by Wipster’s configurable branding options and support for high-definition video playback.

2. ProofHub:

ProofHub is a comprehensive platform for project management and communication that also can evaluate files. Teams can organize work, interact, and review information on a single platform thanks to its user-friendly UI. It is perfect for teams working on a range of projects since users may submit files, annotate, and share feedback. ProofHub delivers a complete solution for project management requirements by including time tracking, Gantt charts, and document management tools. Additionally enhancing collaboration and ensuring efficient team communication are its powerful communication features, which include discussion boards and @mentions.

3. Filecamp:

Filecamp is a versatile alternative to Filestage, offering a comprehensive set of file management and collaboration features. It provides a centralized hub for storing and sharing files, allowing teams to collaborate seamlessly. Filecamp supports various file formats, including images, videos, and documents, making it suitable for diverse industries. Users can upload files, organize them into folders, and grant access to specific team members or clients. The platform also facilitates file commenting, version control, and approval workflows, ensuring efficient collaboration throughout the review process.

4. Ziflow:

Ziflow is an effective online proofreading tool that makes the process of reviewing and approving files simpler. It has a rich set of features meant to improve collaboration and supports a wide variety of file formats. Users of Ziflow can upload files, make annotations, and interact in real time with coworkers or clients. Additionally, it helps teams design review phases, assign tasks, and monitor progress effectively with automated processes. Ziflow incorporates easily into current processes thanks to its integrations with well-known project management applications and marketing automation platforms.

5. is a preferred option for collaborative file assessments among creative professionals, particularly for video production. It provides a comprehensive range of tools that enable easy collaboration and feedback exchange. The review process is streamlined by the ability for users to submit files, offer comments, and annotate directly on video frames. Version control is supported by, making it simple for teams to handle various revisions of their work. The platform also connects with well-known video editing programs, which helps video production teams operate more efficiently. For projects centered on video, is a viable alternative to Filestage thanks to its user-friendly design and robust collaboration options.

6. Hightail:

Hightail, originally YouSendIt, is a platform for file sharing and collaboration that has elements in common with Filestage. Users can submit files, share them with others, and receive comments through it. Hightail provides security protections to safeguard important files as well as personalized branding options. Hightail’s integrated project management features, which include work assignments, progress monitoring, and deadlines, are one of its most notable features. It is a practical option for teams searching for a comprehensive solution that combines file review and project management because of these capabilities.

7. Cage:

Cage is a platform for collaborative project management that emphasizes speeding up file evaluations and encouraging creative collaboration. It gives teams a central location to upload files, annotate documents, and exchange feedback. Teams can simply travel through several revisions and see how their projects progress with Cage’s visual timeline feature. Within the site, users can also make task lists and delegate jobs to team members. The integration of Cage with well-known design tools improves the productivity of creative teams even further. Cage is a suitable replacement for Filestage since it places a strong emphasis on streamlining file evaluations and project management.

8. GoVisually:

With the help of this visual collaboration tool, teams may speed up the file approval and review procedures. Users can submit files, annotate them, and gather comments from clients or team members using its user-friendly interface. Version management, along with a comparison tool to view several versions of files, are features offered by GoVisually. The platform is a complete tool for creative collaboration because it provides project management features like task delegation and progress monitoring. GoVisually is a Filestage substitute that meets the requirements of design and marketing teams thanks to its emphasis on visual material and fast review procedures.

9. ConceptShare:

Teams can streamline their creative processes with the help of ConceptShare, a platform for collaborative evaluation and approval. Teams can post files, share them with stakeholders, and get feedback in one central location. ConceptShare is adaptable for diverse businesses because it allows a variety of file types, including photographs, videos, and documents. To promote effective cooperation, users can annotate files, offer comments, and participate in threaded discussions. The platform provides adaptable review workflows that let teams specify review phases, delegate duties, and monitor progress. ConceptShare is a strong alternative to Filestage for collaborative file assessments thanks to its extensive capabilities and approachable user interface.

10. Miro:

Miro is a visual collaboration platform that offers a variety of collaboration capabilities and goes beyond file evaluations. Teams can share visual content, make mind maps, and collaborate on ideas on a virtual whiteboard. Users can submit files to Miro, annotate them, and participate in conversations in real-time. For many forms of collaboration, including brainstorming sessions, project planning, and design reviews, it provides a wide range of templates and widgets. For teams searching for more than just file evaluations, Miro provides a distinctive alternative to Filestage with its flexible capabilities and focus on visual communication.

11. Ftrack:

Ftrack is a platform for collaboration and project management that was created especially for the creative sector. It is a comprehensive solution with tools for task tracking, file management, and review procedures. Users can upload files, make tasks, and assign them to team members using Ftrack. It supports feedback and annotation tools, facilitating efficient workflows for file inspection and collaboration. The platform enables a seamless workflow for creative teams by integrating with well-known design and 3D software. Teams can successfully manage resources and measure progress by using Ftrack’s robust project tracking and resource management tools. Ftrack is a strong substitute for Filestage thanks to its industry-focused approach and feature-rich UI.

12. ReviewStudio:

ReviewStudio is a collaborative platform created especially for the review and approval of creative content. It includes user-friendly features for feedback and annotation, and it accepts a broad variety of file kinds, including photographs, videos, and documents. Users can upload files to ReviewStudio, mark them with different drawing tools, and participate in threaded discussions for effective collaboration. To speed up the review process, the platform provides version control, job management, and approval workflows. For agencies and companies wishing to maintain a consistent brand experience, ReviewStudio also offers customizable branding choices. ReviewStudio offers a strong alternative to Filestage, emphasizing reviewing and approving creative content.

13. Notion:

The notion is a flexible substitute for Filestage because it is an all-in-one workspace with extensive collaboration features. Notion is generally used for project management and note-taking, but because of its adaptable design and customizable templates, it may also be used for file evaluations. Within the workspace, users can upload files, offer comments, and establish specific pages for file evaluations. Teams can work together in real-time on documents using Notion, which offers a smooth process. Notion guarantees simple file access and sharing because of its wide integrations, which include well-known cloud storage services. Notion is an appealing choice for teams looking for a single platform for file reviews and project management due to its user-friendly design and extensive feature set.


Although Filestage is a well-liked option for collaborative file evaluations, it is crucial to look into alternate options that more closely match the demands of a given project. The alternatives described in this article include powerful capabilities and clear user interfaces that facilitate cooperation and boost output.

The type of projects being worked on, the size of the team, and any unique requirements for cooperation must all be taken into account when selecting a Filestage substitute. Users can select an appropriate option for their workflow thanks to the distinctive features and capabilities that each alternative presented here offers.

The ideal option will ultimately depend on the needs of the project and the preferences of the individual. Teams can choose the perfect platform for file review and collaboration that boosts their creative processes, enhances communication, and promotes project success by investigating these possibilities.

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